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The Clutch and Wiggle Experience

Summary: We are a live internet radio show ( .. we promote ourselves as two boobs with time on our hands, broadcasting atop an air-hockey table in a New Jersey basement, bringing you our "unique" spin on todays news, entertainment, sports and op-ed pieces out there today! We aren't your mom and pop's radio show!

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 Episode 209 - No Punchline | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4000

With Wiggle being his ranty self, what we decided to go with story wise just sets him off more .. here's the set list: * Prom's and "no punchline" * Walk of Nothing * G.O.A.T.T. Update, or lack there of * Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner * Why are there ties in Spelling Bee's? * FDA approves dart gun for ADHD kids * Naked Bike Ride * Super glue lube Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle by visiting our web site

 Episode 209 - No Punchline | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4000

With Wiggle being his ranty self, what we decided to go with story wise just sets him off more .. here's the set list: * Prom's and "no punchline" * Walk of Nothing * G.O.A.T.T. Update, or lack there of * Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner * Why are there ties in Spelling Bee's? * FDA approves dart gun for ADHD kids * Naked Bike Ride * Super glue lube Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle by visiting our web site

 Episode 156 - Muff Musket and Mudd Butter | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6442

WE here at The Clutch and Wiggle Experience strive to bring you the naughtiest podcasted entertainment you've ever heard .. so let's get down to what Ep 156 brought: Podcast shout out's go to @DitzWitDTits (The Curiosity Zone) @ALilPunchDrunk (Monday 9-11pm est) and a new show coming to the station in September, Addy and Gabe Show, simulcasting an AM station show from MD * Lowered Work Bathroom Expectations * Wipage * Bad SNL Movies * Anthony Wiener: "A politician who isn't afraid of showing you his balls" * Clutch and Wiggle's guide to d!ck pic etiquette * A-Roid being a "role model" * Rafting Fornication * Paula Dean and porn * Arrested for barking at dog * Wiggle's bout with the cops " it a crime to carry rope?" Catch Rob and Craig LIVE each Thursday at 7pm EST on

 Episode 155 - Furniture Fornication w Fierce Grape Gooy Ass | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6475

5 years of The Clutch and Wiggle Experience .. and THIS is what episode 155 brings to your podcast listening ears! * 5 years of The Clutch and Wiggle: what do you remember? * Rob's Vacation talk, hot maids and Nikolai Volkoff * Zimmerman Trial * Boston bombing suspect on cover over Rolling Stone * Penis cake pan * Semen thrower in DE * "sofa hookers" and Pimp Wiggle * Porn and diet pills * Sum Ting Wong goes Bang Ding Ow * Catholic church doesn't like "The Body" from ESPN

 Episode 154 - Tusco's LSD Elephant Period | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6892

Week before a week off for vacation .. here's what we have for YOU, the faithful downloaders of Clutch and Wiggle Experience: * Shout out to Zack Alaexander of The Zach Alexander Show * ASSTARD ! * Gatorade Gum * Bruins fans watch porn after Stanley Cup finals loss * North West vs "Blanket" Jackson - who has it worse? * Can Paula Dean get a table dance, shake it up, wooooo! * Sign Language Ban * 13 y/o drunk driver * We still want to bang Jenny McCarthy * Stupid Science Studies * Masturbation Station * Wiggle Hates the 4th of July fireworks Visit our web site, Catch us LIVE every Thursday at 7pm EST on

 Episode 153 - Wiggle's Tampon Dick | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6801

It's been a quick week and by the end of the show, we felt it was a quick, great episode! Here's what you can look forward too! * James Gandolfini * Ways to punish school kids * Miss Utah is as dumb as a rock * Eye-ball licking * Men are at fault for menopause * Hair Stockings * Squeeze a boob, stop cancer * Yoga may result in satanic possession Catch The Clutch and Wiggle Experience feat. K-Love LIVE Thursday's at 7pm EST on Catch all things #ClutchandWiggle at today!

 Episode 152 - Kimber's Muddy Rainbow Thunderclap | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6801

Just remember folks, next time you're sitting on the toilet taking a deuce stop and take a moment to think about how ridiculous you look, wipe, continue life. * Rob's cat gave himself a rim job * Paris Jackson suicide note/meat cleaver cut job * Liberace gay * Maxi-pad from Texas * One armed Miss Iowa * Dunkn Donuts Glazed donut sandwich .. live on air test * Edible anus chocolates * Do You Use Butt wipes? * Husband accused of being a 'cheater' on Facebook * Sumo Wrestler-suit assault Catch everything #ClutchandWiggle over at

 Episode 151 - Camel Cum Conundrum | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6540

The Clutch and Wiggle Experience, brought to you by Fabreeze .. making your restrooms smell like shitrus * Is Vanna White an "A" list celebrity? * Grandma broke the shitter - in her sleep * The douchy "2 week notice" * Taco Licker * Hands free whopper * Michael Douglas and the clam throat cancer * Kindergarten graduation brawl * Poop transplant * Dunkn Donut glazed donut breakfast sandwich * Amanda Bynes and Playboy Catch the Clutch and Wiggle Experience LIVE Thursday at 7pm EST Learn all things #ClutchandWiggle -

 Episode 150 - Beifing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6875

The Clutch and Wiggle Experience goes "original 2 deek style" this week ..Content on episode 150 is: * Thanks to @JfromHuntington, @theoranger00m, @hacksawhank * @SDHeadTrip - Mizz Helpless Helping the Helpless * Wiggle defines what he does .. beifing * Memorial Day fire starter * The mess that is Amanda Bynes * Snow Cones and Indian bathroom habits * DWI sex * Craigslist Missed Connections * Sexual assault vs rape discussion * Forced tongue kiss' is not rape' and according to Wiggle, "the finger smell isn't worth the extra 4 years" * Yard aliens Check us out LIVE Thursdays at 7pm on and read up on all things "clutchandwiggle" on

 Episode 149 - Viva la Flo the Behive Bitch | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6929

Welcome back to another airing of Clutch and Wiggle Experience, feat K-Love .. the far-fest (literally) continues as we bring these fine conversational pieces to your ears: * Kimber vs jehovas witnesses * The yoots of 'merca are simply ... Stupid * Wiener Cleaner * Student charged with assault for allegedly peeing in teacher's coffee * Bang Her/Beat Her: Progressive's Flo - the T-Mobile chick - Wendy from Wendy's commercials and for K-Love, The Burger King King * Greatest TV comedies of all time (top 5) * Even more Craigslist Missed Connections * Toilet paper talk * Senior Wiggle * Mother has son arrested for Pop-Tart theft Line of the night goes to K-Love when speaking about Jim J. Bullock - "he just wanted to get a hand job from the cow" Catch everything "Clutch and Wiggle" through !

 Episode 148 - Slurpy the Gay Butterfly | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 7003

We have the crew back together for the 148th installment of the experience known as Clutch and Wiggle .. * Wiggle is down for "doorplay" * Kimber is "in" for "Fundawear" * $500 "wizard" * Describe that sex act - Water Buffalo Drool Bib - Electric Eclair corkscrew - Bluegrass slam nugget - Prolapsed Boneyard * During break we played music by Unparalleled Height - Legacy (@UPH_Official on Twitter) * More "Craigslist Missed Connections" * Dick Trickle has died and we "poured out a little" for that homie * Masturbate-a-thon * Hypnotizing Breast Growth * Epic Facebook meltdown at Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro * Bea Arthur's $1.9M boobs Catch the zany, wacky, attempted comedy of The Clutch and Wiggle Experience at !

 Episode 147 - Cheeky Effer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6862

Lots of laughs, lots of tears, lots of underwear and new character bits from (this week's) two boobs with time on their hands .. here's what we DO have .. * This week's shout out's * Sonic and the burrito vagina and oatmeal * Cinco de Mayo / FWF Wrestling event / Craig "The Ham Wallet Slayer" Wiggle * Vaginal rejuvenation procedures (something about the Jewish labia minora) * Wet Platinum and aquatic odor (measuring pH levels in a vagina) * Cleveland abduction story * Fabric Softener Jesus * Fundawear / Buck Naked underware / Subtle Butt * 3-d Printable gun Catch everything Clutch and Wiggle Experience by visiting for pics, podcast's and peeing yourself

 Episode 146 - Count Wiggula Butt Dick | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6921

Welllllll .. the Clutch and Wiggle Experience started out locked in the basement tonight! Wiggle started having cabin fever and K-love was just her adorable self! Here's the topics of the night: * Shout outs to @SpaghettiOMals and thank you's go out to Wedge Radio Show, The Show That Should Not Be, 92x, Rain Man and Guy Blow and KrabbyKatieLive * RIP Kris Kross' Chris Kelly * Craig's minication and Kimber's vacation * Phone Sexing w On-star * Describe this sex act: Back alley Tire Rack - Bear Trap Shotgun - Roadrunner Sniper - Turtle Neck Sabretooth * Porn: Nobody talks about it, but everybody watches it * Ass to mouth: overrated or underrated? * CVS vs "Ching Chong Lee" * Double-entendre-filled ruling in strip club case * Always wear underware Catch all things Clutch and Wiggle through

 Episode 145 - Masters in PH-Dick aka FU Wiggle | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3348

A (fu)Wiggle-less show this week - but Clutch and K-Love turned out a damn good hour of entertainment - Here's what we got for ya THIS week! Help spread the word of MS awareness and help our friend Kris as she walks for her sister, who has MS * Who likes skinny jeans? - A K-Love rant * Teacher's assignment: Explain why "Jews are evil" * When two nudists are dating, which one wears the pants in the relationship? * Doctors say looking at busty women for 10 minutes a day is good for your health * Hugh Jackman vs pubic hair * Ashes to debt collectors Catch everything #ClutchandWiggle related over at !

 Episode 144 - Swaffelen' | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 6948

Clutch and Wiggle Experience, 4 boobs and 2 wienies with time on our hands .. brought to you by, Steve's Clip Joint(formerly Comedy Hooha Network), and PodGodsNetwork Radio network Big thanks to Inverse Delirium, @hacksawhank of The HH Show and to the guys at * Swaffelen' * Asian Inspection * Sensai Wiggle Miagi?? "ching chong, I gone" * Times Square Cookie Monster, Elmo and Mario * Fiat or SmartCar - what's gayer * Game of Thrones Craigslist Ad ( * National Association To Advance Fat Acceptance (Of fat people) * Ramen noodle chick * K-Love's response to "Bro Flowers" commercial * Nasa Poop Conversation * (sNSFW) * Sexually harassed with pasta * Anti-rape undies * $3000 toilet stolen from public restroom Catch everything #ClutchandWiggle related over at !


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