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Snapstory show

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This is my first podcast,have fun listening and give feedback :)


Poetry/Stories show

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This is my first podcast, please have fun listening and give feedback :)

By Kushagra Tewari

Alles andere als Standard show

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Moin ihr lieben Menschen, ich fang einfach mal ganz frei raus an: Wenn ihr was wissen und vor allem verstehen wollt von eurer Psyche, dann schaltet ein! Oder wenn dir das Symbol „Regenbogen“ mehr sagt, als dass es ein Wetterphänomen ist, sei ab sofort zwei Mal in der Woche dabei :-) Eins ist aber noch wichtig: Für eben mal zwischendurch, bin ich nicht! Auch wenn ich die Themen mit Charme, Witz und Spaß in 10 min packe, bin ich nicht zum berieseln oder abschalten vom schwierigen des Tages. Zuhören wirst du mir schon müssen ;-) Bis dahin sage ich erst mal: Danke und bis Bald! Byby

By Alex Ross

Story Inkorporated show

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Story Inkorporated is a story-telling podcast for adults with topics ranging from realism to dystopia and everything in between. Story Inkorporated presents stories that are stimulating and engaging- yet short enough to fit into even the busiest schedules. With a new story every week and a variety of fiction and nonfiction, we hope to keep you coming back for more!

By Story Inkorporated

The Lockdown Series - Hindi/Urdu show

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The Lockdown Story presents The Lockdown Series. The Lockdown Series contains English and Hindi/Urdu stories for listening, narrated as episodes. Healing souls through Stories... Subscribe and tune stories in. Submit yours now: Chat with us: Watch Video for this Episode:

By The Lockdown Story

You Booked It - How to create a successful entertainment career! show

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Dane Reis interviews entertainment professionals from every aspect of the entertainment industry. From Broadway Entertainers to Movie Actors, and everything in between!Guests include Tony Award Winners, Grammy Winners, Movie Stars, Casting Agents, Authors, and Musicians.On You Booked It Dane asks the same set of questions to every guest so you can easily leave every episode with truly actionable steps to take to advance your entertainment career.Every episode is like a masterclass, and the podcast has become the largest resources of expertise on this subject.

By Dane Reis

Theater Matte Podcast - Worte aus dem Hintergrund show

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Das Mundarttheater im Herzen von Bern liegt direkt am schönen Fluss, der Aare. Das Theater zeigt 4-5 Stücke für Erwachsene plus ein Sonderprogramm für Kinder pro Saison. In den Podcasts werden die Themen der Aufführungen vertieft und aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln beleuchtet. Auch sind Episoden zu Menschen auf und hinter der Bühne geplant und in Vorbereitung.

By Corinne Thalmann und Markus Maria Enggist

Bawdy Storytelling show

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Bawdy Storytelling – dubbed 'The Moth for pervs' by the LA Weekly – is the nation’s original sex and storytelling series. Founded, emcee’ed and curated by sexual folklorist Dixie De La Tour, Bawdy Storytelling features real people and rockstars sharing their bona fide sexual exploits. Bawdy Storytelling’s one-of-a-kind approach to sex-positive personal narrative has coaxed liberating tales out of everyday people, creating unforgettable experiences for performers and audiences alike. These stories aren't memorized. Storytellers aren't reading from cue cards. This is honest-to-badness story time with true sexcapades and poignant, hilarious, transformational tales at each and every show.

By Dixie De La Tour

Yourfest show

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Each week a different guest joins Jonny and Tommy on the Yourfest planning committee to talk about their festival experiences and discuss their dream festival; from the name and location to the headlining acts.<br><hr><p style="color:grey;font-size:0.75em;"> See <a style="color:grey;" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href=""></a> for privacy and opt-out information.</p>

By Tommy Stewart &amp; Jonny Sharples

Bookaroo Masterclasses show

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Bookaroo - a children’s literature festival set up by Bookaroo Trust, a public charitable trust - endeavours to make books come alive through interactions between children and creators of books and storytellers. Bookaroo’s mission is to bring back the wonder of imagination and reconnect children everywhere with the world of literature in a fun way. Bookaroo’s journey started with the setting up of India's first exclusive children's bookstore Eureka in 2003, where book-related events were held nearly every weekend. The idea was to create a place that children could call their own, choose books of their choice without parents or teachers dictating what a good book is.

By Bookaroo