Alternative Music Podcasts

Band In Boston show

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A weekly roundup of the best live music in and around Boston. Featuring exclusive tracks and live perfomances (The Flophouse Sessions) recorded in our living room!

Ugaa Buga show

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Unión de Grupos y Artístas Alternativos en Búsqueda Urgente de Grandes Audiencias. Música alternativa

El Mundo de Mimi show

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En este programa se pudo escuchar: Deftones,JET,Chris Cornell, Embrace, Sexy Sadie, un mini especial sobre Pearl Jam en España, The Winnerys, MUSE, BECK, PJ Harvey, Scissor Sisters, OASIS, The Killers, Kings Of Leon, Rufus Wainwright, INVOLUTION, Yo la Tengo.... Un repaso musical al panorama internacional y nacional. Mucho que dontar y poco tiempo para hacerlo!

By elmundodemimi

Rock `n` Roll pod show

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À volta de 20 minutos de puro rock and roll. Around 20 minutes of pure rock and roll. MOONSTER RADIO. From the early years to the present. Raw garage, punk rock, rock & roll and lots of noise.

By J. Miguel


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A fortnightly guide to emerging music across the globe, selected from the world's best independent music stores. Hear the latest selections from Reckless in Chicago, Pure Groove in London, Hard Wax in Berlin, Fat Beats in New York, Dub Vendor in London, Mona in Tokyo and many more.


audiobulb podcast show

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Audiobulb Records is an exploratory electronic music label. Audiobulb releases electronic music digital images, VST (virtual instruments) and creative audio samples. Our aim is to develop the profile of artists whose work spans across genres. Audiobulb music explores the electronic & acoustic interface through textures, abstract ambience, IDM, beats and microsound. Home to the Root of Sine project.

By Audiobulb Records

Aural Apocalypse show

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Hosted by DJ Merrick. Featuring: Dark Ambient, Neo-Folk, Militant, Medieval Music and more. Expect the unexpected and unexplored. Deliciously dark tunes emanating from the realms of beauty and sorrow to the depths of wrath and madness. Songs of power, passion, and perversion. Enjoy the best new and old music from these lesser-known gothic sub-genres as well as special features such as "News of the Apocalypse" and concert calendar updates ...... .....

By DJ Merrick

Angels in Agony show

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Angels in Agony is a Darkwave/Synthpop/EBM/Noise/Industrial (the list goes on) podcast hosted by DJ's DarkAngel and NoSleepDamon. For most episodes we settle on a theme then play off each others selections. We don't always play the latest hits, but there are already many great podcasts that do just that. Instead we focus on what we love and what fits, or purposely doesn't fit, with what the other one just played.

Organelles show

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A new release composed of rythmic tribal beats, flowing drifts and eddies to a intense and emotional requiem.

System Podcast show

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System Podcast is the first label-oriented electronic and alternative music podcast. Able to present to you unreleased tunes from top artists, as well as licensed tracks from our secret stash, System Podcast leads the new era of music. Expect to hear everything from 32 Leaves to Dieselboy, DJ Baby Anne to Second Sun, and all sorts of breakbeat, rock n roll, jungle, house, prog rock, and everything else.