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Millennial Travel Podcast show

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Making travel more accessible to young people ages 21-35. Travel tips and travel hacks for solo travelers, who love authentic camping, hiking, and cultural experiences. Some of our travel community's favorite destinations: US National Parks, Costa Rica, Belize, Peru & Machu Picchu, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Thailand, & Bali! Hosted by Matt Wilson, digital nomad, CEO of Under30Experiences, and author of The Millennial Travel Guidebook: Escape More, Spend Less, & Make Travel a Priority in Your Life.

By Matt Wilson

#Creaky: Paranormal & The Unexplained  show

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Creaky = creepy + freaky. Brooks and Megan discuss paranormal experiences, cryptids, ghosts, and the unknown. Join in and let us know of your creaky experience. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Megan Boyd

Christianity Culture show

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Christianity Culture is a submersion in a lifestyle of Christ exaltation, gospel proclamation, and saints celebration. Sermons, stories, and interviews, about Jesus's life, death, resurrection, and the power to live in light of eternity.

By Slaveck Moraru

At Home With Stacked show

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Singapore Exclusive: Join host Reuben Dhanaraj and a star-studded list of Real Estate experts every fortnight as they share deep personal insights into their various industries, as well, as the occasionally heart-clenching story that will have you coming back for more. A wealth of treasured experiences is coming your way - all, from the very comforts of home. New episodes air every (alternate) Saturday at 9pm - Find out more at

By Stacked

Challenges of Faith Radio Program show

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Hi I'm Gary McCants, Thanks 4 joining Taysha Evans, Fiona Lynch, Petrina Ferguson, Karen Donald, Oscar Amaechina. Lisa Babbage and Myself. Especially as we discuss the 99+ characters, and global cultural issues, affecting us daily. Challenges of Faith is a radio ministry program designed to Uplift people of Faith. By providing spiritual, educational, relational, and humorous information. COFRP is ranked as one of the Top 100 Christian Podcast to watch in 2021 airing on many platforms

By Gary McCants

Waste of Humanity show

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Do you ever just lose it in a Walmart parking lot because you remembered that you’re just a speck on a giant floating space rock? Me too... Join Amanda, a hot mess Zillennial, as she navigates her way through life, discusses universal complexities, and participates in utter nonsense. Be ready to bounce from social commentary to foolish games at the blink of an eye because she surely does not have it together.

By Waste of Humanity

The Hill, Criminal Intentions show

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A story of student who became involved in illegal activities to survive in college, that escalates to multiple unsolved murders. By mixing book smarts &amp; street smarts, a group of students created a drug trafficking organization the police scrabbled to dismantle. As the police pressure became more aggressive, the loyalty of each member was tested. Each episode of this podcast continuously narrates one full story, starting at episode one. Take the pressure of succeeding and mix it with survival, drugs &amp; deciet becomes a recipe for disappointment and murder. Press play enjoy the journey! Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Doc Hicks | Roselawn Productions

The BackTracker History Show show

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Based in the UK, this self confessed history geek takes you for a stroll down memory lane and shares stories and interesting nuggets of information that has been discovered along the way. From tales of tragedy and sadness to epic stories of human courage or creativity, there are many people in history who have made their mark, however small. If you enjoyed the show, don't forget to share or leave feedback. It all helps! Keep in touch via either Twitter or Facebook by using @BackTrackerUK

By The Backtracker

Conscious Global Network show

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Dedicated to fostering the mutual progress of humankind, CGN is an organization that covers scientific, technological, psychological and philosophical concepts from a unique angle that you likely haven't seen before. Check out the website at

By Joshua Phoenix

Lupe Sina show

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Information, support and entertainment for tina and tamaitai Samoa every fortnight. Hosted by Christine Anesone and Erolia Rooney.

By Christine Anesone and Erolia Rooney