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Force of Law show

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After police killed an unarmed black man in his grandparents' backyard, activists set out to change California law, hoping to make it easier to prosecute police who kill. That's sparked a heated debate in the state Capitol between families who have lost loved ones to police, and law enforcement officers who face split-second decisions while performing a dangerous job. Reporter Laurel Rosenhall explores California's attempt to curb police shootings as politicians consider the nation's toughest statewide standard for justifying deadly force. Questions? Call us at 916-209-0249 or email

By CALmatters and Studio To Be

Teppe und Schwenen - Der Jagdpodcast show

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Begleitet die beiden Jäger Christian Teppe und Benedikt Schwenen bei ihren Abenteuern draußen im Revier. Dabei geht es nicht immer nur ums Jagen, sondern um alle Themen, die damit zusammenhängen: Forst- und Landwirtschaft, Natur- und Artenschutz und am Ende des Tages natürlich ums Essen und Trinken.

By Christian Teppe und Benedikt Schwenen

埋汰电波 show

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By Ethermetic

Urban Nirvana show

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Stories from your average urban guy who is trying to find peace in the times of chaos.

By Deepak Chhabria

A-model Podcast show

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Podcast of freelance philosopher Ruslan Nazarov. The first season – lectures about A-model of reality. The second season – the different episodes connected with my researches: art, psychoanalysis, math, Data Science, Marxism. New episodes are released every week on Saturday.

By Ruslan Nazarov

Pax Britannica: A History of the British Empire show

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Pax Britannica is a narrative history podcast covering the empire upon which the sun never set. Beginning with the accession of James VI of Scotland to the throne of England, Pax Britannica will follow the people and events that created an empire that dominated the globe. Hosted by a PhD candidate in British Imperial history, and based on extensive scholarship and primary sources, along with interviews with experts in their field, Pax Britannica aims to explain the rise and eventual fall of the largest empire in history. After all, how peaceful was the 'British Peace'?

By Samuel Hume

Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour show

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Join the preceptors; Mystery Mike, Declassified Dave and Slick Fronk Sanders as they journey into a world of conspiratorial mysteries, dark truths, cryptids, cults, secret societies, the paranormal and much more! Debriefings are held on Mondays! Grab your cloaks and become a Hushling

By Hush Hush Society Conspiracy Hour

Steve’s Cottage With Steve Horner show

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Steve Horne, an outspoken social activist, an Army Purple heart recipient while in Vietnam, a broadcaster, and full-time single parent to his two sons. Over the years, Steve Horner’s self-written and self-published books tackle Single Parenting from A Man’s Point of View. Steve’s Cottage with Steve Horner, Steve will bring to light Social Issues, Family and Work, Gender discussion, and politics; all from Steve’s unique, and entertaining, point of view.

By Steve Horner

Historical AF show

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Welcome to Historical AF where a historian & special guests hit the giggle water to deliver the funny, weird, morbid, & spooky historical nuggets you never knew you needed in your ear holes.

By historicalafpod

Access Elysium show

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<p><strong>Access Elysium is for open minded thinkers, for observers who are hopelessly curious, for experiencer's of the mysterious, and for those who are passionate about perceiving the unknown. Amber O'Dell will be sharing all of her own mind bending experiences and other extraordinary constructs that exist in our reality. </strong></p>

By Amber O'Dell