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Tax Talk Feb 14th with Jeff Pickering CPA, Patrick Dougher and Rex Hogue show

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The show is hosted by Patrick Dougher, Jeff Pickering CPA, and Rex Hogue and Attorney with Bolinger and Hogue. Valentine's Day Edition.

Alterna Podcast show

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Paul Is Dead… Paul Está Muerto Esta idea es todo un mito, una leyenda urbana en el mundo del rock n roll. Qué mejor manera de celebrar los 64 años de vida de Sir Paul McCartney, que explorando los orígenes y las pistas que justifican esta loca teoría conspiratoria sobre una trágica muerte, el encubrimiento de ésta y una sustitución de identidad. ¿Suena extraño? Las pistas están ahí: en las canciones, los videos, las películas y el arte de los discos. Acompáñenos a explorar este misterio en una mini serie radiofónica y podcasts semanales producidos por UFM Alterna, para la UAEM.

By UFM Alterna Radio UAEM

Three Dudes News show

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Three friends getting together and bantering about news through today's generation's eyes. Enjoy and please comment or email us. Thanks

la Berenjena Podcast show

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la Berenjena Podcast - tu concurso en formato podcast

By Alvaro Morala

Tavern on the Green Behind the Scenes to Their Story Book Weddings show

Tavern on the Green Behind the Scenes to Their Story Book WeddingsJoin Now to Follow

Tavern On The Green A New York city landmark, hosting and catering to such prominent events as theater openings, sporting events, charitable events, and gala events, this is truly one place that has it's own written chapter in New York city's history. With elegant banquet menus and storybook wedding celebrations that dazzle the senses, all enclosed in they're own magical environment of sculptured gardens and moving lighting arrangements. The world-renowned icon Tavern on the Green captures those magical ingredients, against a backdrop of a romantic sprawl of Central Park. Often the site of celebrity visits from such stars as Lauren Bacall, Candice Bergman, and Marshall Rose, as well as high-profile celebrity weddings, including those of Maria Burton, daughter of Elizabeth Taylor, and Lori Loughlin of Full House. Tavern On The Green has also been used as an location site for many television shows, as well a Hollywood set for such memorable hit movies as; witness Jack Nicklaus and Meryl Streep's union in "Heartburn," as well as Michael Douglas and Jill Clayburgh in "It's My Turn." In this show Tavern on the Green takes us behind the scenes and discusses with us how they make those story book weddings come true. You'll learn a little bit about the history of Tavern on the Green, how it all started, and how they became what they are of the most famous landmarks in the world. You'll be amazed at all the wonderful on site services they have to offer their brides and grooms. Listen as they describe, and you visualize, what it's like to celebrate your special day at Tavern, during the different seasons of the year. Will talk about how their wedding planner specialists handle all your wedding planning needs, assuring you peace of mind. We also discuss what Tavern's cocktail hour is like and the different types of menu selections they have to offer. And will clear up one of the misconceptions couples have about a Tavern on the Green....and much much more. This is truly a great show, and one you'll definitely want to listen to! You may visit Tavern on the Greens website at If you enjoyed this show and found it to be helpful tell a friend! We would love to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions. You may drop us a line at Who are we? We are a wedding podcast network.

PodMasti : All about India and everything Indian show

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First Indian Podcasting Site - Listen to the latest stuffs going on in India. All about India and everything Indian! Indian Culture, NRIs, People & Places, Entertainment, Bollywood, Sports, Holidays, Chats, Celebrities, Career Guide, Indian Recipes and MORE...

The Bookcast at show

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Each episode of The Bookcast at delivers several vital doses of nutritious book candy. Recorded on-site at the home of the legendary independent bookstore in Portland, Oregon, the Bookcast presents interviews with the world's leading authors, breaking news from the book world, timely commentary, short readings, and a chance to win $1,000 worth of books – all in irreverent, easy-to-digest, twelve-or-so-minute servings. Be sure to get your recommended daily allowance.


Book Slam show

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This is the podcast from Book Slam, London's best (only?) literary nightclub where books, music and free thinking intersect in a Bermuda triangle of no brow culture. Book Slam happens regularly at No.12 Acklam Road in Ladbroke Grove, but this podcast gives you the opportunity to catch up on the readings and performances, plus interviews and more. In the past, Book Slam has featured such luminaries as Zadie Smith, Crisis, Nick Hornby, Jonathan Coe, Adele, Kate Nash, Dave Eggers, Plan B and Ty. You can see more details about Book Slam at

The Coalition of American Natives show

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The Coalition of American Natives is made up of four young men from the tampa bay area. One of us is white, one black, one mexican ...errr cuban, and one who claims to be native american but looks suspiciously white to me. Anyway. Some politics are discussed. Some ridiculous crap is said. Overall it is quite funny if you don't get offended easily.

Earth2Ear show

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The Vegas Poker Report is not your average poker report, bud! Tune in today for a helping of all the things that makes America great, like the occasional drunk host, strippers, and obnoxious commentary. This is where free booze and free speech collide and it might not be pretty, but it's damn funny. We do have the latest info on the Vegas poker scene too!