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City Rising show

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City Rising is a podcast that compares how different cities are approaching sustainability and climate solutions. Cohosts Julie Hancher & Brady Halligan interview guests from various cities to discuss how our environment is connecting people, planet and creates future opportunities. Episode 1 debuts on October 3, 2018.

By Julie Hancher & Brady Halligan

Wild Thing show

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Believe in Bigfoot? Think it’s total BS? Host Laura Krantz spent a year in the woods and in the lab, trying to answer that question. What she found might surprise even the staunchest non-believer. This legendary creature represents a mystery that still captures our imaginations and Sasquatch is as popular now as it’s ever been. Companies market Bigfoot-themed goods: beer, television shows, bikes, coffee, socks... erotica. People slap “I believe” bumper stickers on their cars and kayaks and binge-watch Bigfoot-themed reality shows. Part of this is tongue-in-cheek—Bigfoot as hipster accessory. But many people take Sasquatch seriously. Very seriously. Primatologists, naturalists, academics—perfectly rational people who swear to his existence and know he (she? it?) is real. Veteran public radio producer Laura Krantz has met them. Wild Thing is Laura’s journey into the world of Bigfoot, introducing us to the true believers and the I-want-to-believers, while seeking to explore why this creature ignites our imaginations, where that fascination comes from, and why it persists.

By Foxtopus Ink

State of the Garden show

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The official podcast of the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association.

By New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association/Osiris Media

Main Engine Cut Off show

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A short, weekly podcast about spaceflight, exploration, policy, and strategy in the modern era and near future.

By Anthony Colangelo

Wormilicious » podcast show

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Worm composting for all. How to, q & a, interviews - the pulse of the worm composting community.

By Cassandra Truax

Here's Why show

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I hear what you're saying, I follow your arguments, but you're wrong; Here's Why. An exploration of the weird and strange side of the world through the lens of science, logic and intuition.

By Ian Woolf

Still Growing...A Weekly Gardening Podcast show

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Jennifer Ebeling from created Still Growing...with Jennifer Ebeling. Still Growing is a weekly gardening podcast dedicated to helping you and your garden grow. Jennifer hosts this hour-long show interviewing experts from around the country. The podcast also features a bi-monthly Master Gardener roundtable with Master Gardeners who share their gardening tips and horticulture techniques for gardeners of all skill levels. Still Growing is a terrific resource for gardeners looking to improve their knowledge, develop their gardening skills, and draw inspiration from folks who love to garden. Most shows feature fun outtakes from the episode at the very end of the track. Jennifer is a garden writer, Master Gardener and blogger. Still Growing... is produced in her home studio in lovely Maple Grove, Minnesota.

By Jennifer Ebeling: 6ftmama, Master Gardener, & Blogger

			The Sheldrake Vernon Dialogues

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Dr Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author best known for his hypothesis of morphic resonance. Mark Vernon is a psychotherapist and author. Together they discuss: consciousness, prayer, angels, science and spiritual practices, magic, dreams, hell, the unconscious, rituals, enlightenment, atheism, materialism, and more.

By Rupert Sheldrake and Mark Vernon

Dr. Kiki's Science Hour (Video HI) show

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Dr. Kiki's Science Hour is an in-depth exploration of scientific topics ranging from climate change to nanotech. Every week neurophysiologist Dr. Kirsten Sanford talks with leading experts in all areas of scientific research. Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.


Science News Weekly (Audio) show

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Dr. Kiki brings you "Science News Weekly". No time to spend an hour learning science? How about 5 minutes? Keep up with the most interesting science to make headlines each week and impress your friends with all your science knowledge. Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.