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The Clutch and Wiggle Experience

Summary: We are a live internet radio show ( .. we promote ourselves as two boobs with time on our hands, broadcasting atop an air-hockey table in a New Jersey basement, bringing you our "unique" spin on todays news, entertainment, sports and op-ed pieces out there today! We aren't your mom and pop's radio show!

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 Episode 266 - Serious Screaming Peacock | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7281

Long show, serious show .. really only contained about 3+ topics as we dive semi deep into hot topics of today - * COVID-19 * Political landscape * BLM - How can we do better? Follow us on our new Twitter: @ClutchWigglePod Follow us on Facebook:

 Episode 265 - Coronacation: Wang Chung w Row E | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6128

We're still alive, believe that jack! Here's what we got for you for the first remote post-pandemic episode of #ClutchandWiggle * COVID-19 Talk - President Trump's handling and daily "musings" of the situation - How local government has handled this - Do you feel safe? * Microwaving face masks * Landlords asking for rent sex * Lock-down sex with household objects * Re-thinking the toilet seat * Yan punches mom for hiding TP * Sex dolls replace real fans at Korean soccer games Follow our new Twitter account, @ClutchWigglePod along with our normal page to interact with the show hosts!

 Episode 264 - Whale Ham Rimmy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5863

* Corona-virus * Politics * Youth Hockey coach attacks ref Jerking off boosts immune system | Dealing with porn on a plane | Whale Ass Ham | Shatner divorce horse semen

 Episode 263 - Alaskan King Colon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5945

* Intro to Bawston Dave * Kobe Bryant's death - tragedy or karma? * Trump "impeachment" over, now what? * What currently shapes your political make up * Coronavirus * State fetishes (Bonus story: Dave's AVN story) Used Amazon diapers | Massachusetts serial pooper | Cockfighting Rooster Slices and Kills Owner | Pooping on cars from an overpass | Unstoppable penis

 Episode 262 - Machete and Mohel | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6976

Welcome to the new year, same podcast edition of #ClutchandWiggle .. let the three headed immaturity begin! .. but not without some serious conversation first: * MLB drama * Anti-semitism / racism in this country flares up - where does it come from? * Bombing in Iran / POTUS Impeachment discussion * Royal Family "outrage" * Michele Carter: 1st Amendment discussion about texts causing your significant other to off themselves .. then we have some normalcy after a break: PornHub sued by deaf man | Century sex - turtle style | Gwyneth Paltrow's Vagina candle | Jet fuel dumped on kids in NJ | $10.5k addiction on baby powder | Fart smell bad? Assault your significant other (according to affidavit in Texas)

 Episode 261 - No One Wants Charlie in My Box | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5307

Happy Holidays folks .. here's the shitty story-lines we have this week: * Christmas talk (favorite movies, wagilia and more) * Craig’s Shit-Angel Story (Preacher Wiggle from the pulpit) * Polyamorous Woman Falls Pregnant By One Of Her Four D&D Lovers * Does a life sentence end when brought back to life? | Tire valve wienies | 'Penis fish' in California | Hot Diarrhea | Homeless agency and transgender lap dances | Felicio cafe Follow us on Facebook & Twitter @ClutchWiggleExp

 Episode 260 - Fish, Snow and Bump and Grind | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4404

Happy pre-Turkey Day .. probably the first one we've recorded the week of in our history! Here's the talking points on this weeks show: * Turkey Day * Impeachment * Social media banning sexual orientation emojis * Sexually assaulted by mermaids | Sex w (stuffed) Olaf | Woman in physical love with a plane | Traffic Cone sex Follow and interact with us on Facebook and Twitter: ClutchWiggleExp

 Episode 259 - TI's Pornplots in iHell | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5331

* Dave’s time away from the show * Death * Boomer talk * Ethnic-studies * Would the Soprano's be made today? * Fortnite = cocaine | White Castle Beer | TI and his daughters hymen, and Meatloaf? | Toothpaste vagina tighteners | McSexting

 Episode 258 - Always Hide and Queef in Stank-city | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5644

Here's the topics: * Feasting back in the good 'ol days * Rob and Craig feel old at Wendy's * Always and non-binary customers * Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees * The Kardashian Kweef * Best game of hide and seek | 351 miles | St. Louis and "Gloria" STD's | Man denied sex w animals in NJ

 Episode 257: Millions of Impeaches - Semen for Free | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4752

This show's for the OG's .. Rob and Craig chit chat about the following topics: * Impeachments * "Joker" movie and it's criticism * Judge: Sell your nudes to Playboy * Stories of the week: Abandoning adult dwarfs | Solid gold shitter stolen | It's raining semen | Bang Bro's Center

 Episode 256 - Sh!tlock Holmes vs MuffBusters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5943

* Thoughts and Prayers * Deportee from .. Harvard? * You need help * VMA's * Dave Chapelle new Netflix special * TMNT + gator pants | Trump ecstasy pills | Eat a dick, litterally | Hot buns at a NJ McDonalds | booty call ends hot and bothered .. in flames | Vagina's and cucumbers don't mix Best line that didn't get recorded: Dave - "The worst Clue death ever - Colonel Mustard w the shitty underwear in the shower" Follow us on Facebook and Twitter - ClutchWiggleExp

 Episode 255 - Suffocation by Qwerty Mama Lasagna | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5947

Here's this week's comedic episode .. * Jeffrey Epstein * Fredo! * Regan's tapes * Eff'd Up News Stories: Seagulls vs Raptors | Bagel boss vs “Nails” | Starbucks and Sippy Cups | American underwear scandal | A & Us prison | Old men and their music | 2 week erection Follow us on Facebook and Twitter - ClutchWiggleExp Please leave a review and promote to like minded folks!

 Episode 254 - Crotch Fruit | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4262

Welcome to the next episode of the podcast, have a listen as we go with politics, sex devices and toilet bowl bust'n entertainment here on #ClutchandWiggle: Soutout to @TheHappyRecap on Twitter for the line of the week: Because DMV isn’t miserable enough the woman next to me just gave her crotch fruit her phone blasting “Baby Shark” at full volume * Domestic terrorism, how to fix it (.. do we use Martha Washington’s “tube” ?) * Things Dave gets pissed off on (Section, row, seat !) * Ghost Stories and "happy tubes" * Hot dog and mustard infused ice cream sandwiches | Victoria Secret (aka spank show) cancelled this year | Bunch of boozed up pilots (Drunk pilot, Scottish Dave on the scene) | Lightning strikes, make toilets go boom (Liberal Dave interviews MaryLou) Thanks for listening, please share with your like minded immature friends !

 Episode 253 - Splooging on Mars | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 5523

Welcome back, thanks for catching up and listening to the next generation of the podcast - here's what we've got cooking on this #podcast: * Quick wrap up of Round 2, Scene 1 of the Democratic debates * Muscial tastes and concerts * #CWETherapy - Regrets * Mr. Hanks vs Mr. Rogers * Delivery drivers and their eating habits * Dave wants to splooge on Mars | Stop the Heatwave violence | Horse and burglary | Menstrual cup for sex (aka Sexame Street meets Hulk Hogan's kegels and vitamins) | Pissing on potato's

 Episode 252 - New Implants | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6949

Welcome back .. we mean it this time We celebrate 10 years of podcasting and along with tonight's show, we reminisce about the old days of our show.. * .. What's been going on? * Implant Dave * "Containment" * Disgusting fads * Fixing America * Sir Wiggle Piece Theater * Farts, farts and cockroach's


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