K 12 Podcasts

HRA Podagogy show

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Highland Rim Academy's Podagogy is your podcast home for all you want and need to know about Classical Christian Education and all things HRA!

By Highland Rim Academy

New Teacher Academy show

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Each week, we explore tips, tools, and strategies to shift from surviving as a new teacher to thriving as a new teacher.

By John Spencer

Montessori Moment  show

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Listen in to learn about Montessori education and discover how you can apply Montessori principles at home. Designed for parents but available to all we cover topics from choosing a school to supporting children develop healthy relationships with their peers and siblings.

By Liz Monsen

Hack Learning show

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Learn quick and easy ways to improve education, leadership, and parenting: How to replace traditional homework; how to improve leadership; how to integrate new technology; how to assess for learning; how to eliminate useless meetings; how to engage even the most reluctant learners; how to inspire a lifelong love of reading; how to combine writing with the maker space; how to take learning mobile; how to improve social media strategies. Teacher/author/global influencer Mark Barnes, creator of the Bestselling Hack Learning Book Series, explains precisely what's wrong with education and what you can do about it, tomorrow; because you don't need a 5-year plan. Learn more at <a href="http://10publications.com" rel="noopener">http://10publications.com</a>.

By Mark Barnes

Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast show

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The Legacy Homeschool Reflections first podcast by Ruth Adams is taken from her book Legacy - Reflections of a Homeschooled, Homeschooling Mama.

By Ruth Adams

Classical Stuff You Should Know show

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A.J., Graeme, and Thomas discuss everything having to do with the classical world. Our aim is to help both educators and laypeople enjoy the classical world as much as they enjoy fine ales and good tales.

By A.J. Hanenburg, Graeme Donaldson, and Thomas Magbee

Broadway Teachers Podcast show

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Refreshingly honest and revealing interviews with Broadway luminaries about their journey from high school to Broadway

By Broadway Teachers Workshop

Trauma-Informed Lens show

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The trauma-informed paradigm is challenging traditional views and approach in a wide variety of areas in education, social work, psychology, and public health. Each week the Trauma-Informed Lens Podcasters Curt Mower, Jerry Yager, and Matthew Bennett explore aspects of the trauma-informed paradigm and how it challenges traditional views of service delivery and current events. Join the revolution!

By Matthew Bennett

Honey! I'm Homeschooling The Kids show

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Honey! I'm Homeschooling the Kids is a podcast that steps into self-directed education, alternative education, unschooling, home education, parenting, and how to live a fuller family life. Parents do have a choice of where and how to educate their children. Unschooling mom Robyn Robertson explores the many choices available and creates a space for families to listen, learn, connect and be inspired. Enjoy interviews with experts in education and parenting, and hear from families that are living full out in the arena of life and education.

By Robyn Robertson: Homeschooling Mom Turned Unschooler, World Traveler

Road School Moms show

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Roadschool Moms is a weekly podcast ministry to connect, encourage and inspire women from wherever in the world they are. Join Mary Beth Goff and Holly Giles as they share parenting and homeschool information from their Christian perspective. Mary Beth shares her adventures from behind the wheel of an RV currently traveling full-time in America's backyard. A solo homeschooling mom of four, she pairs education with adventure for roadschool lessons created by the Road Trip Teacher. Holly shares experiences from her back porch in Central Florida. She and her husband homeschool their two boys with challenges through interest-led learning in the great outdoors. Roadschool adventures at The Giles Frontier happen daily, no RV needed. Together, these veteran moms bring their sweet and sassy personalities to the forefront as they share what is most important in parenting, learning adventures, and life.

By Mary Beth Goff and Holly Giles