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Learn Chinese & Culture @ iMandarinPod.com show

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iMandarinPod.com is designed to help people to improve their Chinese. We will provide podcasts on daily basis. In each podcast, we will introduce a topic about Chinese culture or what is happening today in China. We are teaching Chinese by introducing Chinese culture in a real circumstance; we are teaching you how to say and how to think in your daily life as a native Chinese does. We also provide private lessons or group lessons. Please visit www.iMandarinPod.com for more information. We will continue to improve and offer more services to serve different people at different levels. Stay tuned. Your reviews and feedbacks are very much appreciated! Thank you for your listening and enjoy!

By iMandarinPod.com

NewsHour Poetry Series | PBS NewsHour Podcast | PBS show

NewsHour Poetry Series | PBS NewsHour Podcast | PBSJoin Now to Follow

A special NewsHour series that couples profiles of contempory poets with reports on news and trends in the world of poetry.

By PBS NewsHour

Ages of Conquest: a Kings and Generals Podcast show

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Mongol Invasions, Napoleonic Wars, Diadochi Wars, Rome and the Cold War. Every part of your life -the words you speak, the ideas you share- can be traced to our history, but how well do you really know the stories? We’ll take you to the events, the times and the people that shaped our world. Hosted by David Schroder for Kings and Generals.

By Kings and Generals

The MathEd Out Podcast show

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This show is for mathematics educators who want to hear about the latest ideas and resources that are available. Each episode we will be interviewing someone from the Math-Ed community who has a unique insight into what a great math class looks like.

By MathEd Out

Honey! I'm Homeschooling The Kids show

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Honey! I'm Homeschooling the Kids is a podcast that steps into self-directed education, alternative education, unschooling, home education, parenting, and how to live a fuller family life. Parents do have a choice of where and how to educate their children. Unschooling mom Robyn Robertson explores the many choices available and creates a space for families to listen, learn, connect and be inspired. Enjoy interviews with experts in education and parenting, and hear from families that are living full out in the arena of life and education.

By Robyn Robertson: Homeschooling Mom Turned Unschooler, World Traveler

The Awakening by Kate Chopin show

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Edna Pontellier, the wife of a successful New Orleans business man and the mother of two, vacations with her family at a seaside resort in Grand Isle, Louisiana.

By Kate Chopin

BHS AP Euro show

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This podcast is intended to help the AP Euro students at Bozeman High School. The podcast is based off the information found in the following textbooks: McKay "A History of Western Society" Merriman "A History of Modern Europe: From the Renaissance to the Present" and Palmer "A History of the Modern World". In addition to these books Steve Mercado's class notes have been an invaluable source in creating the lecture outlines and can be purchased at historysage.com. Finally I would like to thank Roger Stip and Todd Beach for general inspiration and enrichment.

Teaching With Jillian Starr Podcast show

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Jillian Starr is struggling student turned passionate elementary school teacher looking to open up discussions about all things teaching. From topics like classroom management to struggling with a work-life balance, if it has to do with education, we're going to talk about it. Want to be inspired? Subscribe to this podcast to get teaching tips and ideas that you can implement in your classroom today!

By Jillian Starr

The Homeschooling and Liberty Podcast show

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You feel your child deserves the freedom to explore their passions and learn at their own pace. Join millions of like minded families from around the world as we embrace Creative Homeschooling and Child Led Learning.. how we can enhance the adventure and give kids the best life they can live! No more constant testing, peer pressure or unsafe school environments. Welcome to the future of education, to connecting with families and building local communities, to living lives full of creativity and joy.. Let's take this journey together!

By The Homeschooling and Liberty Podcast

Not So Wimpy Teacher Podcast show

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This is a podcast for busy teachers who want to engage their students in meaningful hands-on learning. You will receive simple, innovative and practical teaching tips and ideas for teaching math, reading and writing.

By Jamie Sears