Episode 254 - Crotch Fruit

The Clutch and Wiggle Experience show

Summary: Welcome to the next episode of the podcast, have a listen as we go with politics, sex devices and toilet bowl bust'n entertainment here on #ClutchandWiggle: Soutout to @TheHappyRecap on Twitter for the line of the week: Because DMV isn’t miserable enough the woman next to me just gave her crotch fruit her phone blasting “Baby Shark” at full volume * Domestic terrorism, how to fix it (.. do we use Martha Washington’s “tube” ?) * Things Dave gets pissed off on (Section, row, seat !) * Ghost Stories and "happy tubes" * Hot dog and mustard infused ice cream sandwiches | Victoria Secret (aka spank show) cancelled this year | Bunch of boozed up pilots (Drunk pilot, Scottish Dave on the scene) | Lightning strikes, make toilets go boom (Liberal Dave interviews MaryLou) Thanks for listening, please share with your like minded immature friends !