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Bite-sized History of Mathematics show

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Mathematics has been done in particular times and places for thousands of years. Behind the theorems, equations, techniques and applications taught in the lecture room is a history of false starts, astonishing breakthroughs, remarkable personalities, fruitful collaborations, misattribution of credit, and disputes over who discovered what first. A series of stories, in fact. The materials aim to give students some of the history which lies behind a selection of the famous names and equations in mathematics. Each topic comprises a 'stand alone' two page pdf suitable to be 'dropped' into lecture notes and an accompanying mp3 file based on the pdf. This podcast provides the mp3 files and the pdf documents can be found on the website These materials are freely available for educational use. We would like to hear from any tutors or students who use these resources - please tell us how you use them and how far they meet your needs.

By Noel-Ann Bradshaw, Tony Mann and Mark McCartney

Science Made Fun show

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C’mon in! Welcome to the brand new Science Made Fun podcast. This is your one stop shop for science fun. Whatever you love about science you’ll find it here; from magnetism to molecules, Saturn to seismology, photons to photosynthesis, we cover everything you want to know and more!!

By Science Made Fun

Diamond Lightsource Podcast show

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The Diamond Light Source Synchrotron is a particle accelerator located in Oxfordshire and generates x-rays, infrared and gamma ray beams for scientific research. In these podcasts we'll introduce you to the workings of the Diamond synchrotron and the scientific discoveries that it's helping to make possible.

By Meera Senthilingam, The Naked Scientists

Lectures, discussions and events show

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Listen to audio recordings of public lectures, discussions and events held at the Royal Society, the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence.

By The Royal Society

Podpourri show

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Basically, I'm going to talk about various topics either in German, English or French. Topics include little things and thoughts from daily life, trips, countries, science, music, ...

By Florian Knorn

DragonflyTV . Podcast | PBS KIDS GO! show

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DragonflyTV, the PBS KIDS GO! show that is all about real kids doing real science, taps ordinary kids doing extraordinary investigations, and showcases them in fast moving video with wall-to-wall music. Presented weekly, DragonflyTV Video Podcasts are created by Twin Cities Public Television and offered free of charge. To help support our efforts, please donate online at Find out more about DragonflyTV at


- Darwin Festival 2009 from the Naked Scientists show

- Darwin Festival 2009 from the Naked ScientistsJoin Now to Follow

What has evolution got to do with us? Bringing some of the world's top minds to Cambridge, the Darwin Festival celebrates the enduring influence of Darwin's ideas 150 years after the publication of The Origin of Species, the book that rewrote the way we see the world.

By Dr Chris Smith

WCSJ - 6th World Conference of Science Journalists 2009, from the Naked Scientists show

WCSJ - 6th World Conference of Science Journalists 2009, from the Naked ScientistsJoin Now to Follow

The 6th World Conference of Science Journalists 2009 (WCSJ2009) brings established and aspiring reporters, writers and science communicators from around the world to debate, network, develop their professional skills and report the latest advances in science and technology.

By Dr Chris Smith

Beekeeping Podcast – Garreson Publishing show

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Lectures about beekeeping, provided by Garreson Publishing

By Peter Sieling

decipher SciFi : the show about how and why show

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decipherSciFi features the conversations about technology and the future that come after watching a good science fiction movie. It's our own special mix of science, frivolity, popular culture and community all wrapped up around a sci-fi movie every week.

By decipher SciFi : the show about how and why