minimal show by john smthg show

minimal show by john smthg

Summary: minimal house and techno playlists, mixed by john smthg.


 now it begins! mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hey, hey, hey, something occurred this night, no ?! I don't remember... anyway, killer tracks this month for a killer 2008! have fun : playlist : 01 Sweat x, fashionista, citinite; 02 Synclair, expander remix, ilidio chaves, areal; 03 Xc, white label; 04 John dahlbäck dub, white label; 05 Oliver huntemann, sorgenbrecher, confused; 06 Wayan raabe, Arne schaffhausen, the missing guest, tony rohr rmx, boshke beats rec; 07 Paul nazca, 1962 pacific nuclear test, remo remix, giant wheel; 08 Broke, we ain't got it, kompakt pop; 09 Alex smoke, make my day, actress mix, soma;

 special guest mix : Gee_L | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hi all, I'm happy to welcome Gee_L, an old underground party mate; after 10 years without any news, we met in the street and what a result, enjoy : playlist : 01 Bender, project 25, confused; 02 Marc houle, lachs, minus; 03 Marc houle, bay of figs, minus; 04 Style of eye, H bomb, john dahlbäck remix, pickadoll; 05 Boysnoize, DIM is you, brodinsky remix, boysnoize records; 06 John dahlbäck, years from now, pickadoll; 07 Savant garde, trigger happy, acquaviva edit, definitive recordings; 08 Umek, lanicor, kupec; 09 Oliver huntemann, disco tech, monika kruse remix, confused; 10 Electrixx, second lesson, mono surround remix, sixtone; 11 Zero cash, planet stories, television rocks; 12 Zero cash, whopping bill, television rocks; 13 Alter ego, queen anne's revenge, klang; 14 Jesper and john dahlbäck, forsberg loves the acid, turbo; 15 Tiga, move my body, boysnoize remix, different recordings; 16 john dahlbäck, sting, pickadoll; 17 rokhaus, rock the box, mutate to survive

 let’s gate mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hi all, an exiting year is begining with great tunes and nice projects, but for my pour country, I hope we gonna drop him during we're hot !!! enjoy the mix : playlist : 01 Jan driver, trains, electrochoc; 02 Moonbeam, something alive, traum; 03 Piatto, we need a fix, italo business; 04 Zoo brazil, stars in your eyes, boris brejcha remix, harthouse; 05 Martin eyerer and toni rios, chorizo, paul nazca remix, boxer sport; 06 Moonbeam, spring story, traum; 07 Sascha funke, double-checked, bpitch control; 08 Ben klock, similarity, bpitch control; 09 Radiohead, Infamous upstarts, Idioteque remix, white label; 10 Codec & flexor, come a little closer, body function; 11 Mikael stavöstrand, please my pain, thema; 12 Tim & puma mimi, gameboy & playgirl, stattmusik;

 special guest mix : run x | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hey hey hey, no my my but... I'm very happy to welcome run x this month, a very nice person and a great dj, with an airy and sensual minimal techno mix, enjoy : playlist : 01 Chaim, dana, dogtown; 02 Dusty kid, milk, systematic; 03 Novak & therm, mond, tigerskin's rolling claw rmx, e-motionz; 04 Sarah goldfarb, dreams will save us, treibstoff; 05 Robert babicz, invasion, circle; 06 Gino's & snake, lycaon, notorious elektro; 07 Cirez d, teaser, oliver huntemann remix, mouseville; 08 Redhead, nothing clear, red factory; 09 Lars wickinger, undertaker, killa beat; 10 Masaya, like a fish in water, nhar rmx, meerestief ltd; 11 Inaqui marin, come down, regular; 12 Leandro gamez, sin salida, soulshift aka southsoniks rmx, bullit; 13 Boriqua tribez, cubanita, marko nastic & marko milosavljevic rmx, recon warriors; 14 Perc, troll bait, drumcode; 15 Zidan style, chaim & k 300, bedolff, guy gerber remix, circle; 16 Extrawelt, zu fuss, border community; check out his site with mixes, dates, playlists... : run x

 clap your eyes mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hi all, great news, great week... let's clap our eyes. enjoy : playlist : 01 Hugg & pepp, hosta, dahlbäck records; 02 Skoozbot, forkerror, mindshake records; 03 Internal sync, dif dif, fortek; 04 Ron flatter, kinkerlitz, boxer sport; 05 Kyle geiger, my loss, skoozbot's gain rmx, drumcode; 06 Exercise one, intensity, mobilee records; 07 Butch, botanik, afu limited; 08 Kiko, 888, confused; 09 Byetone, plastic star, raster noton; 10 Khan, you like to party?, dirk leyers mix - zero cash mix; I'm single;

 special guest mix : aidake! (the lumberjacks) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hi all, I’m very happy to welcome aidake!, one half of the great duo The lumberjacks... No pains this morning, enjoy : playlist : 01 James venturi, feelings from oblivion, safari; 02 Tom ellis, approach, floppy funk; 03 Genny g, smoke killer, quepo; 04 René breitbarth, metal, treibstoff; 05 Bloody mary, apparence, sender; 06 SLG, rushhour, trapez; 07 Tadeo, granate granate, CMYK; 08 Tony rohr, wednesday, rompe cabeza; 09 Mark broom, ping pong, platzhirsch; 10 Piemont, sick certificate, MBF, 11 Marco carola, re_solution, 2M; 12 Goldfish & der dulz, closer, daso mix, boxer; 13 Humantronic, dancing travellers, neopren; 14 Nena, 99 luftballons, CBS; check out aidake! ’s space and The lumberjacks blog : aidake! The lumberjacks

 double side mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hey hey hey... what a double side month, acid is back!!! enjoy : playlist : 01 Booka shade, planetary (club mix), get physical; 02 Marek bois, kimpton, rrygular; 03 Booka shade, city tales (neon dub), get physical; 04 Dan corco, new world, robert babicz remix, circle; 05 Dusty kid, psika, boxer sport; 06 Dandi & ugo, fetish game, art minimal limited; 07 Käos klub, la musique chaotique, music is music; 08 Rekorder 0.0, rekorder; 09 Marc romboy vs. tyree cooper, lost, ovum; 10 Williams, the unbearable truth, get physical; 11 Maxime dangles, firewire, speicher; 12 Kevin saunderson feat. inner city, good life, mathew jonson’s acid mix, kms;

 special guest mix : A.L.F. (sweet art family) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, this month a dancefloor exciter is in the place !!! I'm happy to welcome the great A.L.F., enjoy !!! 01 Chica and the folder, soufflé, sonja moonear dans ma casbah mix, monika; 02 PanPot, illuminaten, einma leins musik; 03 David mariscal, beeper, freak'n chic; 04 Gummihz, isolate, sebok remix, mobilee; 05 Sleeper thief, full of you, mobilee; 06 Remote, teaser, kill the dj; 07 Supermayer, two of us / glock-a-pella, kompakt; 08 Gui boratto, anunciacion, k2; 09 Dyed soundorom, question, freak'n chic; 10 Dusty kid, psika, boxer; 11 Rekorder 0.0, Rekorder; 12 Dusty kid, psika, boxer; 13 Extrawelt, doch doch, traüm; 14 Marc romboy, gemini, fairmont remix, systematic. check out A.L.F.'s space : A.L.F.

 may we 68 mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

May we or must we ?... what a great month! enjoy : playlist : 01 Smash tv, breath me, bpitch control; 02 Bukaddor & fishbeck, live is life, MBF; 03 Amir and fontes, easy legs, oliver $ rmx, bigcitybeats; 04 Harry axt, der papageientaucher,; 05 Gui boratto, anunciacion, k2; 06 Popof, tempered dance, turbo; 07 Sander van doorn, the bass, jagged up mix, doorn; 08 Alex bau, bullet in your heart, credo; 09 Ortin cam, omerta, drumcode; 10 Brodinski, bad runner, jokers of the scene remix, mental groove; 11 Popof, the chomper/lsd version, turbo;

 special guest mix - LoOdBoY (FFC - BTrax - Play It Back) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, I'm very happy to welcome LoOdBoY with a banging techno set, this guy rocks !!! playlist is coming soon, enjoy : check out LoOdBoY's space : LoOdBoY

 june oh ! mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hi all, great news this month... no words just ears ! enjoy : playlist : 01 Monika kruse, changes of perception, marek hemmann remix, terminal m; 02 Marek bois, now!, rrygular; 03 Laidback luke, break down the house, hardwell & rehab remix, mixmash; 04 Mimo & schmahl, mad rush, marc de pulse remix, takt; 05 Duck butter, the fix, yeah: no recordings; 06 Namito feat. mahan, upload, ostfunk berlin; 07 Solaris heights, no trace, popof remix, renaissance; 08 Oliver huntemann, paris, confused; 09 Marc romboy vs. blake baxter, fly away (version 1), systematic; 10 Audion, against all odds, spectral sound;

 special guest mix - :LiTrO: (art’fact) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, for the last mix of this season, I'm very happy to welcome Eliott Litrowski aka :LiTrO: with a minimal dj set. Well done mec! playlist is coming soon, enjoy : check out :LiTrO:'s space : :LiTrO:

 gousse de july mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

I lied... but I hope you'll forgive me. Here it is the last one... Have some fun this summer ! and enjoy : playlist : 01 Sven U.K. & andomat 3000, O tempora, platzhirsch; 02 2 working donkeys, sex in the jungle, opsm; 03 Sebastian lutz, la danza, dadableep's in arcadia ego mix, bigcitybeats; 04 Brett longman, fragrance, clic'n cut; 05 Alexi delano & tony rohr, machine run 1, plus 8; 06 Bastien grine, single barrel attitude, scandium records; 07 Gavin herlihy, Okay no disco, paradigma musik; 08 Bells & macoye, father figure, ortin cam remix, shadow fax; 09 Heartthrob, apprentice, minus; 10 Alexi delano & tony rohr, machine run 2, plus 8.

 video streamed dj set | File Type: application/x-shockwave-flash | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, hope you're nice and easy, enjoying your summer time. Here it is a new mix, in video... enjoy :

 september playlist - paraclouds mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, back in town with a great new vision of the podcast, now you'll find the mix in video : minimal show! enjoy : playlist : 01 Hugg & pepp, smack, dahlbäck recordings; 02 Daniel steinberg, uptown, front room recordings; 03 Hugg & pepp, krook, dahlbäck recordings; 04 Daniel steinberg, revival, front room recordings; 05 Paul ritch, murder, minisketch; 06 Marc romboy & 45 rocks, sunburst, simple records; 07 Marascia & dusty kid, sineless, systematic; 08 Paul ritch, nordbanhof, minisketch; 09 Marascia & dusty kid, sawless, systematic; 10 Audion, just fucking, spectral sound; 11 Avus, furry hat, border community.


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