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Chris-A-Nova's Psytrance Sessions show

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welcome to my new radio show I'll bring you the newest and hottest Psytrance stuff from my favorite Artists and Labels .. you also can listen this show on I hope you'll like and enjoy it.

By Chris-A-Nova

Die Klangküche show

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Die Klangküche - Der Podcast. Unter diesem Namen sprechen wir, Sebastian Wernke-Schmiesing und Sinan Kurtulus, regelmäßig über das Musik-Business. Sebastian ist Gründer und Inhaber von - einer Musik-Marketing-Agentur. Sinan betreibt das Portal Futorial, auf dem Musikproduzenten ihr Hause finden können. Immer wieder finden auch spannende Gäste aus dem Business den Weg in die Klangküche.

By Sebastian Wernke-Schmiesing und Sinan Kurtulus

Very Good Music: A VGM Podcast show

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Bedroth and Shootkapow take a father/kid road trip through the wide world of VGM. Songs can come directly from games, be covers or remixes, or even just be inspired by existing VGM, but they always follow one rule: everything must be very good music! Subscribe to us on Youtube | Support us on Patreon! VGMVGM art by Naomi Rubin! Support out her work at and read her comics on! Drawn Portraits by Carlos Leon-Roman. Check him out at Pixelart by Ben "The Diad" Dishman. Check him out @TheDiad on Twitter!

By bedroth

Making Music with JJAHBG show

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Danger, Slate, Jesse, and The Firegod discuss Music, life, and everything in between.How did JJAHBG form? Will The Firegod ever find true love? When will Danger fully realize his celebrity status and ditch the rest of the band for a solo career? Find the answers to these questions and more in what is sure to be a scintillating thrill ride for the earballs. Yes, this word exists. We've validated with the Urban Dictionary. One wonders if it's really even about the music or is it all for the glory? Subscribe now so you don't miss the greatest podcast in human existence.


Cowboy's Juke Joint Radio show

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Raw & Authentic underground Roots rock & blues from newer artists around the world. Cowboy's Juke Joint Radio

By Cowboy’s Juke Joint Radio

The New Music Business with Ari Herstand show

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<p>Ari Herstand is the best-selling author of How To Make It in the New Music Business. Forbes calls him “The poster child of DIY music.” In this show, he deconstructs the brightest minds in the music industry, digging deep to find the tools, tactics, and strategies that listeners can use to run successful careers of their own. Ari offers straight talk with no fluff and doesn’t let his guests off easy. If there is a way, Ari will find it.</p>

By Ari's Take

The Chopping Block Podcast w/ Cizzurp215 &amp; SaintBoogie show

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Each week Ciz (@cizzurp215) and Tai (@SaintBoogie) sit down and get to chatting it up about new music releases and industry news with the music creator’s standpoint in mind, from the inside out, not the outside in. Welcome to The Chopping Block. Tip your bartenders and pay your creators. Full album reviews and more available on The Chopping Block at Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By The Chopping Block Podcast

The Chris &amp; Sandy Show show

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The Chris &amp; Sandy Show gets up close &amp; personal with some amazing guests throughout the entertainment industry from artists, actors, authors &amp; athletes. We get the stories behind their lives!

By Family Affair Media

Songwriter Stories show

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Songwriter Stories is an interview and music discovery podcast, featuring exciting conversations with pop songwriters about the craft of songwriting.

By Dave Caruso

Independent Music Podcast show

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A weekly show that brings you ten new tracks from artists from across the world. We cover every genre conceivable, from abstract techno, mutated dancehall, dark metal to Chinese bin lid music or something else - if it's recorded outside of the major label system, we're up for playing it. You'll find music you love, music you don't understand, and music that'll change your life.

By Independent Music Podcast