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The TeacherCast App Spotlight show

The TeacherCast App SpotlightJoin Now to Follow

Join host Jeff Bradbury from the TeacherCast Educational Network as he interviews educational technology companies to help educators understand how best to use edtech in the classroom. For more information, please visit http://www.TeacherCast.net

By Jeffrey Bradbury

Keller ISD - In the Loop with Dr. Reid show

Keller ISD - In the Loop with Dr. ReidJoin Now to Follow

Keller ISD Superintendent Dr. Randy Reid shares information and news from around the district in conversations with students and staff.

By Matt Hill, Director of Media Production

The Education Gadfly Show show

The Education Gadfly ShowJoin Now to Follow

For more than ten years, the Fordham Institute has been hosting a weekly podcast, The Education Gadfly Show. Each week, you’ll get lively, entertaining discussions of recent education news, usually featuring Fordham’s Mike Petrilli and David Griffith. Then the wise Amber Northern will recap a recent research study.

By The Thomas B. Fordham Institute

The British History Podcast show

The British History PodcastJoin Now to Follow

The BHP is a chronological retelling of the history of Britain with a particular focus upon the lives of the people. You won't find a dry recounting of dates and battles here, but instead you'll learn about who these people were and how their desires, fears, and flaws shaped the histories of England, Scotland, and Wales.<br> <br> Apple is restricting my feed, so to access all episodes you have to click subscribe and then download them within your app.

By Jamie Jeffers

One Minute Dutch show

One Minute DutchJoin Now to Follow

Learn Dutch with Fons and Mark as they teach you the basics of the Dutch language. In this podcast you'll be learning just enough Dutch to get by on a holiday or business trip to a Dutch-speaking area - and to impress Dutch speakers everywhere! Each lesson includes just over one minute of language-learning content, so there's no excuse not to learn! Remember - even a few phrases of a language can help you make friends and enjoy travel more.

By Radio Lingua Network

Classic French Tales (French Today) show

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Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White... you know them all, don't you? That's why I picked this topic. Because you do already know the story, it is that much easier for you to understand in French. There will be 2 versions of the same tale, whenever possible; my own version, like I tell it to my daughter, which comes with a full transcript and translation available on FrenchToday.com, and the original tale, often dating back to the 18th century, hence quite more challenging. Go to FrenchToday.com for more details and more Classic French Tales and audio material (from the author of LearnFrenchInBoston.com)

By Camille Chevalier-Karfis

MicrobeWorld Video - Apple TV | HD show

MicrobeWorld Video - Apple TV | HDJoin Now to Follow

A video podcast by the American Society for Microbiology that highlights the latest in microbiology, life science and biotechnology news. ASM is composed of over 42,000 scientists and health professionals with the mission to advance the microbial sciences as a vehicle for understanding life processes and to apply and communicate this knowledge for the improvement of health and environmental and economic well-being worldwide. For information about ASM and MicrobeWorld, visit us online at www.microbeworld.org. For questions and/or feedback please email ccondayan@asmusa.org.

By American Society for Microbiology

A Delectable Education Charlotte Mason Podcast show

A Delectable Education Charlotte Mason PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Through weekly conversations, three moms who have studied the Charlotte Mason method of education and put her ideas into practice in their homes join together to share with one another for the benefit of listeners by giving explanations of Mason's principles and examples of those principles put into practice out of their own teaching experience. These short discussions aim at providing information, support, and encouragement for others by unfolding the myriad aspects.

By Liz Cottrill, Emily Kiser and Nicole Williams

James Sturtevant Hacking Engagement show

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It is my great pleasure to publish this weekly podcast that supplements my book "Hacking Engagement". Listen and get creative ideas on how to engage students tomorrow! Please visit my website: <a href="http://jamesalansturtevant.com/" rel="noopener">http://jamesalansturtevant.com/</a> And...for a cornucopia of teacher empowerment resources, visit: <a href="http://hacklearning.org/" rel="noopener">http://hacklearning.org/</a>

By James Sturtevant

The History of Rome show

The History of RomeJoin Now to Follow

A weekly podcast tracing the rise, decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Now complete! Visit us at http://thehistoryofrome.typepad.com

By Mike Duncan