minimal show by john smthg show

minimal show by john smthg

Summary: minimal house and techno playlists, mixed by john smthg.


 october playlist - swimming cat mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, what a beautiful playlist this month, only amazing & soulful tracks for us !!! With sascha funke, gui boratto, nick curly, maetrik, kenny larkin & more... enjoy... playlist : 01 sascha funke vs nina kraviz, moses, bpitch control; 02 holger zilske & daso feat ofrin, westbound, diynamic music; 03 maurice aymard, put some for jules, gui boratto's stripped mix, galaktika; 04 geiger, bum bum, areal; 05 billy dalessandro, neuron hunter, soniculture; 06 sebrok, lincoln road, ideal; 07 bastigrub, willbefine, desolat x; 08 nick curly, lemba, 8bit; 09 john digweed & nick muir, meteor, maetrik heavy remix, bedrock; 10 radio slave, I don't need a cure for this, kenny larkin remix, rekids. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 september playlist - heart tomato² mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, a beautiful podcast for ending this summer, with great artists and amazing tracks for nice people who wants to listen to them. enjoy ! playlist : 01 nicolas jaar, nico's feelin good, wolf and lamb; 02 glimpse, I know I show it, crosstownrebels; 03 pezzner, blacklist, stimming remix, freerange records; 04 boris horel, scarlett's stories, eklo; 05 lars wickinger, greenland, living; 06 channel x, snug descent, stil vor talent; 07 maetrik, bottom heavy, galaktika records; 08 ante perry vs tube & berger, tempo 1000, kittball; 09 maetrik, paradigm house, treibstoff germany; 10 gideon, the big the bad the bass, anticlub; 11 session victim "on the roll", secrets, retreat. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 july playlist - much love mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, a bit of house, a bit of minimal, a bit of techno and a lot of love... maybe your summer soundtrack. enjoy! playlist : 01 beyond sense, and if, pezzner remix, rebirth; 02 n/a feat rosina, fables and fairy tales, deniz kurtel remix, crosstown rebels; 03 jaxson & david keno, living large, yellow tail; 04 od musique & mark holmes, jungle pixies, baroque records; 05 edward, the ghetto, white; 06 agf / delay, connection, fritz zander remix, bpitch; 07 M A, octave, hatzlers canstuff nuthin remix, sui generiz; 08 sasha wins & igor shep, give me beast, freaaaaaks, signaletik; 09 boris brechja, the maschinen kontrollieren uns, harthouse; 10 extrawelt, nevereverdiskotricks, ideal. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 june playlist - n'aies pas peur mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, don't be afraid ! A very special playlist for me this month with 2 tracks from the Ep I've released on Resopal, I hope you'll enjoy them! The other tracks are just a beautiful tasty minimal techno for your mind and your body. enjoy! playlist : 01 max cooper, harmonisch serie, traum; 02 scsi-9, E ) ¤, pro-tez; 03 kleinschmager audio, audio 1, nico purman rmx, rrygular; 04 john smthg, lipstick building, resopal schallware; 05 rich jones, choronzon, sided dice; 06 lost veteranos, it's wrong, figure; 07 john smthg, il faut se preparer, resopal schallware; 08 james, harcourt, unpleasant surprise, popof remix, form; 09 cirez d, bauerpost, mouseville; 10 umek, 2nd to none, matt cooper remix, rekluse. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 may playlist - forest room mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, is this a sleeping, dancing & laughing month or more a ghostly one... you just have to choose. A lot of very nice and surprising music for us this month. enjoy ! playlist : 01 hey karolin, sleeping, dancing, laughing, hi freaks; 02 audision, red sky, robag wruhme's saint grobian mikks, &nd; 03 robag wruhme, colbi nekk, musik krause; 04 goldfish & der dulz, plants, haseland; 05 christian martin, ghosts, trapez; 06 the glitz, sunstep, ideal; 07 julian jeweil, tournicoti, plus 8; 08 spektre, flux aetenna, spektre; 09 umek, destructive enviroment, loco & jam remix, 1605 music therapy; 10 h2, day tripper, form. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 april playlist - cabine cleub mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, only fantastics tracks for us this month. Hope you'll enjoy them like me. all the best !  playlist : 01 spectral sound, 083 x, white label; 02 robag wruhme, robellada, circus company; 03 moonbeam, tiger, roland m dill "got him by the tail" remix, traum; 04 deepgroove & jamie anderson, voix, harthouse; 05 bukaddor & fishbeck, raedereichen, mbf; 06 hell, feat brian ferry, u can dance, teufelswerk'instrumental version, gigolo; 07 alex young, koenigreich wind, ramon tapia remix, defblack 5; 08 miniminds, time and space, 1605 music therapy; 09 bundrat, carbon black, triple vision; 10 loco & jam, medusa, loco & jam's nitrous oxide'mix, reklusives . minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 march playlist - mental palace mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, I'm very happy to introduce you the mental side versus the palace side (for those who like it big!); with a limited vinyl release from deadmau5, a beautiful kollektiv turmstrasse track, a powerful umek remix, some amazing respekt releases and more. enjoy ! playlist : 01 guy j, ballroom, bedrock records; 02 kollektiv turmstrasse, luechtoorn, musik gewinnt freunde; 03 ludwig coenen, its not a zoo, highgrade records; 04 antonelli electr, deal, level records; 05 deadmau5 & chris lake, I said, mau5trap; 06 jack de molay vs libex, wiplash, umek special rmx, hollister; 07 echo vacio, heckle & jyde, respekt; 08 spektre, black ice, respekt; 09 q'hey, freak out in, marco bailey & tom hades remix, mb elektronics; 10 boys noize, transmission, boysnoize records. minimal show on iTunes

 february playlist - little step mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, I hope everything is ok. Some very good tracks for you this month from excercise one, len faki, moonbeam, spektre , matt cooper and more... Not as much as Coltrane, but a small step forward anyway. enjoy ! playlist :  01 disco & martini, flatliner, platform B; 02 excercise one, several things at once, wagonrepair; 03 moonbeam, tiger, traum; 04 excercise one, colony, wagonrepair; 05 moonbeam, land of the lost, strict mix, traum; 06 len faki, death by house, a mochi remix, cocoon; 07 matt cooper, triptup, rekluse; 08 spektre, kraken, respekt; 09 matt cooper, pack your trunks, rekluse; 10 ada, lovestoned, gluteus maximus remix, kompakt; 11 excercise one, breeze, wagonrepair. minimal show on iTunes

 january playlist - resonance orbitale mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, it still echoes in my head... I wish you a lot of great things, beautiful moments and peace for this new year ! enjoy... playlist : 01 paul kalkbrenner, aaron, bpitch control; 02 hobo, touch, minus; 03 raudive, circles, rrygular; 04 gaiser, pullpush, minus; 05 andreas henneberg, shove, ideal; 06 pan-pot, confronted, adam beyer & jesper dahlback remix, mobilee; 07 andreas henneberg, aquaree, ideal; 08 dusty kid, train N°1, oblivion remix, boxer; 09 hobo, symptom, minus; 10 paul kalkbrenner, square 1, bpitch control. minimal show on iTunes

 december playlist - is this the real life mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hi all, a lot of great producers and great tracks this month, special respect to gaiser, dennes deen, electric rescue, secret cinema, max cooper, audio george and all others. enjoy ! playlist : 01 ricardo villalobos vs los updates, driving nowhere, audio george remix, nicecat records; 02 gaiser, backyard, minus; 03 g-lectic, profundo, defblack; 04 mini, chronicles, asciidisko remix, space factory; 05 egbert, groots uitpakken, cocoon; 06 dennes deen, break it up, mb elektronics; 07 max cooper, stochastisch serie, traum; 08 electric rescue, super system, skryptom; 09 secret cinema, jazz me, cocoon; 10 daso & pawas, det, spectral. minimal show on iTunes

 november playlist - inconditionnel mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hi all, tasty playlist this november with a lot of different beautiful tracks; from seth troxler, magda & troy pierce, taron trekka to boris brejcha (+++) and many more! enjoy: playlist : 01 seth troxler & matthew dear, hurt, spectral sound; 02 tiefschwarz feat. seth troxler, trust, jamie jones remix, souvenir; 03 click box, vs. run stop restore, magic juice, minus; 04 click click, das hatte ich nicht gedacht, click box remix, kassette; 05 click box, vs. run stop restore, helen in the keller, minus; 06 erphun, soul mates for the night feat. shoddy lynn, rekluse; 07 taron trekka, shiroi, freude am tanzen; 08 marc antonna & antony collins, am-pm, freak n chic; 09 boris brejcha, magic gum, harthouse; 10 arnaud rebotini, decade of aggression, jesper dahlback remix, citizen. minimal show on iTunes

 october playlist - fugue mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hello all, amazing month with killer tracks ! let's begin with a 2 fantastics max cooper tracks on traum, a wonderful piemont' carbonat remix by goldfish & der dulz, one superb blackout by a. mochi, an amazing remix of steed lord' you by keine musik, still beautiful analog effekt by xenia beliayeva, a powerful deadmau 5 and many more... enjoy ! playlist : 01 extrawelt, mit liese auf der wiese "melt", max cooper remix, traum; 02 max cooper, symphonica, traum; 03 piemont, carbonat, goldfish & der dulz remix, mbf; 04 monoblock & pussyselektor, last man standing, notorious; 05 a.mochi, blackout, figure; 06 layo & bushwacka!, the raw road, mark broom remix, olmetto records; 07 steed lord, you, keine musik remix, get physical; 08 xenia beliayeva, analog effekt, systematic; 09 deadmau5, lack of a better name, mau; 10 kiko, motion, partyservice; 11 ascion, grindviks, strike using the foot version, drumcode. minimal show on Itunes

 september playlist - roundhouse mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello all, I hope everything is ok and you're well prepared for next months... a little bit of joy for us with steve bug, christopher benjamin, huntemann and bodzin, gui boratto, fergie, nathan fake and more !!! enjoy playlist : 01 steve bug & cle, month of sip, poker flat; 02 white label, material ltd 002; 03 christopher benjamin, drop down pass out, flux; 04 huntemann & bodzin, rekorder 8.3, rekorder; 05 moby, pale horses, gui boratto's last window remix, little idiot; 06 softie, reset robot, fergie mix, excentric; 07 ramon tapia, what's next, herzblut; 08 marc romboy vs blake baxter, where would you be, systematic; 09 nathan fake, the turtle, border community; 10 nathan fake, castle rising, border community; 11 umek, before violence, astrodisco. minimal show on Itunes

 june playlist - rosessitin mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, the last mix before the summer break! An incredible spanglish track on saved records, paul nazca viewed by julian juweil on scandium, a fantastic retro futuristic acid techno rmx of louderbach ' shine by jpls on minus and many more. enjoy! playlist : 01 tom dazing, upgreyed, toys for boys; 02 superflu, zinnober, herzblut; 03 matt nordstrom & orlando villegas, spanglish, saved; 04 paul nazca, on and on, julian jeweil vision 1 rmx , scandium; 05 noir, off world, koen groeneveld terminal 1 rmx, noir; 06 felix bernhardt, bango banger, afulab; 07 monoloc, black pot, jan hendez rmx, smallroom music; 08 louderbach, shine, jpls hard rmx, minus; 09 la monde, unexpected courses, feis; 10 white label, bnr 33. minimal show on Itunes

 may playlist - confidence makes the difference mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, a very sexy playlist this month with the come back of the sun... enjoy and stay tuned, great news soon! playlist : 01 davide squillace and michele tabucchi, one lobster, please, sci+tec; 02 alex d'elia & leo martera, kuh kuh, milton channels rmx, frenquenza; 03 cubenx, can't throw a stone, in fine; 04 marquez ill, ill is ill, vmr; 05 danilo vigorito, lust, intelligence; 06 julian jeweil, marjo and linda, craft music; 07 umek, designed persona, tronic; 08 slangbang, slang bang, send; 09 marc marzenit, its caracas, paradigma; 10 gabardine, fall up, groom. minimal show on Itunes


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