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Pod Biblia show

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O seu podcast com os principais temas da Biblia. Aqui voce tem a opcao de ouvir a palavra de Deus no proprio computador ou no seu mp3 player. E simples! Basta fazer o download e ouvir em casa, no carro, no supermercado, na academia..., ou seja, a qualquer hora e em qualquer lugar!

Cinema Misfits show

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Movies from cult to classic and everything in between. Reviews, interviews, and opinions. A tight, briskly edited podcast with the emphasis on entertainment. You might not agree with everything that\\\'s said, but hopefully, you will find it fun.

Guerilla Astronomy show

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all things pop-subculture. this is rogue podcasting.

By DreadJohn

Joseph Krupke's Movies in Review show

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Joesph Krupke's Movies in Review is an ├╝ber awesome podcast group featuring John Semple, Sky Lewis, and Addison Wylie. The three cohorts discuss movies, actors they enjoy and recommendations..

efclarkeii show

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No one is safe when The Rant gets going. This podcast was born from the blog With attack of headlines, people, and fun this cast is sure to entertain and keep you talking about it with your friends. Keep it going, keep it rolling by passing it on to your friends and family. Also remember to stop by The Rant Store and pick up the latest Rant items and share with the world.

MovieFanHouse show

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This is a film review podcast where hosts Charlie and Brad talk about the latest movie news, discuss movie trailers they have seen and break down one movie for review. The conclusion to the show has the host talking about their Fav 5 Films connecting it to the main review. Mostly this show is all about having fun, the host try to bring a laid back podcast that is fun to listen to

Radio dance show

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Nerdbunker with goober and The Viking show

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What happens when two idiotic morning zoo radio DJs host a show about technology, movies, and all things geek? That is the premise to this improv comedy podcast!

Best of Chris Moyles show

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Weekly highlights from the award-winning Chris Moyles breakfast show, as broadcast by Chris and team every morning from 6.30am to 10am.

By BBC Radio 1

Jonathan Ross on BBC Radio 2 show

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This podcast contains weekly highlights from the Jonathan Ross Saturday morning show on BBC Radio 2 featuring top name TV, film and music guests plus Jonathan's unbridled wit.````Due to rights issues, the show's music isn't included in the podcast.