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Electricity show

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A novel with music in 10 episodes 1999 Aston Somerfield, casual smoker and part-time alcoholic, has come to London to find himself. He knows who he's looking for, he's seen him on the cover of the NME. Drawn across oceans by fame and fate, Aston is keeping his diary empty to make sure he's available. Won't commit to anything until it's everything. London, however, has other ideas. When a virtual stranger calls Aston a few hours before his death, fate catches up with him, derailing his barely-made plans. Amid a hundred boozy evenings and romantic deadends, a mystery unfurls. Equally assisted and hindered by tremulous accountant Tom Hensley and dedicated loafer Steven Black, Aston uncovers a different London, one of murder, ghosts, dangerous emails and the second big bang. As chaotic and random as the city it inhabits, Electricity gradually evolves into a mystery bigger than the universe itself. Being of a somewhat useless persuasion, Aston does his best to ignore it.

By Myke Bartlett

River Trading Post Pod Network show

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Tips, tidbits, music, videos and discussion for collectors of Native American art and artifacts.

DJ Vinyl Vera-In The Mix show

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A good selection of breakbeat music from the UK...this stuff is ripping up the dance-floor!!!

By Vinyl Vera


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Electronic music soundscapes from scottish digital music composer digitalTRAFFIC.

By digitalTRAFFIC

Ace's Podcast show

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The Very Exciting World of a Monotonous Girl

HELLIO's podcast show

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Weekly brutal one hour heavy metal podcast with music from around the world. Your hosts are Ben & Benny.


audiobulb podcast show

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Audiobulb Records is an exploratory electronic music label. Audiobulb releases electronic music digital images, VST (virtual instruments) and creative audio samples. Our aim is to develop the profile of artists whose work spans across genres. Audiobulb music explores the electronic & acoustic interface through textures, abstract ambience, IDM, beats and microsound. Home to the Root of Sine project.

By Audiobulb Records

White Paper Radio show

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The podcast for small business owners who like to explore creative and innovative methods to market their business. From corporate identity branding to guerilla marketing, we follow trends and expore cost-effective ways to promote and build sales. show

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The home of marvin suicide podcasts and the electronic buffet.

Suicide Radio show

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Suicide Radio - because death needs a soundtrack. Playing your favorite goth-industrial music.

By Suicide Radio