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MindEd on Mental Health | CBT Podcast show

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This episode is about overcoming anxieties, whether big or small. The truth is we expect too much from ourselves, and if we don’t keep up, we feel frustrated or depressed. Whatever it is, tell yourself, “Hey, I’ve had enough! It’s time to get on with my life.” Join Coach Aileen on The MindEd on Mental Health | CBT Podcast every Thursday for bite-sized pieces of advice and inspiration to help you reframe the way you think and flip negative thoughts that eat up on you. Uncover anxieties that cloud your mind to gain clarity towards life. I expect nothing from you. Just sit back and listen.

By Coach Ai

Learn with Dr. Swastik show

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Health & educational podcast which help to understand about health issue. It also helpful for medical students

By Budholiya academy



Herzlich Willkommen bei ZUFRIEDEN ARBEITEN – dem Podcast für Personaler und Entscheider im deutschen Mittelstand. Ich bin Achim Freyer von MITgestalten ( und stehe mit meinem Team hinter diesem Podcast: Wir möchten mit unserer Arbeit Menschen an Ihrem Arbeitsplatz zufriedener machen. Mit unserem Kernprodukt – den Mitarbeiterbefragungen – gelingt uns das bei vielen unserer Kunden auch sehr gut. Um auch darüber hinaus einen Beitrag zu mehr Zufriedenheit am Arbeitsplatz leisten zu können, haben wir diesen Podcast ins Leben gerufen. Wir befassen uns in den einzelnen Folgen mit Themen, Dienstleistungen und Ideen, die einen positiven Einfluss auf die Zufriedenheit am Arbeitsplatz haben. Hierzu laden wir uns Experten zu den jeweiligen Themengebieten ein, welche uns an Ihren Erfahrungen teilhaben lassen. Wir hoffen, dass auch Du einige Ideen aufgreifen und diese in Deinem Unternehmen umsetzen kannst.

By Achim Freyer

Brother Ben X Podcast show

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Brother Ben X weekly podcast is dedicated to bringing knowledge, wisdom and understanding through audio. Allowing you to be educated in your car, at home while cleaning or even on your way to bed. Many are now talking about eating better food for the nourishment of our bodies, but we should also take in clean mental and spiritual food for the nourishment of our souls. Social media: @Brotherbenx Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Brother Ben X Podcast

网络喊麦音乐新歌榜 show

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<p data-flag="normal" style="font-size:16px;color:#333333;line-height:30px;font-family:Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;font-weight:normal;"><span>用最成熟的声音带给你欢乐。每周日<span>12点</span>更新。</span></p>

By MC喊麦

Human/Ordinary show

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<p>Human/Ordinary brings you stories about our culture, our relationships, and the extraordinary feat of being alive. In 2019, four producers will bring you sixteen stories about the ordinary and amazing.</p>

By Sam Loy

Hacker Public Radio show

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Hacker Public Radio is an podcast that releases shows every weekday Monday through Friday. Our shows are produced by the community (you) and can be on any topic that are of interest to hackers and hobbyists.

By Hacker Public Radio

Lone Star Outdoor Show show

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Loved Or Hated But Never Ignored- On the Air Every Weekend in a City Near You- Podcasts Available For Free on ITunes.

By Lone Star Outdoor Show

Neaux Nonsense show

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A lifestyle and culture podcast, minus the B.S. She's a psych-head from Chicago and he's a legal-minded nerd from New York. They're two opposites that tackle the topics that you care about, with 100% realness and humor. Listen in as they say what you're thinking in this funny &amp; drama-free positivity zone.

By Neaux Nonsense Podcast

Self Improvement Daily show

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With so many responsibilities and priorities in life, sometimes it's hard to make time for yourself... let alone your personal development. With a new 2 minute self-improvement tip every single day, this podcast cuts to the chase and helps you CONSISTENTLY learn real ways to pursue your potential. Tens of thousands of people have used Self Improvement Daily to level up their habits, restore their confidence, and discover a more fulfilled self. And you can too! All you have to do is invest 2 minutes today and give your first episode a try. Learn more at

By Self Improvement Daily