minimal show by john smthg show

minimal show by john smthg

Summary: minimal house and techno playlists, mixed by john smthg.


 april playlist - baume au coeur mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, the sun is back and deepest vibes too! For those who need some... enjoy! playlist : 01 nicolas jaar, variations, circus company; 02 marcin czubala, looking for happiness, mobilee; 03 russ yallop, I can't wait, crosstownrebels; 04 channel x, salome, audiojack rmx, upon you; 05 nicone feat narra, caje, stil vor talent; 06 deniz kurtel, the l word feat jada, crosstownrebels; 07 dachshund, stand firm, highgrade; 08 michel de hey, blackbird, pig&dan remix, circle; 09 gui boratto, sozinho, k2; 10 nicolas jaar, balance her in between your eyes, circus company. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed

 may playlist - silence radio mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, hope this finds you well. This month is definitely deep, intense, sexy & wild : enjoy! playlist : 01 efdemin, there will be singing, dj koze remix, dial; 02 h.o.s.h. feat. misstress barbara, finally mine, gorge remix, diynamic; 03 jan driver, l, afu; 04 james what, about love, crosstownrebels; 05 maurizio vitiello, italians avoid it better, bauns; 06 james what, a target for the scene, crosstownrebels; 07 trentemoller, shades of marble, trentemoller remix, in my room; 08 agaric, who made up the rules, ovum; 09 markus suckut, symbiosis, figure spc; 10 tony rohr, slowburn, remix by peter horrevorts, weave. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed 

 june playlist - tartine à l'envers mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, some amazing and unforgettable vibes this month... enjoy all these great releases! playlist : 01 masomenos & dOP, shaman academy, wtm; 02 energy 52, cafe del mar, ricardo villalobos remix, flying circus; 03 tuccillo, invisible, rebirth; 04 dinky, acid in my fridge, visionquest remix, cocoon; 05 felix bernhardt, black donkey, wahrlich & carbon's hinny remix, der hut; 06 eye of style, stick, front room recordings; 07 andreas henneberg, tenses, ideal; 08 maetrik, push me, cocoon; 09 carlo lio, stuck in a dream, mindshake; 10 seuil, in the moon, supplement facts. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed

 march playlist - tongue loque mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, let's go warm, strong and dirty this month ! enjoy ! playlist : 01 bazar, hard to find, danny daze love dub, ellum audio; 02 namito, fake chicken & cheap soap, green horn 4,5, alexi delano remix, green horn; 03 mono electric orchestra, blunt force trauma, max cooper remix, manual music; 04 maetrik, the reason, cocoon; 05 maetrik, the entity, truesoul; 06 matador, kingswing, m-nus; 07 max cooper, epoch, herzblut; 08 yooj, mademoiselle, monique musique; 09 ross evana, guillotine, rekluse; 10 agoria, speechless, gesaffelstein remix, infiné. minimal show on iTunes   minimal show feed

 february playlist - nag's blaude beat mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, a very special mix this month, with only killer tracks! enjoy playlist : 01 todd terje, ragysh, running back; 02 lee jones, duvel, aus; 03 philip bader, talk about it, highgrade; 04 tiger stripes, glorified, audiomatique; 05 francys, crossing the white line, highway records; 06 nico stojan, callejera, uponyou; 07 yapacc & wittmann, vodka yeah, under your skin; 08 boris the spyder, do you remember, ra:dar; 09 gabriel ananda, pharao, basmati music; 10 luke abbott, brazil, gold panda remix, border community. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed

 january playlist - shoe wing mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, I wish you a lot of great things for 2012 and, as this episode, a lot of good news, variety and surprises. enjoy! playlist : 01 nina kraviz, ghetto kraviz, rekids; 02 dj T. featuring khan, leavin' me, daniel bortz remix, get physical; 03 jeremy p caulfield & seph, vanitas, dumb unit; 04 cascandy, escapade escapade, mona berry; 05 robag wruhme, donnerkuppel, kompakt; 06 john tejada, the end of it all, palette; 07 subb-an, this place, saved records; 08 willie graff & tuccillo, go deep, circus company; 09 barem, is, d'julz remix, minus; 10 oliver huntemann, rotten, ideal. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed

 december playlist - on your side mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello everybody, I m glad to present this new episode; you will find my favorite tracks of the moment and 2 extracts of my new releases on Criminal R3records and Dubmetrical. Hope you will enjoy, feel free to spread the word ! playlist : 01 avatism, the slug, souvenir; 02 debal sommer, ruedi mentär, tonkind; 03 trickski feat. ernesto, good time to pray, suol; 04 carsten jost, chateau jalousie, dial; 05 baby ford, westway, autoreply; 06 skipson, flatwiks return, raum musik; 07 prompt, walk with me, 7noise; 08 john smthg, bsp, criminal r3cords; 09 scb, mace, scb; 10 john smthg, silence radio, dubmetrical. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 november playlist - efflorescence mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, I 'm really happy to share this "vegetal" mix with you; a lot of great tunes and one track of my next release on Criminal R3cords, out soon... enjoy ! playlist : 01 piemont, managua, thomas schumacher rmx, yellow tail; 02 anja schneider, rio bravo, mobilee; 03 terranova, I want to go out, kompakt; 04 ian pooley, groove me, matthew dekay & lee burridge remix, pooled music; 05 kollektiv turmstrasse, uneins, of norway version, connaisseur; 06 nick curly, libero, cocoon; 07 john smthg, espoir, criminal r3cords; 08 olene kadar, little miss dynamite ft. d-low, anton pieete rmx, clap your hands; 09 cari lekebusch & joseph capriati, napoli 4am, drumcode; 10 billy johnston & gennaro mastrantonio, space, gary beck's stripped naked tool. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed

 october playlist - deconfiture mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, I hope everything is ok, enjoy all these amazing releases! playlist : 01 alex jones & shenoda, have it your way, connaisseur; 02 stimming & david august, sexy biest, diynamic; 03 inxec v's droog, unhinged, crosstown rebels; 04 james what, it feels wrong, poker flat; 05 cabin fever, untitled (jacked out edit), rekids; 06 dachshund, shall we, highgrade; 07 tim xavier, stepping into the unknown, clink; 08 charles widmore & daniel rajkovic, quiet boy, rrygular; 09 alli borem, scotch your mind, desolat; 10 spank rock, energy, jan driver remix, boys noize records. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed

 september playlist - propre chef mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, I'm really happy to be back with a lovely playlist this month: deep, sensual and exciting; you will find my first release on dubmetrical too. enjoy ! playlist : 01 hosh & stimming, my shadow, diynamic; 02 phonokemi, exterminators, highgrade; 03 maceo plex, falling, visionquest; 04 mandear, buddies, mandy slim fit remix, get physical; 05 munnibrotherz, moon chon chayoh, dirtybird; 06 pocket 808, warpaint ft gina mitchell, claude vonstroke remix, dirtybird; 07 john tejada, unstable condition, kompakt; 08 john smthg, mental palace, dubmetrical; 09 david durango, random pleasure, damage; 10 alex tepper & paul harris, mumbo gumbo, &me remix, saved. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 july playlist - hirsute mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, great start with nice first releases of rafael murillo, many beauties from scb, midland, ripperton and many more... have a nice summer break for those who're not working. enjoy! playlist : 01 rafael murillo, araignée, popcorn; 02 guido schneider meets jens bond, out of sight, highgrade; 03 rafael murillo, arilska, popcorn; 04 ellen allien, my tree, ripperton's backlash remix, bpitch; 05 midland, shelter, aus; 06 scb, loss, aus; 07 cumiks, el final, john smthg rmx, dubmetrical; 08 glimpse, red cheeks, intacto; 09 superflu, hallo halle, mona berry; 10 rafael murillo, gouffre au sucre, jett. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 january playlist - bappy hirthday mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, I wish you alot of great moments in 2013 and a lot of love! This is a very special episode for me, we're celebrating the 6 years of the minimal show and my next release on dubmetrical. thank you so much for massive support ! playlist : 01 monoloc feat. daniel wilde, it's mine, clr; 02, closer feat. vonda7, souvenir; 03 pele & shawnecy, passion, numbers by cecille; 04 john smthg, cood wamp, dubmetrical; 05 mobius strum ft. cari golden, vertigo, 8bit; 06 auntie flo, sun ritual, speicher; 07 felix bernhardt, da mi basia mille, der hut; 08 switchbox, pirates poetry feat. natz, ellum audio; 09 boris dlugosch, knalldrang, poker flat; 10 john smthg, cood wamp, daniel mehes crzybestrong remix, dubmetrical. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 february playlist - thoughtlessness mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, let's go deep and really dirty this month with all these great releases. Enjoy! playlist : 01 pitto, richklap, jackmate remix, wolfskull limited; 02 moodymann, dem young sconies, decks classix; 03 chad andrew, cut up, dissonant; 04 maceo plex, filthy mama, ellum audio; 05 zoo brazil, give it to me, kittball; 06 reset robot, she lives above the door, truesoul; 07 the advent & jason fernandes, get up, h-productions; 08 felix bernhardt, traffic jumper, platten bau music; 09 alex bau, noise (vinyl loves more bass edit), credo black series; 10 a-brothers, diabolus (feat. gracie), darknet.  minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed

 march playlist - depress yourself mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, a really cool tracklisting this month with a lot of killer tracks and one of my new unreleased demo. enjoy ! playlist : 01 gary beck, diva, wad; 02 pan-pot, white fiction, mobilee; 03 phonokemi, thoughts, fantastic friends; 04 annie errez, marching, mr g's strut remix, saints & sonnets; 05 ron costa, oslo museum, sci tec; 06 alex costa, night garden, kd; 07 bart skils, new ground, drumcode; 08 john smthg, bappy hirthday, unreleased; 09 microtrauma, reflection, traum; 10 christian burkhardt & sascha dive, bogota, raum musik. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed

 april playlist - deep in my mind mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, discover how deep is my acid... a lot of love. enjoy ! playlist : 01 jupiter jazz, shake it mama, ellum; 02 marc antona, trio tree, dissonant; 03 tomie nevada, module 2, elp; 04 safeword, smoke, smash tv remix, bad animal; 05 rodriguez jr., hartwood, mobilee; 06 the advent & industrializer, d sector sub sonic mix, mixworks; 07 monika kruse, namaste, ramon tapia tuff tuff remix, terminal m; 08 the advent, d sector, mixworks; 09 michael knop, awehah, dmom; 10 john waynes, wild west, cic.  minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed


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