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Useless Wisdom show

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What do you get when you throw a deep thinking, business minded content creator in a room with a quick witted, family oriented administrator carrying a troubled past? Apparently a philosophy podcast with life stories, thought-provoking chatter, edgy gaffs and obviously Useless Wisdom

By Brian Shrout


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"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." Self discovery is the process that everyone has to go through. There will be a phase of life where you will hit ground zero. Your strong old beliefs, perspectives and outlook will start breaking. Whatever you believed into will no more be same. At that very point your journey of seeking truth begins. Join Vishal Modi, A Motivational Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, Adventure Enthusiast, Fitness Freak and Spirituality Seeker. He share his experiences that transformed him to be a better human. Each episode contains powerful content and wisdom to help you grow, realize your true potential and transform you. If you are looking for food for the thought, want to discover yourself, than here is the place, dive deep inside, get MODIVATED.

By Vishal Modi

Come to the Table show

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Love in action is listening to understand, not to react. This is not a podcast about discussing spiritual deconstruction, reconstruction, contemplation or The Bible. There are numerous podcasts that do that...we know because we love and listen to them constantly. Our intent is taking all that we know and believe at the time and live it out in a conversation while sitting at a literal or figurative table. We won't shy away from a topic or person and we aren't going to have an argument or debate. Here are those conversations. Please feel free to contact us at

By Sean McCoy

Trois Francs Six Sous show

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<p>À travers<strong> 3 francs 6 sous</strong>, Nestor vous propose<strong> 6 épisodes exposant des modes de vie différents</strong>.</p><br><p>De façon intimiste et bienveillante, nous enrichissons votre curiosité en partageant les <strong>histoires passionnantes</strong> de nos invités aux parcours atypiques. Des gens pour qui la relation à l’argent, quelle qu’elle soit, a été un facteur décisif de leur style de vie. <strong>Nomade, minimaliste, YouTubeur, frugaliste</strong> nous font réfléchir sur la relation que nous avons avec notre porte-monnaie.</p><br><hr><p style="color:grey;font-size:0.75em;"> Voir <a style="color:grey;" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href=""></a> pour les informations sur la vie privée et l'opt-out.</p>

By Nestor par MAIF

Pro-Life America show

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Exciting, provocative and sometimes controversial, this podcast covers abortion and the ongoing cultural civil war in a way you have never seen it before.

By Life Dynamics

Amateur Philosophers' Club show

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"What is the meaning of life?" said one priest to another ... and yet another philosophy podcast was born.

By Fr Richard Stonier and Fr Deneys Williamson

I Am Refocused Radio show

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Our Mission:<br><br>I Am Refocused Radio provides a space that welcomes people to speak freely about real life experiences through various platforms to engage and encourage those who are looking to find their purpose.<br><br>Host: Shemaiah Reed<br><br><a href="" rel="noopener"></a>

By I Am Refocused Radio

Majestic Mystic &amp; Golden Seer Mamakeeya show

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<p>THE Goddess Akeeya, also known as Mamakeeya, has worked as a profound and dedicated medium/seer for many years. In 2013 Mamakeeya was instructed to channel the wisdom of a group called the Golden Seers. This work began on June 24th, 2013 with Diane D, who voluntarily sits as the questioner and receiver of these transmissions. Diane then transcribes and edits the sessions. Mr. V, Mamakeeya’s partner and assistant has also joined in on many sessions. His work and support are vital in so many ways. </p> <p> The Golden Seer sessions continued until July of 2017 when Mamakeeya began to channel the Divine Mother Creator. This shift in the wisdom brought forward really amazing information that is vital for our era. It offers understanding that fits with our modern times and supports our individual spiritual journeys. People may wonder if this really can be the Divine Mother speaking. We asked that question in a session. The answer was that each person who hears and sees these sessions should determine for themselves what they think it is. </p> <p> That answer is in keeping with the posture of Divine Mother’s wisdom which is loving and guiding. It can be direct, prophetic and disarmingly honest, but she makes it clear that no one is forced. We are here to learn many lessons and she offers her assistance.She is clear about what her role is and about the things we must do for ourselves. Our current belief systems largely represent a masculine divine image. Here the female aspect of divinity reveals herself, and it is a marvelous expression. </p> <p> Most sessions begin with Mamakeeya going into her trance state and speaking about what she sees and hears. Often Divine Mother is speaking mind to mind with Akeeya and Akeeya relays those messages. At some point she enters full trance state, the sound of the voice changes, and Divine Mother begins to speak directly. Mamakeeya’s ability to be a conduit for this work is a result of her high integrity and spiritual dedication. We sincerely hope these transmissions will be a blessing in your life.</p>

By Mamakeeya

Die Frage der Moral show

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Wie soll ich mich in manchen Situationen moralisch richtig verhalten? Was darf ich sagen und was nicht? Diese Frage diskutieren wir mit euch jeden Tag zwischen 8:00 und 9:00. Die Antworten gibt uns unser Experte in Sachen Ethik und Moral, Lukas Kaelin von der katholischen Privatuni Linz. Und hier gibts das Ganze zum Nachhören. Du hast Feedback zum Podcast? Schreib uns an!

By Life Radio