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The Same Page show

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Put simply, The Same Page is a podcast that allows you to expose your family in five minutes or less to Scripture, Poetry, Shakespeare and Historical Facts. It is also allows you to bring great classic literature to your family in an easy to consume format- audiobooks! We have taken all the work out of it for you so that you can simply enjoy these works with your family. On a deeper level The Same Page is meant to bring families together to memorize great works and listen to great literature, creating a shared experience that leads to deeper relationships. We are all about fostering the atmosphere and sharing the stories that lead us home.

By MacKenzie Koppa

52 Essential Conversations to Inspire Children show

52 Essential Conversations to Inspire ChildrenJoin Now to Follow

Research-backed tips and hacks straight from parents, educators and neuroscientists on raising motivated, confident, and compassionate children. Hosted by Jenny Woo, Harvard educator, mom of three, and creator of the social and emotional skills game used in families, schools, and clinics in 20+ countries. Designed for busy parents: short episodes, knowledgeable guests, and packed insights.

By Jenny Woo

All of Your Beeswax - Business and Life Lessons for Kids and Parents show

All of Your Beeswax - Business and Life Lessons for Kids and ParentsJoin Now to Follow

Business and life lessons for kids and parents, together! In this fun educational show, Keoni (the son) and Pat (the dad) talk about growing up, coming up with creative business ideas, and all of the tests and challenges that can keep us from becoming the best person we can be. Keoni loves science, reading, creative building, problem solving, and video games like Minecraft and Fortnite. Pat loves business, writing, podcasting, blogging, STEM education, project based learning, Back to the Future, and also video games like Fortnite. Together, they’re a fun duo who can help you start a great conversation with someone so that you can help each other learn how to live a happy life while serving others and building businesses!

By Keoni and Pat Flynn

HRA Podagogy show

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Highland Rim Academy's Podagogy is your podcast home for all you want and need to know about Classical Christian Education and all things HRA!

By Highland Rim Academy

Kid's Stuff show

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A family-friendly podcast about stuff that will interest kids!

By Owen & Dad

Ask Mike show

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Need to sharpen your yearbook skills? Ask Mike! In season one of this podcast from the Walsworth Yearbooks Podcast Network (WYPN), Mike Taylor explores what it takes to tell a great story with your yearbook, with a few laughs along the way. Mike enhances his already immense yearbook knowledge through interviews with yearbook advisers across the country, and helps advisers and staffs create their amazing yearbooks. Do you have a burning yearbook question you’d like to ask Mike? Send it to podcasts@walsworth.com.

By Walsworth Yearbooks

Yearbook Chat with Jim show

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Behind every yearbook is a great story, and Jim Jordan is exploring those stories. Join Jim as he interviews the people behind the yearbook in Yearbook Chat with Jim, part of the Walsworth Yearbooks Podcast Network (WYPN). From new advisers who just made it through their first year, to long-time yearbook lovers looking at retirement, Yearbook Chat with Jim shows the human side of creating a yearbook.

By Walsworth Yearbooks with host Jim Jordan

Social Studies show

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Joe “Mr.D” Dombrowski studies being social, by being social! Join him & his guests as they unpack the good the bad and the funny about the world we live in.

By Joe Dombrowski

Language Latte: A Podcast for World Language Teachers show

Language Latte: A Podcast for World Language TeachersJoin Now to Follow

Language Latte is a conversation about teaching world languages. Becky Morales looks at research and speaks with teachers from around the globe to find out the best and most efficient methods, materials, and tips to help students gain fluency. Topics include educational technology, getting students to speak in the target language, teaching vocabulary, using films and popular games in class, bringing in culture, using IPA’s, TPRS, CI, the role of grammar, and more. More educational resources, plus show notes and links can be found on kidworldcitizen.org.

By Becky Morales

Art Class Curator show

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This podcast is dedicated to empowering you to embrace teaching art with works of art. Each episode will dive deep into different aspects of teaching art - from passionate art teachers sharing their work, to mini trainings on art appreciation strategies that you can use in your classroom, to conversations about the highs and lows that come with being a teacher. Come back each week for an informative interview with an amazing art teacher!

By Cindy Ingram