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Mysterious Radio: Paranormal, UFO & Lore Interviews show

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By K-Town

The X Podcast: Stories of the Paranormal, True Crime &amp; Horror show

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By K-Town

Ghost Magnet with Bridget Marquardt show

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Celebrity paranormal investigator Bridget Marquardt (Star of E!’s The Girls Next Door) embarks on an exploration of self-described ghost magnets and the spirits, poltergeists and pookas they attract. When, where and how did they realize that they had this spiritual magnetism? What’s it like living with the specters of the dead? Bridget investigates all that and more in her weekly podcast.

By Co-Conspiracy Entertainment

Carbon Removal Newsroom show

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A short-form podcast by Nori where we discuss current events around the world of carbon removal from the atmosphere with a rotating cast of guests.

By Nori


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Secret documents, psychological warfare, whistleblowers, media manipulation, this is a story that has it all. Join us as we uncover the mechanics of the longest-running and most elaborate propaganda campaign of the century—the creation and spread of climate change denial—and why it's been so effective.

By Critical Frequency

Sword and Scale show

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A show that reveals that the worst monsters are real.

By Sword and Scale (La Rosa de los Vientos) show (La Rosa de los Vientos)Join Now to Follow es el podcast l�der enfocado en torno al programa La Rosa de Los Vientos de Juan Antonio Cebri�n, dirigido por Silvia Casasola y presentado por Bruno Carde�osa, emitido por Onda Cero todos los fines de Semana de 1200 a 0400 las noches del s�bado y domingo. Cada Podcast consiste en la grabaci�n del programa emitido por la radio, y es ofrecido en formato mp3 para ser escuchado offline a trav�s de iTunes, de un iPod o de tu reproductor de m�sica favorito. HTTP://WWW.ROSAVIENTOSPODCAST.COM Guarda esta direcci�n en tus favoritos. All� encontrar�s todo el archivo radiof�nico del podcast, con los programas �ntegros desde que empezara este podcast en 2005. El Podcast de la Rosa de Los Vientos Fieles a la comunidad Rosaventera desde Julio de 2005.


Dr. Kiki's Science Hour (Audio) show

Dr. Kiki's Science Hour (Audio)Join Now to Follow

Dr. Kiki's Science Hour is an in-depth exploration of scientific topics ranging from climate change to nanotech. Every week neurophysiologist Dr. Kirsten Sanford talks with leading experts in all areas of scientific research. Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.


Environmental Health Chat show

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This podcast series explores how environmental exposures affect our health. Each short episode highlights ways researchers work in partnership with community groups to understand and address environmental health issues.

By NIEHS Partnerships for Environmental Public Health

East Idaho Eclipse Podcast show

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On August 21, 2017 the a total solar eclipse in will pass over the great state of Idaho and Eastern Idaho is preparing for the large influx of eclipse enthusiasts. This podcast is all about what East Idaho is doing to get ready, how you can be sure to get the best view, and what even is a total solar eclipse, anyway?

By Rich Broadcasting