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 Bitcoin Audible - Conclusion of the Long-Term Debt Cycle [Dylan Leclair] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

"Human civilization is at an inflection point. Inflationary monetary policy against the backdrop of technological deflation means either that ever more power will become concentrated in the hands of the state, or that one by one, individuals will voluntarily opt into and adopt a superior monetary system, the rules of which cannot be arbitrarily changed." - Dylan Leclair We are at the precipice of the greatest change in our monetary system in nearly the past century. The long term debt cycle is in its endgame. What has led us here, and what future does Bitcoin make possible with its emergence coinciding with the conclusion of the legacy monetary regime. Taking a deeo dive on this topic with this new article at Bitcoin Magazine, written by Dylan Leclair. For other great episodes to explore and dig deeper into the relevant ideas, here are a few mentioned during the show:Utopian Dystopias (by Aleks Svetski) of the Petrodollar System (by Lyn Alden)Part 1 - 2 - Check out the huge set of charts & statistics that demonstrate the massive long term debt cycle, and at what point we find ourselves in:

 WBD311 - Bitcoin & The Sovereign Company with Christian Keroles & Robert Breedlove | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Bitcoin is the separation of money and state. It allows hodlers to opt-out of government-issued fiat currency and take sovereignty over their money. For many libertarian-minded Bitcoiners, this was the draw to Bitcoin, even before it had any real value. Throughout late 2020 and into early 2021, more and more companies have added Bitcoin to their treasuries. MicroStrategy led the way, but the most notable is Tesla's recent $1.5bn Bitcoin acquisition. For many, Bitcoin's attraction is due to its monetary policy and thus is a hedge against the unprecedented levels of money printing and the fear of high inflation. However, as Christian Keroles said in his article for Bitcoin Magazine The Sovereign Company Thesis "As companies adopt Bitcoin, they will begin to gain new levels of sovereignty and leverage over the state ' this in and of itself will challenge the dynamics of governance and the nature of nation-states as we currently know them. So, what does the future of sovereign companies look like? In this interview, I talk to Christian Keroles, the Media Editor of Bitcoin Magazine and Robert Breedlove. We discuss the idea of sovereign companies, jurisdictional arbitrage and moving away from a state-controlled world.

 Unhashed Podcast - One Night in Laser Eyes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

On this episode of the Unhashed Podcast, it's tabloid time! To help detox from Ruben and Eric Wall's technical deep dive last week, we take things easy by chatting about the latest cryptocurrency news from Snoop Dog, Paris Hilton, and John McAfee. We do get back to bitcoin again to talk tainted coins, the sale of bitcoindotcom, what constitutes a double-spend, the future relevancy of "not your keys, not your coins", and details about hashrate and mining. As a serial money maker, Snoop Dogg has always been at the forefront of technology. Right now, in 2021, for Snoop, that means riding the NFT wave. He also let slip that Bitcoin is something he believes in, adding that the future is unfolding before us right now. 'œPeople will '˜get' NFTs with time', says Snoop. Snoop commented that the NFT craze exploded onto the scene, seemingly coming from nowhere. Although many people just don't get it, he's confident that this will change with time. Part of the reason why he is excited is that NFTs are shaking up the music industry. More so, in terms of how artists and creators connect with their fanbase, which is something Snoop is excited about. 'œThere are still a lot of people out there who don't know about it, or just don't get it. They will though. It's a big moment and a big technology that is changing the way artists do business and connect with our fans. I am excited about it, ya dig?' '" Speaking of Celebrities, none other than Paris Hilton has come out of the no-coiner closet. In her usual linguistic eloquence, She is 'œvery, very excited' about bitcoin because 'œit is the future'. ARStechnica is reporting that Federal prosecutors have indicted noted cybersecurity eccentric John McAfee for securities and wire fraud for misleading investors at the peak of the last cryptocurrency boom. In late 2017 and early 2018, McAfee urged his hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers to invest in a number of obscure cryptocurrencies. Prosecutors say he failed to disclose his own financial stake in those tokens'"and in some cases outright lied about it. McAfee engaged in two types of illegal schemes. In one, he would buy an obscure cryptocurrency, talk it up on Twitter, and then unload it at a higher price. In other cases, he would agree to hype up a new cryptocurrency sale on Twitter in exchange for a cut of the proceeds. Buying and promoting cryptocurrencies isn't necessarily illegal on its own. The problem, prosecutors say, is that McAfee tried to boost the effectiveness of his endorsements by falsely claiming that he had no financial stake in his recommendation. The government says that made his actions a violation of federal fraud statutes. On Twitter, someone asked him if he got paid to promote tokens like SETHER. ""I do not,"" he responded. ""I merely sift through the mass [of] tokens to find the gems and share them."" Though he did claim that he had ""been advising them on cyber security."" The same day, McAfee wrote privately to SETHER's founder: ""For the next few weeks, take my name off your site,"" he suggested. ""I want to be able to leverage my Twitter with people assuming I have no relationship with you. Removing my name now will add at least a million dollars to your sale."" In total, federal prosecutors say that McAfee earned more than $13 million through misleading cryptocurrency promotional schemes. '" Get clean taint free BTC fresh from the source, the US Government that is! The US General Services Administration just auctioned off 0.7501 BTC for a 21% premium to market. GSA auctions are open to the public, but most require bidders to pre-register and post some kind of deposit prior to bidding. The lot of 0.7501 BTC was much smaller than other government auctions which could explain the premium. For all you wanna

 Understanding Death, Violence & Forgiveness with Chuck Williams of Flote | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Chuck Willliams was a teenager when he learned a horrifying secret about his family's past: that his mother was murdered, and that his father was the likely culprit. On this episode of Proof of Love, he opens up about the trauma of rediscovering a past he barely remembered, and the process of healing. He discusses the steps he took to come to terms with what happened to his family, how it shook his concepts of justice, vengeance and faith, and how to approach someone you care about when they are facing a personal tragedy. About the Guest: Chuck Williamsis a crypto-freedom activist and software developer. He seeks to understand and know that which can be known. His passion lies in garnering support for networks, rather than hierarchies. Chuck advocates for human empathy as a skill to enhance developer effectiveness. While leading software design & development teams throughout this millennia, he has been a recognized inventor on 3 patent efforts with FedEx, Level3 Communications, & He was a speaker/facilitator at the E2 Innovate 2012, Dash Conference 2017, Anarchapulco 2018, Libertopia 2018, Global Blockchain Summit 2018, PeerVP Summit 2018, & Blockchain World Conference 2018. He is currently the co-host of "The Crypto Show: The Digital Cash Evolution ( and serves as the Chief Experience Officer of Flote. He enjoys researching, understanding, and evangelizing the convergence of technology, economics, & philosophy in cryptocurrency & blockchains at local meet-ups & international conferences. Chuck investigates projects for experience goals, evaluates user experiences, designs, architects, and codes systems to solve human problems & ease human pains with technology. His current focus is serving communities supporting free will & voluntary action with a freedom-focused message of empathy, utility, and pragmatic value for all people. In direct alignment with this focus, he is currently in the midst of birthing his own revolutionary incentivizing platform that will help to organize any and all human endeavors while encouraging freedom and unity for all. If you like this content, please send a tip with BTC to1Q2QHoNowg8D2QzWhBQU1YrraG771aCpgS More Info: Tatiana Moroz '“ Crypto Media Hub '“ Flote '“ The Crypto Show '“ Friends and Sponsors of the Show: Let's Talk Bitcoin '“ The Tatiana Show '“ Global Crypto Advisors '“ You have been listening to Proof of Love. This show may contain adult content, language, and humor and is intended for mature audiences. If that's not you, please stop listening. Nothing you hear on Proof of Love is intended as financial advice, legal advice, therapy or really, anything other than entertainment. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Oh, and if you're hearing us on an affiliate network, the ideas and views expressed on this show, are not necessarily those of the network you are listening on, or of any sponsors or any affiliate products you may hear about on the show.

 The Delphi Podcast - Jack Spallone: The Colliding Worlds Of Music And Crypto '" Metaverse Musings Ep 21 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The Delphi Podcast - Jack Spallone: The Colliding Worlds Of Music And Crypto '" Metaverse Musings Ep 21

 WBD310 - Bitcoin's Wild Start to 2021 with Cory Klippsten | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We are just over a month into 2021, and it has already been a wild start of the year for Bitcoin and the broader financial markets. The r/wallstreetbets subreddit took it to Wall Street by collectively buying up the heavily shorted GameStop (GME). The stock price went from around $20 in mid-January to over $450 in less than two weeks, wiping a staggering $4.5 billion off Melvin Capital's balance sheet. In early February, corporate Bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor held his '˜Bitcoin for Corporations' event which around 7,000 companies attended. Just days after the conference, Tesla announced that they had bought $1.5bn of Bitcoin. With any bull market, shitcoins also see an increase in activity. With the rise of Clubhouse, the salesmen are out in force. Yet, Bitcoiners are marshalling the rooms, educating newcomers on why Bitcoin is the only asset they should be considering. In this interview, I talk to Cory Klippsten, the founder of SwanBitcoin. We discuss how shitcoiners are invading Clubhouse, r/wallstreetbets, corporations buying Bitcoin, and which nation-states will first disclose a Bitcoin position first.

 The Anita Posch Show - Franco Amati: Bitcoin in Argentina | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

My guest is Franco Amati, founder of Bitcoin Argentina and member of laBitconf - the biggest Bitcoin conference in Latin America, the Bitcoin embassy Buenos Aires, and Bitcoin Iberoamƒrica foundation. We are discussing the importance of Bitcoin for the people of Argentina, who have to deal with harsh capital controls that allow them to only buy foreign currency up to 200 USD per month with 65% tax and an inflation of 50%. Franco Amati's Bitcoin story 50% Inflation in Argentina How capital controls hurt the people Use cases for Bitcoin in Argentina Confiscation through fake rates Message about a ban of Bitcoin Importance of the Lightning Network Shownotes on the episode page

 Block Crunch - Alpha Leak: Saffron Wants to Bring Trillions to DeFi | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Risk-tranching protocols are coming to DeFi, and aiming to tap into the $100T fixed income market. Saffron Finance's developer (@psykeeper_) joins us in breaking down:Why tranching is the next big trend in DeFiThe risk-tranching landscape in crypto How the $SFI token works Host: Jason Choi (@MrJasonChoi). This show is not financial advice; show host and guest may hold some of the assets discussed.

 Bitcoin Audible - Bitcoin is Not What You Think it Is | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

' Money is not what you think it is ' Great societies are a result of great money ' Money is more foundational than language ' Prices are not arbitrary ' The nature of time ' Money is a tool of information ' Proof of work in ancient history ...And so much more in today's Guy's Take! The many recommended works to dig deeper:Wittgenstein's Money, Pencil Economics to American History (Tom Woods) Out: The Origins of Money Island of Stone Money is Time Network Effects, Shelling Points, & Lindy Don't forget our glorious sponsors:Makes your 401K look like a joke - Swan Bitcoin ( "Love your keys" secure, open source hardware wallet - BitBox02 (

 Equity Through Investment with Lamar Wilson of the Black Bitcoin Billionaire's Club | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Lamar Wilson was fascinated from an early age by the worlds of business and finance. As an adult, he leapt into investing and technology development and was an early-adopter of blockchain technology. Now, he and his colleagues are using the hottest social media platform around, Clubhouse, to help introduce the African-American community to cryptocurrency and entrepreneurship as a path to true equality & freedom. Join Tatiana & Josh as they chat with Lamar about why he started the Black Bitcoin Billionaires Club, his thoughts on the skyrocketing price of bitcoin and why it's never too late to invest, gold vs. bitcoin, and why he only sleeps for a few hours each night but still feels great! About the Guest Lamar Wilson started his entrepreneurial career with the purchase of two Cold Stone Creamery locations at the age of twenty-five after graduating from the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in Finance. It was during this time that Lamar taught himself to develop and created the company, 212ths, an enterprise media and software development firm. His enthusiasm for learning while at 212ths, led him to develop Pheeva, a mobile bitcoin wallet; at the time the only bitcoin wallet that could be distributed on the Apple iPhone. Continuing to pursue opportunities centered around blockchain technology Lamar started, ventured-backed Hijro and merged his love for finance and technology. Hijro, the world's first trade finance blockchain network, powers solutions designed to optimize working capital for businesses and streamline supply chain operations. Currently, Lamar serves as the CETO (Chief Executive and Technology Officer) of Hijro and is heavily involved with the architecture of the software to the day-to-day operations. A frequent speaker at fintech conferences nationally and internationally, such as Money 20/20, Consensus and Eurofinance, to name a few. Lamar is passionate about technology and endless possibilities it can provide. He loves to share his knowledge of blockchain finance and engage in discussion where the future can be realized. If you like this content, please send a tip with BTC to1Q2QHoNowg8D2QzWhBQU1YrraG771aCpgS More Info: SunJoined'“ '“ Friends and Sponsors of the Show: Proof of Love '“ Crypto Media Hub '“ Global Crypto Advisors '“ *You have been listening to the Tatiana Show. This show may contain adult content, language, and humor and is intended for mature audiences. If that's not you, please stop listening. Nothing you hear on The Tatiana Show is intended as financial advice, legal advice, or really, anything other than entertainment. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Oh, and if you're hearing us on an affiliate network, the ideas and views expressed on this show, are not necessarily those of the network you are listening on, or of any sponsors or any affiliate products you may hear about on the show.

 WBD309 - Tesla's $1.5bn Bitcoin Buy with American HODL & Preston Pysh | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

On Monday, Tesla made the announcement that Bitcoiners had been anticipating. In their annual report to the SEC, Tesla disclosed that they had invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and the Bitcoin price soared to a new all-time high of over $47,000. In 2020, Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy paved the way for corporations to add Bitcoin to their treasuries and since then several companies have followed suit, including Square and MassMutual. However, as the richest man in the world and one of the most influential in the tech industry, Elon Musk's could prove to be the most important in the history of Bitcoin. It has sent shockwaves through the corporate world and will make the CEO of every publicly traded company question their treasury strategy. But, what does this mean for Bitcoin? And does this mark the beginning of the corporate race for Sats? In this interview, I talk to American HODL and Preston Pysh, author, engineer & the host of The Investor Podcast. We discuss Tesla's announcement, MicroStrategy's influence and corporations scrambling to buy Bitcoin.

 The Delphi Podcast - Mike Novogratz: Scaling Galaxy Into A Behemoth, Criminal Justice Reform and NFT Hype | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The Delphi Podcast Host Tom Shaughnessy hosts Mike Novogratz, the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Galaxy Digital. This interview was recorded live in NYC. The two discuss crypto bull runs, scaling Galaxy Digital into the empire it is today, NFT hype and value accrual vs the traditional world, criminal justice reform, advice Mike gives to Galaxy employees and so much more. Mike is an industry titan who has an immense amount of knowledge and alpha to share. This interview was extremely exciting and I think Mike for his time.

 Citizen Bitcoin - Rodolfo Novak: Keeping Bitcoin Time | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Rodolfo Novak, is founder of Coinkite, of the longest running Bitcoin-only companies in the world and makers of beloved products ColdCard, OpenDime and BLOCKCLOCK. We get into Rodolfo's background, the early days of Coinkite and the lastest on Coinkite, entrepreneurship, economics and bitcoin's relationship to time.

 The Delphi Podcast - Expert Group's Top DeFi and Crypto Plays for 2021 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Delphi Podcast Host Tom Shaughnessy hosts an expert panel to discuss their top DeFi/Crypto plays for 2021. This conversation originally occurred on Clubhouse (recorded with guest permission) and be sure to follow Tom Shaughnessy on Clubhouse for any future rooms!Ryan Zurrer - Founder of Dialectic AGDan Elitzer - Co-Founder of NascentAndrew Kang - Founder of Mechanism Capital Sasha Fleyshman - Junior PM, Special Situations at ArcaDan Matuszewski - CMS HoldingsHassan Bassiri - VP, Portfolio Management at Arca TM Lee, Co-Founder of Coingecko

 WBD308 - The Path to a Bitcoin Standard with Dan Held | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The Gold Standard was a monetary system that linked the value of a country's currency to the amount of gold held in reserve. The Gold Standard placed restrictions on a governments ability to print money. Still, in 1971 Nixon announced that the US would sever all ties between the dollar and gold, and would no longer convert dollars to gold at a fixed value of $35. Nixon's decision severed all links to The Gold Standard, and since then the world has been in a fiat monetary system. Many Bitcoiners believe that the fiat monetary experiment is failing and it is inevitable that, at some point, the hardest form of money will win out - bitcoin. Hyperbitcoinisation is when bitcoin becomes the world's dominant form of money and the entire financial system's base asset. But how do we get there? And what are the implications on society? In this interview, I talk to Dan Held, the Director of Business Development at Kraken. We discuss the implications of a Bitcoin Standard, onboarding, adoption, decentralisation and layer one ossification.


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