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Detroit Worldwide Podcast show

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A podcast that celebrates and amplifies Detroit's rich history and culture as told through the narratives of native Detroiters from across the world. Hosted by Marquis Taylor, Detroit Worldwide features weekly interviews from industry leaders, content creators, Black entrepreneurs, and other trailblazers that positively represent the D.

By Marquis Taylor

Rom, Paris, Erkner - Der Reisepodcast show

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Wo sind die wirklich streng geheimen und guten Reiseziele? Kann man Deutschland nur an einem einzigen Tag erkunden? Und wurden wir schon auf unseren Reisen verhaftet? Antworten auf diese Fragen und viele weitere spannende und unterhaltsame Themen und Stories rund um das Reisen geben Janek und Benjamin euch im Podcast "Rom, Paris, Erkner".

By MRB2324 Podcasts

Obsessed show

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<p>We are obsessed with humans on the verge of change. We are your personal development entourage that guides you through the roller coaster of life. Every week we will serve up the tools to empower your every day and to become obsessed with your life. </p><p>We are experts in the fields of nutrition, relationships, law, self-esteem and so much more. We feature compelling stories of kicking fear in the face and taking that leap of faith. Each episode features experts in their fields, like Dr. Laura Berman who is a celebrated scientist and researcher in the fields of love, sex, and relationships. Dr. Berman was a regular expert on the Oprah Winfrey Show and currently has a popular show on the OWN network. </p><p> Other notable guests, are Michael Losier, the author of The Law Of Attraction and host of his own radio show on the Oprah Winfrey Radio Network. Dr. Sherrie Campbell is a beloved guest of Obsessed and author of the best-selling book, "But Its Your Family". Campbell is the pre-eminent expert on cutting ties with toxic families. </p><p>In each episode, you are led on a journey of self-development with the mission that you will become obsessed with your life and think about things a little bit differently. </p><p>Collectively the three hosts bring different perspectives to the table as you explore, healing, trauma, nutrition, vibrational energy, confidence and so much more.</p><p>Host Tia Morell is an integrative holistic nutritionist and life coach. Tia is the author of the best-selling book "Obsessed With Mindful Nutrition" and speaks to giving yourself grace in your health journey. It is not about the numbers on the scale or dieting, it is about untangling your relationship with food. </p><p> Host Julie Lokun, is an attorney, master certified coach, founder of Media Queens Publishing house, and a mom to four boys. Julie is passionate about amplifying the voices of those who are making an impact in the world and looking to change the world through creating communities that uplift. Julie is the author of the best-selling entrepreneurial series "Hustle Smart" and advocates for innovative ideas that are making an impact and empowering women and men. </p><p>Host Mika Altidor is a media darling, certified life coach, and most notably a champion for the plant-based lifestyle. Mika has won accolades as one of the top black-owned business owners in Florida. Mika is passionate about her vegan lifestyle as well as unearthing confidence in all humans. </p><p>Together, Julie, Tia, and Mika are obsessed with lifting others in their personal development journey. You will get a peek into their personal challenges and the tools that they have used to rise above. </p><p>Welcome To Obsessed!</p>

By Julie Lokun, Mika Altidor and Tia Morell Walden

Zeit für Mehrsprachigkeit show

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„Zeit für Mehrsprachigkeit“ heißt der Titel unserer Podcast-Reihe, die im Rahmen des Projektes „Gelebte Mehrsprachigkeit“ in diesem Jahr mit gemeinsamen Kräften kreiert wurde. Hier treffen fundiertes Wissen und jahrelange Erfahrung auf den spontanen Alltag mit seiner Lebendigkeit der Kita- und Familienwelt. Unsere mehrsprachig aufgewachsene Moderatorin, Paulina Buttkus, Linguistin und Logopädin, bringt uns einmal im Monat in die Erfahrungswelten unserer Gäste ein, die mit Mehrsprachigkeit leben oder arbeiten. Mehrsprachigkeit und interkulturelle Bildung - als hohes Gut betrachtet - bereichern Kitas und empowern mehrsprachige Familien, und nicht zuletzt, auch unsere Migrationsgesellschaft. Schön, dass ihr auch dabei seid!

By Gelebte Mehrsprachigkeit

URO-podden show

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URO-podden er en podkast om hvordan det er å være ungdom i dag. Vi som lager den vet hvordan det er å leve med krysspress: Når f.eks. familien og menigheten din har andre normer og forventninger enn vennene dine og storsamfunnet. Hvem vil bestemor at du skal være? Hvem vil læreren din at du skal være? Hvem vil vennene dine at du skal være? Hvem vil DU være? Hva gjør du når alle drar deg i ulike retninger og ingen forstår deg? I podkasten prøver vi å finne noen svar. URO-podden gis ut av Drammen og omegn tros- og livssynsforum

By Drammen og omegn tros- og livssynsforum

Rogues Gallery Uncovered show

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Libertines, Lotharios and Complete B******s. True stories of history's most badly behaved men and women.Join bawdy historian Simon Talbot as he uncovers the disreputable lives and fascinating times of a new rogue every week.You'll laugh, you'll learn, you might even want to get drunk and wear period costume.. .

By Simon Talbot

Joyful Journey show

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If you are a leader, be it a leader of self or a leader of many, who strives to be a force for good in the world, or if you are someone who is simply uncertain about what you really want and why it matters, then this podcast is for you! The Joyful Journey Podcast is about finding clarity about who we choose to be and the life we want to live. It’s about tapping into our inner wisdom and accessing our highest selves so we make choices that are aligned with who we are and what matters most to us. By accessing our highest selves we also make choices that are best for our families, our communities and the organizations we represent. Perhaps most important of all, by learning to tap into inner wisdom and access our highest self, we raise our vibration, unleash a great joy and heighten the collective consciousness. That, my friends, is world changing and it all starts with you and me! Welcome to the Joyful Journey Podcast.

By Anita Adams

Living In Spain with David Wright show

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Living In Spain , Stories, Information,tips and advice that will save you time, money and stress when Moving to Spain.<br><br>David has been living and working in Spain for over 19 years and has been on the BBC, His own Show on Almeria Radio every Sunday and also a local guest expert on Channel 4s "A Place In The Spain". <br><br>David now has 4 books out on Amazon and kindle all about living and working in Spain.<br>In Theses podcasts David provides valuable information on what its really like Living and Working in Spain.<br><br>Get help from my experts and professional's within 48 hours here,<a href="" rel="noopener"></a><br><br><br>Contact David here.<a href="" rel="noopener"></a><br><br>#movingtospan #workinspain

By David Wright

The Illusion of Words show

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please have fun listening and give feedback :)

By JulezJuliana

Baum This Way show

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Baum This Way is a weekly discussion about the fails and successes in relationships. Jackson Baum, your host, talks about how to bridge the gap for people who struggle to find and maintain love whilst covering the deep and dark secrets people avoid.

By Jackson Baum