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Diga bueno. show

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¿Qué es el TOC? El Transtorno Obsesivo Compulsivo es una condición mental silenciosa que no todos conocen. Poco a poco invade a una persona con pensamientos no deseados, algo de ansiedad, repetición de acciones y un toque de depresión. Todo lo anterior hace que muchas personas tengan comportamientos poco convencionales. Conozca mi caso y Diga Bueno!


In mezzo agli altri show

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- podcast di Selenia Erye - editing di Fabrizio Ferrante Con il mio progetto di “In mezzo agli altri” voglio narrare le vicende di persone che hanno avuto la forza e la costanza di non farsi abbattere dalle dinamiche della vita. Persone dotate di coraggio per andare avanti, queste potrebbero diventare esempi reali di rinascita… dandoci una dimostrazione della capacità insita in ognuno di noi di trarre il meglio dalle situazioni, e di percepire da queste ultime le risorse nascoste .

By Selenia Erye

It's Not So Black & White (society, culture and politics) show

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Uncomfortable questions. Uncomfortable opinions. Uncomfortable conversations. Join us on a journey to understand why we think and feel the way we do. Censorship does not change hearts and minds, it only divides and fosters extremism. If we can hear and challenge ideas in a public forum, and get to know the human experience behind the ideas, perhaps this is where change might begin. Critical thinking and compassion for the human experience are getting lost. Let's try to restore this.

By Jonathan McLernon

Unshakeable Marriage show

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Welcome to the Unshakeable Marriage Podcast hosted by Oliphant and Cretia Mtsweni. The podcast aims to equip couples with the requisite knowledge, tools, and skills to build and enjoy an unshakeable marriage. We have real conversations and present practical, time-tested, and biblical insights that will take your relationship to the next level. Each episode highlights key areas where your marriage could use improvement. So, join us every week on this journey and watch your marriage grow!

By Oliphant & Cretia Mtsweni

Radio VCE! show

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L’association citoyenne Vivons Chaville Ensemble! lance la première émission de radio locale à Chaville, Radio VCE!. Cette émission parlera des réalités de notre ville et de ses habitants, son actualité écologique, sociale, associative et politique dans toute sa diversité.L’émission est portée par toute une équipe, notamment par Jonathan Denuit à l’animation, autour des interventions de Jean Aubert Dufaux, Monique Couteaux, Diane Lafront, Alain De Fremont et bien d’autres, qui vous proposeront chacuns et chacunes leurs chroniques d’actualité. Toute une équipe travaille aussi à la technique et aux idées éditoriales ; vous pouvez en faire partie si vous le souhaitez !Nous enregistrons, près de chez vous, dans notre local de “La Place Citoyenne”, au cœur du centre commercial des Créneaux, à Chaville.Si vous souhaitez participer à nos émissions ou nous proposer des thématiques qui vous intéressent, nous restons bien-sûr à votre disposition : vivonschavilleensemble@outlook.fret bientôt sur notre site : www.vce-asso.frRadio VCE!, faites entendre votre voix !

By Radio-VCE

Solid Rock Minnesota show

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Welcome to Solid Rock Minnesota. A place to jump off for a few minutes and regroup. Ramblings about family life, outdoors, multi-generational living, music, grandparenting, and life. Please feel free to send us a message from here at Anchor or contact us through our website at : . Would love to hear from you and where you are from. Send us your address and we will send you a Solid Rock Minnesota bumper sticker or a post card from Minnesota!

By Solid Rock Minnesota

Kalyana's I My Voice - Telugu Podcast - నేను నా స్వరం show

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Kalyana's I My Voice is a telugu podcast. Kalyana's I My Voice will delivers talk shows with reputed, famous celebrates and personalities. Kalyana's I My Voice will give best and pure audio programs only. Kalyana's I My Voice will give best stories, famous novels reviews. Kalyana's I My Voice is a best entertainer. Kalyana's I My Voice will take you to Olden days like radio time. Kalyana's I My Voice is a complete audio show. Kalyana's I My Voice will give more entertainment, happiness and fun.

By Venkata Kalyana

Good Morning With Harrison (GMWH) show

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Good Morning With Harrison is a founder's podcast given in segments. These audios are reference to jump-starting and getting the most from your day. Expect insights of business strategy, news, and life on, Good Morning With Harrison. This podcast is a TwoSq Media development. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By TwoSq Media

Lighten Up and unstuck your what the fuck show

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Ever find yourself in a What The F moment and wonder what the hell the next step is? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you tune in to Lighten Up! Tanya is the perfectly imperfect blend of a no-bs friend, teacher, social worker, storyteller, and life coach. Her specialty: Inspiring Hope - Helping you honour your mind, body, and spirit so no matter what the fuck, you’re living your juiciest life! In this podcast, we explore all the messy fabulousness of life and celebrate the wtf moments as opportunities to learn and love forward – as a means of helping yourself. If you want a podcast that comes with belly laughs, tears, OMGs and WTFs, and you’re looking for an inspiring friend in your ears, Tanya’s your girl! Tanya’s biggest what the fuck moment was when her first husband drowned on a “family honeymoon” – creating an implosion in all she knew as she was left to parent their 4-year-old and 8-month-old children. Tanya shares her foibles and lessons from her perfectly imperfect life and explores everything from grief and loss to dating, sex, body image, blending families, and most importantly – the power of finding self-love 47 years in. Ready to start your own self-love adventure? Head on over to and get your spot now! For just over a buck a day, you get a printable workbook, a sweet little video or audio that invites you to reconnect with you in no-bs ways, and an invitation to the Lighten Up Collective, a private Facebook group of badass women who are on the self-love adventure! Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, or wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts. Share the love! Tell your friends to check this out, and follow me on Facebook and Instagram. See you on the inside!

By Tanya Gill

En ze leefden nog gay en gelukkig. Het sprookje van de LHBTI+ vrijheid in Nederland show

En ze leefden nog gay en gelukkig. Het sprookje van de LHBTI+ vrijheid in NederlandJoin Now to Follow

<p>Harm Edens gaat een op een in gesprek met LHBTI+'ers van alle leeftijden, 'letters' en achtergronden, om samen met hen te onderzoeken hoe het er nu echt voor staat met de vrijheid, gelijkheid en veiligheid van LHBTI+'ers in Nederland. En wat er beter moet. Na viering van 20 jaar openstelling van het burgerlijk huwelijk, 50 jaar legalisering van homoseksualiteit en 75 jaar COC, is het tijd om te kijken hoe de stand is van Nederland LHBTI+ land.</p><p>Word Vriend van de Show op en steun ons met een eenmalige donatie.</p><p>Wil je iets aan ons kwijt: <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p>Volg onze socials: <a href="" target="_blank">Instagram</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook,</a> <a href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a></p><p><br></p>

By Harm Edens en Merel van den Meerendonk