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Spinning a sunny assortment of indie pop, new wave, ye-ye, post punk, C86, easy listenin', bossa nova, British invasion, french pop, swedish dishes, soul classix, sour grapes, girl groups, indie rawk & more!

Loser WebRockRadio show

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The first italian webradio is a podcast format too now. The best alternative music from all around the world



WILDABOUTNOTHIN' PODCAST electronic beats & more. Multi-genre podcast playing anything from ELECTRONICA, sci-fi beats, HIP-HOP, dusty rock, SLO-DISCO, DOWNTEMPO, future-funk, INDIE, ambient, FOLK and all stuff in between. Feel free to browse thru the mixes, all exclusive to wildaboutnothin' ;) Dedicated to supporting the dj's producers and record labels that inspire us from day to day. We hope you enjoy the mixes, so please leave feedback, hit the FB like button, subscribe to the podcast, retweet the links, big us up, whatever you wanna do with us! we just wanna be loved.... ;) download or stream...ya feelin' me? :D


Dome Head Crop Tarts - Twisted Electro House show

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Dome Head Crop Tarts are a collective of Ableton DJs that slice, chop, re-jig and re-rub tunes to produce tech, wonkey, drum and bass, ghetto, Baltimore funk, hip hop, house sets. So if you like bouncy twisted fidget wonky beats with dirty warped heavy bass and a touch of jumped up banging drum and bass plus anything else that brings on the storm you will enjoy this podcast.

By Tim

Rock `n` Roll pod show

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À volta de 20 minutos de puro rock and roll. Around 20 minutes of pure rock and roll. MOONSTER RADIO. From the early years to the present. Raw garage, punk rock, rock & roll and lots of noise.

By J. Miguel

American Cliche show

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From the 8BallRadio studio in Santa Barbara, CA, Scott takes you on a trip through weekly headlines, bizarre news, undiscovered music, and endless amounts of pop-culture drivel.

By Scott Parent

Psychedelic Velveeta! Podcast show

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Groovy platters and 2 cheesy Dj's. Give us a spin!

By Psychedelic Velveeta!

Podband Barcelona show

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The Interview is in spanish but listen for the music. IT´S GOOOOOD! En Podband nos encargamos de difundir música la cual consideramos que mas gente debería escuchar. En nuestro podcast puedes encontrar entrevistas de algunas de las bandas que ayudamos a propagar a través de este medio.

Band of Badgers Presents... show

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Band of Badgers Presents aims to introduce you to some great music from talented bands and artists out there on the independent music scene today. There will also be talk about gigs and festivals and if you're lucky there may be a few asides which it will be my mission to make at least a little bit funny. Please give me time! All in all Band of Badgers Presents endeavours to bring you a playlist of songs that will inspire you to check out the featured artists further.


Midnight Mixtapes show

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A music podcast hosted by Fredie a guy with a vagabond sense of music. if your tired of listening to radio and they never play your favorites or they play the same 6 songs you\'ll enjoy this cast, everything from jump blues and rockabilly to funk and metal and indy . We create mixtapes from posts on our facebook page and from emails never know what will be played or discussed, a sense of humor and not taking it too serious .

By Fredie Mejia