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The Sheppard Moscow Podcast show

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A series of video podcasts that looks at how Sheppard Moscow helps its clients develop leadership and manage change in business.

Paranormal Radio w/ Captain Jack show

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Captain Jack, the late night voice of darkness, first made his claim to the world of the Paranormal on Oct 31st 1992. Broadcasting from the top of the Jones Building in downtown Milwaukee. The show soon caught the attention of the Communications professor Larry Soley from Marquette University who wrote a story about Captain Jack in the very popular newspaper “The Sheppard Express”. Paranormal Radio soon became one of the hottest local late night talk radio programs in Milwaukee and Chicago. If you want to take a mysterious journey, sit back, turn down the lights, turn up the volume and open your mind and set sail in to the stormy sea of the unknown with Captain Jack

Southern York County Podcast show

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This is a podcast local to southern York County Pennsylvania but a variety of topics are discussed including Pennsylvania high school sports. Pennsylvania state political issues, hunting, fishing and outdoors. Also arts culture and entertainment,history. We do a large variety of topics so this is not just a local podcast. It is one of the most professionally done non-media affiliated podcast with real and quality guests. We have topics on that not only benefit our local audience but the U.S. audience as well. We even have a few loyal listeners from other parts of the world.

The Lone Conspirators Podcast show

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This show is dedicated to the mysterious and intriguing: governmental conspiracies, the paranormal, UFOs, and anything and everything unexplainable!