Episode 262 - Machete and Mohel

The Clutch and Wiggle Experience show

Summary: Welcome to the new year, same podcast edition of #ClutchandWiggle .. let the three headed immaturity begin! .. but not without some serious conversation first: * MLB drama * Anti-semitism / racism in this country flares up - where does it come from? * Bombing in Iran / POTUS Impeachment discussion * Royal Family "outrage" * Michele Carter: 1st Amendment discussion about texts causing your significant other to off themselves .. then we have some normalcy after a break: PornHub sued by deaf man | Century sex - turtle style | Gwyneth Paltrow's Vagina candle | Jet fuel dumped on kids in NJ | $10.5k addiction on baby powder | Fart smell bad? Assault your significant other (according to affidavit in Texas)