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 ‘The Dark Secret of America’s Big Bass Guru’: How One Angler Lied, Cheated, Bribed and Snagged His Way to the Top | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:57:48

In a career spanning 2 decades, California angler Mike Long built a reputation as America’s Big Bass King. Fellow tournament angler and SDFish founder Kellen Ellis was competing against Mike in the early days and they even considered going into business together before Kellen begain to realize the web of lies surrounding Mike’s career. (Kellen and I in the studio with a replica of “Dottie”, the 21.75 lb Lake Dixon lunker Mike caught (possibly snagged) back in the early 2000s) After years of research and some incredible investigative reporting, Kellen published his article “The Dark Secret of America’s Big Bass Guru” in June. After filming Mike snagging bass on beds and then posting them on his social media career, Kellen finally put an end to one of the biggest frauds bass fishing has ever seen. We discuss the dubious tournament wins, falsified lake records and other red flags concerning Mike’s antics over the past 20 or so years. (Mike pictured below setting a lake record with a fish he never even caught, yet somehow there he is in the April 2005 issue of BassMaster Magazine). Kellen shows us an example of Mike’s favorite bait. A treble hook with a white soft plastic used to snag giant bass off their beds.

 Big Game Conservation Issues: Poaching as A Business, Safari Outfits Handing Concessions Back to Governments, Successful Lion Reintroduction and Much More with Ivan Carter | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:17:11

Ivan Carter has lived an interesting life as a hunter and conservationist. After nearly 3 decades spent as a Professional Hunter, his career has taken a turn towards full time conservation. He has become in a sense the most respected and influential protector of Africa’s wildlife. In my opinion it makes too much sense, hunters have long been the biggest conservationists on the planet and here we have one of the world’s most respected big game hunters now carrying the torch for an entire continent’s conservation efforts. On this week’s broadcast we discuss a myriad of topics relating to the issues currently threatening Africa’s wildlife and Ivan gives us some thoughts on possible solutions to these issues. From poaching as a business vs poaching for sustenance, to lion recovery in the Zambeze Delta, to viewing elephants as a renewable, harvestable resource. We cover it all and much more with one of our oldest friends and respected members of the conservation and hunting communities. (Lion recovery is just one of the many recovery projects Ivan is involved in)

 Primitive Hunting and Weapon Making with Ryan Gill and A Texas Giant Centipede Gives My Better Half a Scare | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:27:14

About once a year Erin agrees to go varmint hunting with me. That usually occurs at our annual Guns and Guitars event at Koon’s Canyon Ranch. This year, that outing took a turn for the worse when a venomous giant centipede crawled up her dress. What ensued next was part frightening, part calamity. We discuss when my better half joins me in the studio. Always keeping it classy, Erin hunting in a dress after we saw Max Stalling and Mark David Manders play an evening concert at Guns and Guitars V. Then we check in with primitive hunter and weapon maker Ryan Gill from Hunt Primitive. We discuss the history of some of North America’s stone points and the long abandoned atlatl spear. This past winter, Ryan used this 14,000 year old technology to take down an American Bison. We dive into the research and archeological impact of this hunt and the atlatl’s lethality. Also, spear hunting as a viable means to harvest a deer (you’d be surprised at how many states have regulations preventing this). Plus Ryan discusses his knapping technique that he uses to create all of his stone points for both spear and bowhunting. A quiver of hand knapped stone points ready for the field.

 Shark Conservation With One Ocean Diving, Alaska’s Prince of Wales Island Black Bear Hunting and An African Tracker’s Take on Trophy Hunting | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:30:10

Diving with tiger sharks and great whites is something I’ve never considered, certainly not without a cage anyway. But for One Ocean Dive Instructor and Shark Naturalist Kayleigh Grant, it’s just another day at the office off the coast of Hawaii’s Big Island. We discuss the threats facing today’s global shark populations. Issues such as commercial long lining to feed Asia’s demand for shark fin soup. Also Kayleigh talks about One Ocean’s research division and how they help educate the public on shark behavior. (Kayleigh up close and personal with a giant Hawaiian tiger shark) Then we head to Prince of Wales Island Alaska with our buddy Mark Boardman of Vortex Optics. Most folks are likely unaware that this is hunt is a random draw open to the public. We discuss the hunt as well as some of the latest Vortex products that we’ve both used on recent hunting trips. (Mark with his 2019 Prince of Wales Island bear) We round out the show by checking in with South African tracker “Bless” of John X Safaris. What does he like/dislike about his job? What does the impact of trophy hunting have on his family? (Bless and I taping in the John X Safaris library in South Africa)

 Tales From the Dark Continent | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:29:58

Every safari is unique to itself. My 3rd trip to hunt South Africa’s Eastern Cape with John X Safaris was more diverse than the previous two safaris. My friend and PH Carl Van Zyl (2nd Generation Owner of John X Safaris) and I set out to hunt a few species that had previously eluded us as well as a taking on a few new ones that included my first dangerous game encounter. We start by discussing one of Carl’s favorite species: the Cape Bushbok. Incredibly elusive and quite solitary, we finally found success after much glassing and few blown stalks. (Carl and I with our ram). Next, we head into the high country to chase the reclusive and tiny Klipspringer antelope. Weighing between 20-25 lbs, these rock jumping mountain dwellers inhabit the Eastern Cape’s most unforgiving terrain. This specific ram had given Carl and his hunter’s fits for 5 years before our hunt. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good! Hunting dangerous game is something that I’ve always romanticized about and on this safari that dream became a reality. Rhino Vitadarting offers hunters the experience of hunting a rhino without actually killing the animal. Why is this necessary? I admit I struggled with this one internally for a long time leading up to that day. In this discussion I’ll share my thoughts after having experienced it first hand. Cold Lone Star Beer in South Africa? Say it ain’t so! Carl and I enjoying a well deserved beer after a long day of hunting kudu in the mountains.

 The Lost Art of Shooting Running Game and Zane Williams in Studio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:37:06

Humans have taken running shots at wild game since the dawn of time. Yet for some reason that skill set seems to be dying on the vine. I find that reality somewhat shocking due to the fact that modern technology has made taking a running shot more lethal than it ever has been. Outdoor Life Shooting Editor John Snow jumps on the show this week to discuss this technique and whether or not it still has a place in the modern hunter’s skill set arsenal. Then my old friend and singer/songwriter Zane Williams drops by the studio with a vintage 1937 Gibson guitar. We talk old guns and guitars, our latest failed turkey hunting outing, and hear some brand new tunes off Zane’s latest record “The Oak Tree and the Weed”.

 Game Changing Technological Advances in the Hunting Industry With Stealth Cam and Trophy Scan | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:20:12

Trail Camera technology has come along ways in recent years and Stealth Cam has long been at the forefront of pioneering those advancements. This week, I’m thrilled to have Stealth Cam and GSM Outdoors’ Taylor Black drop by the studio to discuss the latest and greatest from one of my favorite companies. We discuss the latest in Wireless and WiFi cameras and the more affordable monthly plans now available through Stealth Cam’s relationships with AT&T and Verizon. Oh, and we’ll also give away a new Verizon Wireless (MSRP $299). Next I’m joined by Trophy Scan founders Jeff Johnston and Clint Stewart. I am really excited about what Trophy Scan is doing to improve alot of things regarding the hunting industry. You’ll have to tune in to find out more but seeing the 3D scanner in action and their patented software score a whitetail buck in a matter of minutes was pretty incredible. Replica Mounts, Scoring, Conservation and much more are in play with this multi purposed technology. Also be sure to enter Los Cazadores deer contest this fall as Trophy Scan is a big part of the 2019 contest! (Clint scans and scores my Illinois 8 pt buck)

 Nilgai Antelope Roundtable- A South Texas Hunt Like None Other | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:19:48

Hunting free range Nilgai Antelope in deep South Texas has long been a hunt near the top of my bucketlist. So when my friends at First Lite mentioned they wanted to come to Texas and test/photograph some of their new gear up against the unforgiving brush, I knew Nilgai was the obvious choice. So I started searching for a reputable outfitter that could facilitate this adventure. After referencing with a few trusted friends who have hunted with Lendall Laxton, we made the decision to go with Lendall and his L&L Hunting Service. First Lite’s new Community Manager Kevin Harlander and professional photographer Andrew Miller flew in from Idaho and Denver respectively and we met up with Lendall at the famous Yturria Ranch in Wallacy County, Texas. To say that we were hunting in a target rich environment would be a gross understatement. But the thing that stood out was the vast herds of free ranging nilgai that inhabit the region. We discuss the history of this non native animals and how they ended up proliferating that stretch of Texas coast. Of course we also dive into the highs and lows of the hunt itself as it was chalk full of plenty of both. (Taping the episode at the Willimar Lodge near Raymondville, Texas) The prize after one hellacious day and team effort: First Lite’s Kevin Harlander was able to take his first wild boars on this hunt. I heard the First Lite team enjoyed the backstraps at headquarters in Ketchum, Idaho:

 What’s the Deal With Shed Hunting? And Duck Clubs & Turkey Tales With Three Curl Outfitters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:21:40

Shed hunting is something that I personally don’t get. Maybe it’s because we have hogs and warm weather to occupy our time in the southwest or maybe it’s because I don’t own my own land and so I don’t have the ability to watch bucks grow up from year to year. Whatever the case, there are tons of hunters who hit the backcountry in search of discarded bone on a regular basis. I’ve followed Sam Haley’s Instagram page (@addicted2antlers) for some time now. Mostly because of his love for public land deer and elk, but also because I’m fascinated by his passion for shed hunting. I am thrilled to have Sam on the show this week to discuss all aspects of this increasingly popular past time. (Sam with his biggest matching mule deer set) Next, my old friends Brett Jepsen and Charles Speigel of Three Curl Outfitters drop by the studio. We dive into Three Curl’s new duck club format (they didn’t invent the wheel on this, but there’s nothing like it in North Texas). The older we get (as life and often kids take more and more time) the more precious sleep becomes. I also find battling other public land duck hunters less appealing with each passing year, yet I still want to duck hunt as much as ever. Three Curl has a great format in place for hunters with that mindset. Then we spend a few minutes reliving some of our favorite turkey hunting moments of all time. From shooting gobblers out of mid air, to them dive bombing decoys off the roost and even toms strutting in trees. One of my favorite discussions in recent memory. Visit https://www.threecurl.com/ for more duck lease info, dove leases and turkey/deer hunts.

 Sportsmen’s Alliance Shoulders Huge Responsibility For Hunting & Trapping And Fascinating Goose Behavior, Hawaii’s Waterfowl & Blue Winged Teal With Ducks Unlimited | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:33:11

Duck’s Unlimited’s Chief Biologist Tom Moorman makes his return to the show this week. We head to Greenland to discuss one of the most fascinating behaviors I’ve ever seen geese exhibit. The Barnacle goose nests as high as 400 feet up on rocky cliffs. At a day old, the goslings hurl themselves off the cliff with no ability to fly whatsoever. Amazingly, a very high percentage survive this tumble. Why do these geese choose this reproduction tactic? If you haven’t seen the Hostile Planet episode on Barnacle Geese I recommend you check it out on NATGEO. Highly entertaining. We also discuss Hawaii’s waterfowl and hit on blue winged teal behavior in this episode. Then we spend some time with Sportsmen’s Alliance VP of Communications Brian Lynn. Sportsmen’s Alliance exists to protect hunting and trapping rights and they do it by monitoring legislation in all 50 states. Brian talks about the Alliance’s history and how they go about keeping tabs on potentially dangerous legislation across the country while seemingly understaffed. The main focus of the discussion however, is on the anti hunting faction’s targeted effort to introduce wide scale anti hunting legislation during the 2019 legislative session. It is a nationwide effort unlike anything we’ve seen previously. (Brian with a nice pronghorn) Follow @SportsmensAll on Instagram for their news alerts like the one below:

 The Cecil Act’s Global Implications On Hunting and Conservation and An Epic 500 Mile Kayak Journey Ends on the Gulf Coast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:22:03

The Cecil Act is hands down the most alarming piece of legislation that the hunting community has ever seen. Proposed by Arizona Representative Raul Grijalva, this bill would systematically take international wildlife management out of the hands of the US Fish and Wildlife Service and give it to a newly formed, leftist committee with no experience in wildlife management at all. The gross overreach would signal the end for Africa’s mega fauna species and could impact the importation of American hunter’s trophies across the globe. Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Corey Mason is well versed on this bill and I am excited to have him break it down for us. 550 miles over 5 plus weeks. From Telegraph, TX and the headwaters of the Llano River to the Gulf of Mexico. Ethan West shares his experience on this week’s show. Ethan West breaks down some of his essential gear items, dives into some of the crazy things he witnessed. Plus he goes over the planning/logistics of this epic kayak adventure. Sidenotes: The only other 3 people to do this stretch was in 1939. Three 18 year old boys who opted for this over getting summer jobs. Ethan also has done the entire Appalachian Trail.

 Accubow’s Matt Pell on Social Media Censorship, Entrepreneurship in the Hunting Space, Backcountry Elk, Training For Success and Cable Reflects on What’s Trending in The News | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:26:14

What’s on my mind this week? Some interesting stuff out of the United Kingdom concerning a hunting ban on a few certain species no one would ever consider protecting. Also, California Congressman Eric Swalwell’s federal gun buy back program that would make those not in compliance felons! And lastly, Bernie Sanders wants to give incarcerated felons the right to vote. Then we change things up and discuss how one entrepreneur made it in the hunting industry. However, the journey hasn’t been an easy one for Matt Pell and Accubow, and it’s only getting tougher with Facebook and Instagram cracking down on hunting related pages and their products. Not only are these huge social media platforms preventing hunting related companies from advertising, they also are censoring our posts and in some cases deleting content altogether. We also dive into some backcountry elk hunting and fitness that goes along with that physically demanding style of bowhunting. Plus, Matt recently started a bowhunter mentor program that is worth discussing. All that and the the latest developments from Accubow.

 Turkey Loads, Tungsten’s Lethality & Fasteel 2.0 With Kent Cartridge and Zach Romo Band In Studio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:18:00

We all know that all shotgun cartridges aren’t created equal. Generally, you get what you pay for and Kent Cartridge has long delivered incredible performance at great price points. But what makes one load better than another? We talk turkey shot shells with Kent’s Jeff Barry on this week’s show. Specifically we’ll hit why Tungsten is so much more lethal than lead and certainly steel shot. Plus, if you’ve ever shot Kent Fasteel waterfowl loads you know it’s a great , premium load at an affordable price. Well, for 2019 they’ve discontinued that line and have introduced the revamped and improved Kent Fasteel 2.0. Jeff gives us all the details on how they improved on an already wildly successful shot shell line   Photo Credit: Hipster Woodsman Next, one of my favorite up and coming artists drops in to talk some coyotehunting, fishing, and play some brand new tunes. If you haven’t heard of ZachRomo or the Zach Romo Band, you will. I truly believe they are going to do great things with their raw brand of “Shred Dirt” music.

 Bump Stocks, Disabled Outdoorsmen USA and Prophets & Outlaws Talk Fishing and New Record | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:22:36

We start things off by visiting with Disabled Outdoorsmen USA founder Weston Jenkins. Weston founded this non profit in honor of his cousin TJ who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. Despite his physical limitations, TJ is as passionate an outdoorsman as you will come across. Disabled Outdoorsmen USA is seeking to fill a void that is evident among the average outdoor enthusiast that happens to be disabled. Don’t get me wrong, there are a bunch of great outfits that take our wounded veterans on hunting/fishing trips, but what about the guy like your or me? Next Prophets and Outlaws lead singer and frontman Matt Boggs makes his return to the show. We talk some fishing, dive bars, life on the road and take a listen to some brand new tunes off the record “Dreamer”. We round out the broadcast by discussing the Federal Bumpstock Ban with my longtime friend and FFL dealer Tim McCreary. I am not real familiar with bump stocks personally and have never fired a weapon with a bump stock, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think you should have to turn yours in or face felony charges if you don’t do so. We break down the Executive Order from President Trump’s office with Tim.

 The Sorriest Big Buck Story You’ll Ever Hear and Ripping Lunkers Off Their Beds With Angler Cody Matheny | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:28:08

You probably would have thought you reached the pinnacle of your bass fishing career on the day you reeled in a 12.5 lb toad. Angler Cody Matheny thought just that until 4 days later he landed this 14 lb lunker! Cody joins us this week to talk about those crazy couple days in March. What did he catch them on? What depth? What was the weather like? Was his presentation fast or slow? We discuss it all but the ensuing craziness these fish caused at one sleepy, little West Texas lake. Next, New Jersey bow hunter Tim Hesse shares the most insane whitetail deer story I’ve heard in recent memory (possibly ever). The buck below was an absolute monster for New Jersey and the entire town knew about him. Once the season started, the race was on to see who would be able to arrow the trophy buck. Tim recounts his game plan and how he was able to use a tiny piece of public land to get a shot at the buck. What happened over the course of the next 3 weeks will leave you scratching your head at the sorry actions of another “hunter”. Luckily for Tim, the outcome of this mess looks to have a happy ending. This is truly a whitetail tale for the ages.


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