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The CrazyNick Show show

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Odd Variety talk Show that Crosses the Line, Goes over the Edge...among other things

The Great Barred show

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A comedy podcast about visiting 52 bars and pubs around the UK, and the world, in one year. This is a completely insane story about two friends who decided to travel around the UK recording their weekly exploits and putting them online. It's an impossible goal, they're not quite sure why the hell they're doing it, and you really should be listening to find out what happens next. They don't know.

the MootPOINT show

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Always Interesting; Usually Fresh; Never Relevant

Sounds Jewish in Association with The Guardian show

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Enjoy the liveliest Jewish audio experience in cyberspace, with our podcast, ‘Sounds Jewish’. Produced in association with The Guardian, our monthly programme, hosted by Jason Solomons, will give you the low down on Jewish arts, Jewish events, Jewish music, the latest Jewish happenings in London and sparky debate on issues of the moment.

cornucopia3000 show

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field reports on wine and the paranormal

Boomer Yak show

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This podcast channel inspires, educates and entertains baby boomers with a variety of topics and interviews on alternative health, travel, relationships, spirituality and wealth-building. show

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This video podcast is a chronicle of pig-like acts and pig-like behaviors. This is an open forum. Submit your video, music or script.

Rolling Thunder Podcast show

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We're Doing Things That Haven't Got A Name Yet! Coming from England, France and America, each week we dorbcast an hour of chat discussing our week and the weeks news, play some music and perhaps even a competition.

Straight Outta My Mind show

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I am doing my best to be a good father and husband. These are the stories of my family and my journey through this crazy new thing called parenthood.

Gulf Coast Lifestyles show

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A unique educational and informational podcast covering interesting and unique lifestyles in the Gulf Coast communities. Where listeners can be participants in future shows providing interviews to the host, sharing their unique lifestyle with the audience. Gulf Coast Lifestyles will be conducting interviews out in the community whether it is at work, home, or play. There are not set topics and they are as varied and diverse as the populace residing in the Gulf Coast communities. Come join in for the listening fun"