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UnRealized show

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UnRealized is a show built on the belief that every organization can reach its potential. Often the journey to get there has unnecessary roadblocks or, worse, never fully realized. Why? Because without the right understanding, technological advances and improved processes can only get you so far. This show will explore how leaders are experiencing transformation for their people and their businesses while answering the questions you didn't even know you had. Through in-depth conversations with the experts driving organizational change, Jeff Miller of OneSource Virtual provides resources and management best practices with one goal in mind: help you think differently about how business gets done.

By OneSource Virtual

IT: A Jamaican Weekly Perspective show

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Information Technology is vital to our daily life... personal, education, business, spiritual to name a few. Using this platform and others listed below, I aim to make information technology a relatable topic and reinforce the value Information Technology adds to our lives. On a weekly basis, I will discuss various information technology uses, opportunities, issues and news with you, my valued listeners. These topics will take into account old, present and new technology as part of the conversation, as I disseminate my expert perspective on the technology available and review your comments, feedback as well as questions.Ian Seymour is my name, I have over twenty (20) years in Information Technology - a lecturer, Systems Administrator, Podcaster (link), Consultant, hardware/software installation/repairs. I hold a Bsc. degree in Information Technology degree as well as a MBA, as well certified in networking and MIS.Please do not hesitate to cast me an email at or to express your views, give reviews or even ideas that you would like to hear me speak on. To better serve your cloud and file sharing needs, I invite you to engage my file sharing site at you all in advance for the support and listener-ship. “Fortuna audaces iuvat”

By Ian Seymour

Open Rivers Navigator show

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So many of the people who impact our lives undertake their work in relative obscurity. Hosted by Shefali Mehta of Open Rivers, this interview podcast sits down with experts in science, technology, agriculture, climate change and education to learn about their expertise, their rationale for undertaking this work, the personal story that propels them forward and how they provide clarity on our path to do better.

By Open Rivers

TechnikCast – Der Technik-Podcast von TechnikNews show

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TechnikCast ist Dein Technik-Podcast mit der vollen Ladung Technik, Dein Technik-Podcast in deutscher Sprache. Gemacht von denjenigen, die sich wirklich auskennen: TechnikNews.NET, der Blog rund um Technik. Jetzt auch als Podcast. Jede Woche gibt es von uns auf die Ohren, mit allen Neuigkeiten aus der Welt der Technik, Smartphones, Gadgets und vieles mehr. Mit viel Freude und Spaß produziert von der TechnikNews.NET Redaktion. Du hast Anregungen, Feedback oder Themenvorschläge für uns? Super, schreib uns! Wir sind auf Facebook, Instagram, Twitter und per E-Mail jederzeit zu erreichen.

By TechnikNews.NET

POPS! The People Ops Podcast show

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POPS! shares stories of pivotal people moments in small businesses while answering your human resource questions with one thing in mind: people first. Work has changed. Have you? Hear from the best while gaining access to exclusive content and a community of people leaders.

By Zenefits

Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd. show

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Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd is a GPS tracker manufacturing company located in Guangdong, China. Established into business in 2004 as a GPS tracker company, they are the perfect choice for those who are looking for a reliable GPS Tracker OBD II manufacturer or a GPS tracker supplier. We are the leading China GPS tracker manufacturer with world class hardware and software solutions. For more Visit or Call, us at 0086 15889393211

By Tony Zheng

Smarter Markets show

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What are SmarterMarkets? They leverage technology to create markets that are more liquid, transparent, and secure, with lower transactions costs and fewer barriers to entry. Markets that empower individuals to improve their own lives and help us address the biggest challenges that we face as a society — including climate change and the energy transition. How do we build SmarterMarkets? We’re starting with our weekly podcast exploring how both markets and technology can be redesigned to better serve market participants and society as a whole. The podcast, presented by Abaxx Technologies, brings together the entrepreneurs, icons, and executives of commodities, capital markets and technology to rant on the inadequacies of our systems and riff on ideas for how to improve them.

By Abaxx Technologies Inc.

The First 100 Days show

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The First 100 Days takes a peek behind the curtain giving unscripted access to revenue leaders who are willing to share the ups and downs of taking on any new challenge with one requirement: it has to work. Join the crew from UserGems, Trinity Nguyen, Nelson Gilliat, and Christian Kletzl to learn what did work from the lens of both success and failure while gaining exclusive resources to help you navigate the first 100 days of any opportunity.

By UserGems

Practically Genius show

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There are millions of practically genius ideas that get implemented in organizations each year. This show celebrates the change makers who take those ideas, and turn them into reality. The Ripple Effect podcast is now Practically Genius - a show for innovators, disrupters, and everyday geniuses who make their world of work better with each brilliant idea. Hosts Lindsay McGuire and Ryan Greives share conversations with genius guests and each other around topics that changemakers care about–like change management, the no-code revolution, and how to enable your employees with the tools they need to implement their practically genius ideas effectively. Subscribe to never miss an episode, and visit for more content that will inspire change in your organization.

By Formstack

The Car Care Podcast show

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Hosted by New Again Car Care. Discussion in detail about all the ways to make you car like new again and keeping your old car looking like new. We cover automotive detailing, ceramic sealants, car odours, leaks, lease cars, smart repair, modern car restoration and a host of other subjects with the aim of informing the public so they can make better choices. Homepage - New Again Auto Reconditioning was founded in 1987 and based in Chelmsford, Essex, UK. Podcast by Steve Jakes & Gary Wray New Again Ltd - Specialist Car Detailing, Chelmsford Essex UK.

By New Again Ltd.