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TV Series Finale Podcast - canceled TV shows, last television episodes show

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What happened to your favorite show? Podcast about how TV shows ended - plus cancellation news, TV series reunions, actors, & television episodes trivia. Television show articles or podcasts: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Soap, The Golden Girls, Leverage, and more. Called 'Brilliant' by TVBarn and Leo Laporte of


Rabbit Bites show

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Rabbit Bite's Buns and Chou Chou are world renowned as the most powerful rabbits in the internet media business. This lovable pair of critters "review" videos that they find online and sometimes, well, it's just not pretty. Have you my gentle one, full of narcissistic passion, put a video of yourself online for all the world to see? You thought it would be fun to share with friends, huh? That bites for you!

By Quixote

Thinking about beginning a career in Voice Over show

Thinking about beginning a career in Voice OverJoin Now to Follow

Finally, someone is telling the truth about the voice over industry. In a business full of shady people, fly by night "helpers" coming along to stick new talent for their money, this is the one place you will get it straight. No sugar coating, no fluff, no BS. Just the real deal about what it takes to succeed in VO.

Remodernist Film Podcast 1 show

Remodernist Film Podcast 1Join Now to Follow

The first in a series of podcasts by Remodernist filmmakers Jesse Richards and Peter Rinaldi

Cinematic Ambiance show

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eclectic radio show featuring all genres hosted by dr. yobb of arm full o sweetness podcats. Indie, pop, folk, rock, jazz, funk, punk, metal, hip hop, electronic.

By Dr. Yobb

WCset - your iPod has never been so useful show

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wcSet was born in Bologna as drum'n bass crew at the end of 2005, plugging in and playing unauthorized drum'n bass sessions in public toilets of post-socialist conventions or riotous universities. The new-born web site captures this urban experience honing concepts and techniques, enlarging its ranges to new forms: surfing on sine waves, it releases a drum'n bass weekly podcast (wcSessions) that researches the funk, soul and deep derivations of dnb, electro-convenience, interventions of radical architecture, video-making, photography, urban explorations, industrial fetishism and geyserology for dummies.

The Pulsing Cinema show

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From John Ford to John Waters, from the arthouse to the grindhouse, it's all covered in the weird and untamed audio excursion into madness known as The Pulsing Cinema.

Comedy Film Nerds show

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Movie reviews by stand-up comics and filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini

By Comedy Film Nerds

New World Army show

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A rebel group battles for survival against a tyrannical, robot army.

By Jeff Roney show

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We have scoured the back alleys and dumpsters of Hollywood and found the discarded DVD commentary tracks you were never meant to hear. Listen to directors speak candidly about their work! Hear casts and crews (and many others) openly discuss their experiences on set! Why were these tracks tossed in the trash? You will have to listen to find out.