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Unstoppable Mindset show

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Inclusion, Diversity and encountering something different and unexpected. We all have reacted to different kinds of people and unexpected situations often with fear and unacceptance. Join blind World Trade Center survivor, No. 1 NY Times Bestseller and Chief Vision Officer for accessiBe, Michael Hingson as he talks with thought leaders and others about our often blinding fear of inclusion and our resistance to change. Mike will explore the idea that no matter the situation or different kinds of people we encounter our own fears and prejudices often are the strongest barriers to moving forward. This podcast is presented by accessCast, an accessiBe initiative.

By Michael Hingson

Am I crazy? Or the cops wrong? show

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Someone has been harassing me and I believe I know who is doing it. Can you hear them. If you listen closely you can hear them. They admit to horrible things they did. The cops claim they can't hear anything. Do you hear the voices in the recording or am I crazy

By Dustin chapman

Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy Podcast show

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Want to learn how to leverage your healthcare knowledge to start or grow a business? The Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast presents interviews with real-world healthcare entrepreneurs, innovators, and other leading business experts. On each interview episode, your host Jason A. Duprat will deconstruct each guest's playbook for success so that you can learn ideas, strategies, and insights that will help you on your entrepreneurial journey. You can follow Jason's personal entrepreneurial journey on his bite-sized "Tactical Tuesday" solo episodes!

By Jason A. Duprat

Fresh Outta Experts show

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A podcast tackling the most common, comical, and when we’re lucky, outlandish questions from r/dating and more. Your hosts, Eleanor and Andy, mine the rich archives of Reddit to supply you with advice on dating, relationships, and love. Fresh Outta Experts is a production of Narrowist, a website exploring what makes podcasting similar to and deeply different from what came before. Visit or find us on social @narrowist.

By Narrowist

7 Unhealthy Things You Have Been Doing When Using The Toilet show

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Everyday we use the toilet to bath, urinate or defecate. However, according to brightside, the toilet contains 3.2 million bacteria. This bacteria can be easily spread. This is why it is important to keep your toilet neat and to avoid doing certain unhealthy things that can make you prone to bacteria. Here are some of the unhealthy things we do in the toilet.

By smji

S'ouvrir à l'amour show

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 Bienvenue sur « S’ouvrir à l’amour » le podcast qui va t’aider à transformer ta vie amoureuse. ❤️❤️❤️    Je suis Sandy Kaufmann, coach de vie certifiée.     Sur ce podcast, je t’aide à comprendre et changer tes mécanismes en Amour pour rencontrer la personne qui te correspond et construire une relation de couple épanouie. Tu y trouveras des réflexions, des exercices concrets tirés de mon activité de coach et de l’approche psycho-corporelle que je pratique, ainsi que des conversations inspirantes avec des experts ou des personnes comme toi et moi qui t’expliqueront leur chemin personnel pour s’ouvrir à l’amour.    Et enfin si tu es prête à t’ouvrir à l’amour et à transformer ta vie amoureuse je t’invite à rejoindre mon programme de coaching S’ouvrir à l’amour. Tous les détails se trouvent sur mon site (    

By S'ouvrir à l'amour

Anuj Bharadwaj - Excellloans Pvt Ltd show

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In this podcast you will get information regarding personal loan

By Funny banker

The Scale on Socials Podcast show

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This is the podcast for Social Media Managers and Online Service providers to turn your skills into a profitable online business that you love. My name is Mae Bornillo and my aim is to help you use the power of Social Media to get more clients, increase your income, and make more impact. This is an honest and no-BS show about the journey and learnings as a growing entrepreneur. The Scale on Socials Podcast is your daily source of knowledge, motivation, and momentum to stay consistent on your path to your goals.

By Mae Bornillo

Rosario et ses Amis show

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Tsukune Aono est un jeune garçon, tout à fait banal, qui, malheureusement, a raté tous les examens d'entrée au lycée

By Dominique Rusch

Episode 1 - The best Casino websites in Ireland show

Episode 1 - The best Casino websites in IrelandJoin Now to Follow

Online casino games We will now look at the games offered by the various casinos and where the greatest variety is. You can see here the offers are divided into several columns: slots, card games, roulette, video poker, dice, jackpot games, bingo and more.

By sitesireland