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Twelve Radio The Reel Hip Hop is a urban podcast radio show on Blogtalk Radio that plays not only Rap,R N B,Reggae but also various other music speech from Malcolm X to the stand up comedy Richard Pryor. Twelve Radio The Reel Hip Hop Show is the only urban show with three days dedicated to female MC. Twelve Radio The Reel Hip Hop Show is two different brands made in to one brand,Twelve Radio was a skit on Foot Prints twelve round debut album and The Reel Hip Hop Is a inland Empire(southern Cali 909)urban talk show created by ILLAMCO CEO/President Michael (Mic Flex)Dixon. In 2004 The Reel Hip Hop Show was invited as media representatives for the Inland Empire to the BET awards hosted by Monique. In 2008 Twelve Rounds Promotional Dir and Co host Adrian (Sharastafari)Elliott took both brands and began broadcasting on 0op9the podcast station Blogtalk Radio as one brand. Since launching on Blogtalk Radio, Twelve Radio The Reel Hip Hop Show as played music by Bigg Bo(ATL)Paper Doll(Philly)M-Pound(Cali:IE)Empress Raw(MIA)just to name some of the artist we have broken records for. Twelve radio also services as the place to hear exclusive music from Twelve Rounds Recording artist,in a joint venture with Twelve Rounds Of Music ,Twelve Radio release Foot Prints Mix CD hosted by Taquan on the internet. In 2013 Adrian (Sharastafari)Elliott parted ways with Twelve Rounds Of Music and later changing Twelve Radio to Black Own Radio The Reel Hip Hop Show . Bridging The Gap Between Us ,You And Them Threw Binary Signal!!!!


Scream Therapy show

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Content warning: mental illness and explicit language Scream Therapy is a podcast that explores the link between punk rock and mental health. My guests are members of the underground music scene who are, like myself, living with mental health challenges. Intro/background music: Submission Hold - "Cranium Ache" Render Useless - "The Second Flight of Icarus" Artwork: Luke Ramsey - Contact host Jason Schreurs -

By Jason Schreurs

ENDS Podcast show

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Tune in to listen to ENDS Podcast where you can hear many different ways people are creating their own hustle based on their current circumstances. A blend of topics ranging from tips, testimonies, and key strategies. Let us not forget a major question, what is the meaning behind why you do what you do in the first place? #ENDS Hosted by Founder of ENDS and music artist, ENDS Bazz. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>


Chillin' Space - Trippy Ambient Dub Techno Trance &amp; World Music show

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Psychedelic Beats curated by deepgoa - It all started 1998. With the P2P platform Audiogalaxy, my DEEP-GOA nickname and our Goatrance group DEEP-GOA Club (Switzerland). There we discovered, released &amp; shared countless albums with our 800 group members. After the shutdown of Audiogalaxy, in Soulseek 2003-2004 we had a short stay, then we discovered P2P Direct Connect, where we could build &amp; interconnect various international PtokaX hubs (located in Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland) to one p2p network. The DSNetwork (Deep Space Network, based on the NASA program) was born. At the culmination of the DSNetwork about 3'000 people were connected daily via our network. And again we shared TBs of Music ;) Due to the technical complexity (LUA scripts, multichat, hub rules, hardware etc.) and the emergence of new platforms aka MySpace, SoundCloud and other streaming services, new technology like Smartphones and so on, the Direct Connect DSNetwork slowly dissolved. And we aged too. Thx to Uw, LG, Drac and many more! 2007 we started our project at Wordpress, called DEEPGOAs electronic sessions. The preparation and creation of a daily electronic music global guide (DJ sets &amp; mixes, promos, news and creative commons netlabel releases) was a challenge which lasted until the middle of 2010. (After more than 5.5 million visitors, about 13'000 daily visitors, Wordpress was not amused :) Today it's quieter ... but we are still alive. Our Chillin' Space - Electronic Music Podcast is avaiable on Influences: Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Daft Punk, Air, Simon Posford and many many more DSNETWORK we speak Alien! -deepgoa

By deepgoa

Neu im Regal show

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Was gibts Neues auf dem Musikmarkt? Unser Musikchef präsentiert euch die Neuerscheinungen der Woche.

By Life Radio

LSDJ ~ Podcast show

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Dance All Day / Afterwork Rooftop Pool Party + Party All Night / Underground Bass Club

By La Salle De Jeux

Rock n Roll Chicago Podcast show

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Interviews from the bands that made Rock N Roll in Chicago the greatest. Hear from your favorite rock bands from the 60's until today! Join Paul Martin (M&amp;R Rush, The Dancing Noodles) &amp; Ray Bernadisius (Ray the Roadie) each week as they interview your favorite artists, club owners and concert venues.

By Paul Martin, Ray Bernadisius

Funkier Radio show

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Why not book me to DJ for you when all this is over? Guest mixes for House Salad, Puzzle Projects, Black Light Disco, Quiet Pill, The Magic Trackast, Feel Good Fridays, Collective Groove and Nova Funk, upcoming for 4Play, Kookee &amp; Hot To The Touch! London-based DJ, producer, radio host and Champion of The Funk Even Funkier scours the earth to find the juiciest musical cuts, weaving together Disco, Funk, House, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop and other sweet sticky goodness to create something fresh, irresistibly funky and downright groovy. With an ear for a funky gem and a novel approach to DJing - using custom sampling, slicing and looping techniques to breathe unexpected new life into familiar tunes, he brings forward a unique collision of music nerdery, technical expertise and a passionate love for great tunes old and new that’ll overload your ears with popping basslines, delicious synth riffs and the heaviest funk this side of Stevie Wonder’s keytar. Expect vintage Funk and Disco, weird and wonderful edits, P-funk, classic beats and breaks, world music wonders, bubbling house and dusty cratedigging oddities, all served up like you’ve never heard them before. Catch the fortnightly Funkier Radio show to hear a slice across the musical spectrum, along with a guest mix from a fellow funk fanatic.

By Funkier Radio by Even Funkier

Doty Land show

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Conversations with people about ideas and their interesting backgrounds. From artificial intelligence assisting those with dementia to the way ham radio benefits local communities, I conduct long-form conversations from the Madison isthmus.

By Gregory Humphrey

Pod Ween Satan show

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Ween is The Greatest Band in The World. This is the Greatest Podcast in The World about The Greatest Band in The World....Ween. We will introduce you to Ween in all their grandness and splendor. Then we shalll take you on a tour of the entire Ween Catalogue...One album at a time...One song at a time...Until the end of time. Together we will listen to each and every Ween song and Together we will spread the good word of The Boognish. Buckle up Bitch. Step inside this spaceship and take a ride straight into the Abyss! Also, check out the Patreon Bonus version of the show at

By Jay Hunter and Dave Massey