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Seedcast show

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Seedcast is dedicated to beats and the people who make them. Hosted by Simon Dingle and invited guests like Rebecca Kahn, Jannes Eiselen and Richard Tha IIIrd, Seedcast features some of the finest smelling people in the industry and discussions around music production tools, trends and tunes that'll make your eyes tear up. Stick it in your ear.

Spotlight On Science at the Smithsonian show

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Spotlight on Science at the Smithsonian is a bi-weekly podcast about the latest Science at the Smithsonian. It is produced for the Smithsonian community by the Office of the Under Secretary for Science. To subscribe to the newsletter or Podcast, visit

Adventures of Thomas Brin (Video Podcast) show

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SCIENCE FICTION--Video Podcast (16 x 9): The Adventures of Thomas Brin is a science fiction series about a man who thinks he's a machine. A Jules Verne meets Silent Running aesthetic, The Adventures of Thomas Brin harkens back to 60's scifi were the visual effects (VFX) did not have to look real to draw a viewer into the story. Created almost entirely on a virtual set with real actors, this surreal science fiction series is a new, bold direction in independent movie making. From Jeff Sayre, the creator of Thomas Brin, "My vision for the genre of science fiction is to create worlds that, although they are obviously fictitious in look and feel, send the viewer into a fantasy-like realm. I like to think that I am beginning to learn how to use VFX to create moving, impressionist paintings where the mere hint of an idea is sufficient to let the viewers imagination take over. In today's world where even the worst movies can have stunning, well-crafted, real-looking VFX, I wanted to do something different, creating an almost picturebook-like realm." Look for our video podcasts in the iTunes Music Store.

Scientific American Podcast show

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Scientific American's weekly science podcast covers the latest developments in the world of science and technology. Join host Steve Mirsky each week as explores breakthroughs in biotech, stem cells, genetics, evolution, physics, space exploration, nanotechnology, cloning, mathematics, health and much more. Each episode will include interviews with leading scientists and science journalists. For more than 155 years, Scientific American Magazine, one of the world's most enduring and revered science magazines, has chronicled major innovations and scientific discoveries using expert accounts and assorted journalistic features. Scientific American's web site ( debuted in 1996, and provides coverage of the latest news in science and technology, making it a leading online science and technology destination with more than 1,700,000 visitors a month. Host Steve Mirsky has been a columnist at Scientific American magazine for over ten years and an articles editor for over eight years. His column, "Antigravity," is one of science writing's rare venues for humor. One was included in Best American Science and Nature Writing 2002.

Podcast Removed. Please click the Unsubscribe button show

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Ripplecasts are free QuickTime movies and tutorials created by our Apple-certified trainers that cover a wide range of software and hardware-related topics.

By Steve Martin

Pop Goes the Culture! show

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<p>Susie Watson, trend analyst and pop culture pundit teams up with<BR>political cartoonist Barbara Luhring. Together they tear through the<BR>real and manufactured trends in pop culture today. Listen in!

FOO Casts: Podcasts from O'Reilly and Friends show

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Podcasts from O'Reilly and Friends

By O'Reilly Media, Inc.

Distributing the Future show

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"Distributing the Future" is O'Reilly Media's weekly podcast featuring the technology and the people behind what you use now and what you'll use next. This half hour program includes interviews and commentary on science, technology, related social issues, and just plain fun.

At OurCoolHouse - Energy Efficient Home design show

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If you have an eye on the environment, or are concerned about the rising cost of energy; Phil Malone describes a selection of energy efficient techniques that can be applied to residential home design. Phil has applied his Embedded Software and Physics training to design and build an energy efficient home in the mountains of Western Maryland. Phil's home is fully instrumented, and it publishes live data to his website.

Current Science &amp; Technology Podcast show

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From the Museum of Science in Boston. Podcasting an in-depth look at the latest in science and technology.