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Blind Techie Geek Speaks show

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This is a technology podcast for the blind or anyone else that might be interested in technology. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel for all the latest segments coming soon. Happy listening!

By Kathleen Ann Masciana

genius784 show

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TempGenius are the reliable & affordable manufacturers to get wireless temperature tracking. Install best quality of temperature monitoring systems at your premises by just click at:

By Chris Miller

Brid Talks  show

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A show where a bunch of nerds talk about everything video, streaming, and ad tech.

By Uros Stanimirovic

WebStudios | UAE, Best Custom Web Designing - Web Development Agency show

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WebStudios UAE is a digital brand providing Website Design, Website Development, and E-Commerce services to its client base. E-Commerce is a valuable tool to reach out to more people and audiences for your brand. We have designed a great formula that ensures quality development and <a href="">Affordable Web Designs In Dubai</a> for your brand. Our approach to work has paid off and our clientele has been very pleased with the work. And it has been very successful for the brand and delivered excellent results.

By Ezra Habib

Logic20/20's DigitalNOW show

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DigitalNOW is an original business and technology podcast by Logic20/20. In each episode, host Matt Trouville interviews a new expert to learn about industry trends, fascinating new tech, shifting customer expectations, and the steps every business can take to stay ahead.

By Logic20/20

Rooster Teeth Podcast show

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On a weekly basis the Rooster Teeth crew discuss gaming, films, popular culture, the internet, and projects that they're currently working on. Watch LIVE every Monday at 5PM CT on Watch the free video version at

By Rooster Teeth

Melissa Global Email Verification Service show

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Melissa's email address verification service validates in real-time to confirm they are valid, formatted and really exist to improve email deliverability.

By melissadataquality

Power Flow show

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The energy revolution is coming, and it's all hands on deck. Amplifying the expertise of the leaders in the new energy economy and inviting diverse voices to the table, we'll talk solar power, battery storage and battery alternatives, microgrids, renewable energy, distributed energy architectures, energy policy, energy equity, and all things energy. I'm your host, Amy Simpkins, renewable energy CEO (and Rocket Scientist) and I am passionate about creating sustainable change. I believe that access to electricity is no longer a luxury -- it's a human right. I'm driven by the desire to leave this world better than I found it. I believe in the power of collaboration -- that innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum. And innovation is the only way our planet will survive. Recent natural disaster events impacting access to power, like the Texas Power Crisis during the winter storms of 2021 or the raging California wildfires of 2018-2020, combined with concern over anticipated future events, like a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake in Oregon, have elevated conversations about resilience, independence, and sustainability to new, more urgent heights. If we are truly going to meet the challenges to the energy revolution and to achieve these ideals, we need to bring all minds to the whiteboard. That’s why Power Flow Podcast was born. I've always worked in male-dominated environments. Yet, the more I engage with women, the more I witness very different approaches to innovation, problem solving, and solution implementation. We possess a treasure trove in untapped riches of expertise from female, non-binary, and BIPOC professionals, all relentlessly working to make this new energy future a reality, yet too often unseen and unheard. What does that future look like? Solving the challenges we face in the energy industry can solve intersectional problems for Earth and its residents. A shift from fossil fuels to renewables not only increases sustainability -- an important component of slowing and reversing climate change -- it will also reduce pollution near low-income or racially diverse neighborhoods. A shift to distributed energy improves community resilience through microgrids and minigrids. Community resilience and distributed energy lead to energy equity - ensuring access to clean, reliable energy for all. I began my career in aerospace - yes, as an actual rocket scientist - believing that technical and scientific advancement through the exploration of space would be the ultimate way to change the world. After 10 years of designing, modeling, integrating, and flying spacecraft, I began looking for ways to have a more direct and powerful impact. When I co-founded renewable energy startup muGrid Analytics with my partner, it used all of my gifts and skills from my entire career to do good in the world. The thing is, I see the world as a set of linkages. I can see how everything is connected in a complex web of synergy and interdependence. The further I explored the energy economy, the more I could see its far-reaching impacts for individuals, for the people, for the planet. Join me in a deep dive exploring the solutions clean energy can offer to our earth as we bring more voices to the microphone and more minds to the whiteboard, shining a spotlight on new ideas and perspectives, tapping into the vast expertise and intersectional thinking that's already here. As we thoughtfully consider the tremendous challenges of the energy revolution, we can collaborate to achieve sustainability, equity, and resilience. It’s time to amplify new ideas that can help us innovate more efficiently, with better outcomes, harmonizing the threads of collaboration so we can build the future together. Find us at

By Amy Simpkins

Science n Tech show

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Get updated with the latest information regarding Science and Technology

By fusion tragedy

The Show show

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Listen in as groundbreaking leaders discuss what they have learned. Discover the books, podcasts, presentations, courses, research, articles and lessons that shaped their journey. Hosted by: Kevin Horek, Gregg Oldring, & Jon Larson.

By Kevin Horek, Gregg Oldring, Jon Larson