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The Print Cast show

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The Print Cast is a podcast about the expanding world of printmaking today. Host Nick Naughton talks with some of the best contemporary printmakers working today, including designers, illustrators, collaborative print artists, commercial printers, letterpress, foil stampers, and even book binders. Nick and his guests talk shop sharing anecdotes, business ideas, and technical tips with listeners everywhere. It's about the print shops, the artists, the process, and why we make all the prints that we make. Naughton is an artist who has devoted two decades to various roles as a printmaker, and he brings his depth of experience to his role as host. He's been a professor, non-profit shop manager, studio owner, and has practiced every technique from screen print and letterpress to relief, intaglio, installation and everything in between. The show drops a new episode every two weeks featuring some of the best minds working in multiples today.

By Nicholas Naughton

The Street Talk Radio Podcast show

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Street Talk Radio Podcast is the off air version of the weekly Radio show " Street Talk Radio " on WVIP 93.5FM and Wazzup Radio ! Street Talk Radio is a run down of the hot topics from our Street Hype News Paper our community lifestyle newspaper highlighting the happening in and around the New York Tri-State Area followed by our special guest interviews and or presentations.

By D-Teck and the Wazzup Radio Crew

Otaku no Podcast show

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Otaku no Podcast is a podcast dedicated to all things Anime and Manga. Here, you will find news on the latest releases and other goings-on in the industry; reviews of cool (and not-so-cool) titles, both new and old; and commentary on various otaku-worthy topics. We’ll also occasionally venture forth into other territories of interest to many otaku, such as video games, music, and Japanese food and culture. So grab that box of Pocky and strap yourself into your giant robot cockpit, you’re in for one wild ride!

By Otaku no Podcast

Stuff and Things show

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We are Carley and Dave: best mates, fellow artists, weirdos. We like talking to creative people about stuff and about things. Join us for funny and interesting conversations with some of the best and brightest creatives that Earth has to offer.

By Dave Burton & Carley Commens

Eddie Jason & Chris: Interviews and Current Events show

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Eddie, Jason & Chris talk about current events, pop-culture, alternative music, and make each other cry. Hear it live Friday nights at

By idobi Network

Urban Tomorrow show

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COVERING YOUR TOPICS! Don't forget to Subscribe, Comment, Like! Follow us on our platforms: Instagram: @urbantomorrow @newtownsupastar @raymondturnerjr @jessicatrappit Facebook: U R B A N tomorrow Twitter: @urbantomorrow Send us your questions! DM us or comment!

By Urban Tomorrow

Librivox: Ballad which Anne Askew made and sang when she was in Newgate, The by Askew, Anne show

Librivox: Ballad which Anne Askew made and sang when she was in Newgate, The by Askew, AnneJoin Now to Follow

LibriVox volunteers bring you 8 recordings of The Ballad which Anne Askew made and sang when she was in Newgate by Anne Askew. This was the fortnightly poetry project for January 11th, 2009.

By LibriVox

Librivox: Eustace Diamonds, The by Trollope, Anthony show

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Lizzie Greystock, a fortune-hunter who ensnares the sickly, dissipated Sir Florian Eustace, is soon left a very wealthy widow and mother. While clever and beautiful, Lizzie has several character flaws; the greatest of these is an almost pathological delight in lying, even when it cannot benefit her. Before he dies, the disillusioned Sir Florian discovers all this, but does not think to change the generous terms of his will. The diamonds of the book's title are a necklace, a Eustace family heirloom that Sir Florian gave to Lizzie to wear. Lizzie attempts to hold onto them, much to the irritation of the longtime family lawyer, Mr Camperdown. The Eustaces find themselves in an awkward position. On the one hand, the diamonds are a valuable heirloom to which Lizzie may not have a legal claim, but on the other, they do not want to antagonize the mother of the heir to the family estate (Lizzie having only a life interest). Meanwhile, after a respectable period of mourning, Lizzie searches for another husband, and "the plot thickens". (Summary from Wikipedia)

By LibriVox

Librivox: Miss Mapp by Benson, E. F. show

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E. F. Benson's Mapp and Lucia series, consists of six novels and three short stories. The novels are: Queen Lucia, Lucia in London, Miss Mapp (including the short story The Male Impersonator), Mapp and Lucia, Lucia's Progress (published as The Worshipful Lucia in the U.S.) and Trouble for Lucia. Most of these works are set in the fictional village of "Tilling", which is based on the village of Rye, Sussex, England. "Mallards", the house with the garden room inhabited by Miss Mapp, and later by Lucia, is based on Lamb House, Benson's own home in Rye. Earlier, the house was the Sussex home of writer Henry James. (Summary adapted from Wikipedia by Karen Merline.)

By LibriVox

Librivox: Geschichte des Abfalls der vereinigten Niederlande von der spanischen Regierung by Schiller, Friedrich show

Librivox: Geschichte des Abfalls der vereinigten Niederlande von der spanischen Regierung by Schiller, FriedrichJoin Now to Follow

Geschichte des Abfalls der vereinigten Niederlande von der spanischen Regierung von Friedrich von Schiller (1759 - 1805) Language: Deutsch (German) Schiller, einer der Weimarer Klassiker, bekannt als Dichter und Dramatiker, beschreibt in meisterhaftem Deutsch den Beginn der Unabhängigkeit der Niederlande. Erschienen 1788-1795. (Zusammenfassung von redaer)

By LibriVox