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Summary: A comedy podcast with pop culture repercussions, we record our weekly show on Wednesdays 9PM CDT. Join live and chat or tweet with us, or subscribe to the podcast and leave us phone messages with your questions as you listen at your leisure. The more the merrier, so thanks for tuning in!

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 Episode XCIX: Dr. StrangePod: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Deuce | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We're back, and one step closer to the highly anticipated Episode 100, but first we bring you Episode 99, sans Dave. Not to fear though, Mike has support from Dr. Earl and Pinky. On this episode Mike talks about his boredom at VeggieTales Live!, Dr. Earl acts like it's no big deal to ski at Breckenridge, CO, and Pinky nods and smiles at the two old dudes talking about stuff that old dudes talk about. Producer Tommy brings in a very special drink from Wally World called Mistic. We, of course, make Pinky try the Carrot Orange flavor. Mike brings us a new music from the "Yeah Yeah Yeahs," and without Dave there is no palate cleanser, so Mike prevails in bringing the listener the best music on a podcast recorded on a Wednesday night from a basement off the 280 corridor. We have a listener-fueled "Dying with Dr. Earl" with some very hard-hitting medical questions for the Good Doctor. A new movie game Mike calls "You're Quite the Character" is introduced, and based upon Dr. Earl's wisdom (not his age) he dominates young Pinky. We wrap up the show with a Big 3 discussion on our most anticipated summer movies, and, of course, Dr. Earl has to mention some random Terrence Malick film. Be sure to join us next week for Episode 100. We are having tons of guests, including a very special guest from out of town.

 Episode XCVIII: Pod & Podderer: When Mikey Met d$ | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It's another step closer to silencing the critics who said we'd never make it to 100... or those who never said we'd make it to 10.  That includes Hurricane Rhett, who joins us tonight for our 98th journey into the airwaves of eternal podcastial lore and love. We kick it off by answering the age ol' question... can you still poke on Facebook?  d$ finds out.  We hear another word from our sponsor, and we begin our regaling of sordid tales of StadiumFest and if Switchfoot ducked the Jesus word... what is the name of that Christian clown guy?!.... more trips to the zoo for Mikey and the family... K-Mart's brilliant, edgy ad (and whether we've ever heard the words "edgy", "brilliant" and "K-Mart" in concurrent usage in a sentence... the difference in bike helmets and storm helmets... and McDonald's customer service problem. Mikey has some band that sounds like a mexican Lisa Loeb... d$ has not one, but TWO palet cleansers... and we dive into the Final Four of the Awesome Bracket... Movies discussed tonight include "The Place Beyond the Pines"... "Green Lantern" (!)... "American Loser"... "Django Unchained"... "The Campaign"... and the possibility of Dr. Earl's favorite movie getting a sequel... that's right, the Terrance Malick/Method Man collaboration of a possible second "How High" movie. Our Big Three gives us our favorite TV Finales of All Time, including thoughts on BSG... Lost... 24... Wonder Years and more... Plus, we dig on Disney's plans for more and more Star Wars... the prospect of the Justice League movie... the upcoming Superman film and its lack of kryptonite... the love of The Clone Wars... more rants on Facebook moms... Psy's new cut... Ryan Gosling and ninjas... And of course... Demi Lovato Plus?   Seagal Watch Join us next week for Mikey's Musical Crap, the finals of the Awesome Bracket, Our Summer Movie Preview and more, as our pre-century episode happens... Dr. Earl up in the HIZZZAY on The Deucecast Episode XCIX: Dr StrangePod:  Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Deuce

 Episode XCVII: Pod & Podder | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

As we march towards Episode 100... we bring you episode 97.  So if you've never listened, then its a good time to jump right in... Mikey and d$ welcomes Jacob "Pinky" Pinkerton back to the studio for another great excursion into podcast mediocrity... the guys jump right in with their love of America Online and the then-great now-bad internet experiences... Mikey joining Oh Brother Radio on stage... Birmingham getting a TMZ... Pinky's procrastination... The Walking Dead's finale... the battling Hercules movies... Anne Hathaway's new gig... Pinky's procrastination (he'll tell you about that later)... ripping CDs... Mikey hating the library... and the "re-watchability factor" for a movie. Some random band makes it to Mikey's Music Minute, but just wait, as it Warrant's a pallet cleansing... for the first time, the "Top 250" Game from IMDb takes place... with surprising results.  d$ defends the honor and brilliance of ThunderheartThe Big Three has its own random topic, with The Best Movies Released in April All Time... movies like Field of Dreams... Kill Bill: Volume 2... Man On Fire... Thunderheart... Sin City... and Like Water for Elephants or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pattinson  Really? A great discussion on The Awesome Bracket transpires, as we discuss "Weird Al"'s big charge into the Elite Eight, and the Star Trek (2009) vs Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back battle upcoming... Other topics include director Justin Lin's Fast Series limits... a Breaking Bad spinoff... Morris Chestnut's new role... Warm Bodies... and more on LucasArt's closing. And of course... Demi Lovato!! Next week, join the guys and Hurricane Rhett as they tackle our favorite TV Series Finales of All Time in The Big Three... Mikey has more crappy music... and we discuss the Final Four of The Awesome Bracket.. that's on The Deucecast Episode XCVIII:  Pod & Podder..erer

 Episode XCVI: No Pods Barred | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It's a host-filled episode once again, as the boys decide to shed the burden of silly rants... goofy diagnoses... and dumb junior ideals.  Mikey and d$ own the mics again, daring anyone to stop their steam train of average intelligence and wholesome mediocrity! I don't even know what any of that means... Topics include GI Joe Retaliation, and a performance by RZA that should be nominated for a Razzie like, tomorrow... The Rock's arm butter... feeding homeless people over Easter... dieting... Mikey's former heart surgery diet (even though he's never come close to heart surgery)... some dude named Todd English... watching guys puke after drinking 18 year old Crystal Pepsi... and the pros and cons of Del Taco coming to Birmingham soon... Mike's Music Minute serves up some vintage crappery, including Thom Yorke and Atoms For Peace.  He's a creep. He's a weirdo.  What's he doing here?  He don't belong here.  He don't belong here. The WWE takes centerstage as the guys discuss their favorite wrestling matches of all time, including Shawn Michaels taking on Razor Ramon... Hulk vs. Ultimate Warrior... Andre the Giant agreeing to put Hulk Hogan "Over" in WrestleMania III... the joy of the Elimination Chamber... and the very first Clash of the Champions, featuring Sting vs Ric Flair (notably, the last match ever on WCW Nitro in September of 2000) Other news includes "Finding Dory", the new Pixar sequal to "Finding Nemo"... the Hall of Iron Man Armor at Disneyland... Lex Luthor making an appearance in "Man of Steel"... Will Arnett in Michael Bay's TMNT... Wooderson in "Interstellar"... Fast 6... and the closing of Lucas Arts.  Sad day. The 2nd Round of The Big Bracket is complete, as Mikey & d$ discuss surprises like Metallica over Pearl Jam and The Shawshank Redemption over Optimus Prime... tough battles like The WWE taking on The Walking Dead... and big Sweet Sixteen battles, like the aforementioned Shawshank Redemption vs. The Empire Strikes Back--and which is more awesome. And what show would be complete without Demi?  Not ours.

 Episode XCV: Pod the Great & Powerful | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Another Wednesday.  You know what that means, right?  That means... THE DEUCECAST!!  Its Episode XCV: Pod the Great & Powerful, and P!nky makes his return to the studio... Jumping right in, d$ discusses work... Mikey discusses his upcoming vacation.... and P!nky is still young enough to have a Spring Break that means something... what happens when you take on the Taco Bell Party Pack Challenge?... an introduction to chicken & waffles... do characters really react when you shout "Andy is coming!"... Mikey visits the movie Twilight for a special price... and in a very special beverage tasting, we get a very special beverage near and dear to d$'s heart... Mikey, in his usual crapola music, gives a SXSW recap... d$ returns to cleanse our pallet with something for a full moon... and in a Toys Turned Into Movies Edition of Rotten Tomatoes, we visit with such classics like CLUE... The Care Bears Movie... and Bratz.  Yes, that one. These guys were fun to watch, and do the arm thing... but man, did they suck as wrestlers.  No kidding.The Big Three continues our great wrasslin' theme, leading up to WrestleMania XXIX, talking about our favorite tag teams ever--The Road Warriors, the Bushwackers, British Bulldogs and more... and P!nky talks about watching his first ever WWE Raw... and loving it! We continue our Awesome Bracket, giving a recap of first round matches--Timberlake's win... Greys Anatomy choking and losing... Busey's almost-upset... and the domination of Icy Cold Mountain Dew and Juicy Steak... we also take on the upcoming 2nd round matches, including a generational battle between The Shawshank Redemption and Optimus Prime! The topics include a recap of "2012: Ice Age", a mock-buster film d$ had to watch... and boy is it a hoot... also, the Disney Hollywood Studio rumors with Indiana Jones, Cars Land and Star Wars Land... Robert Redford "classes up" X-Men.... the possible Tomb Raider movie... a recap of "Olympus Has Fallen"... "Red"... an Oscar movie catch-up... P!nky's girlfriend, Pinkette... and, as always... Demi Lovato... Next Week:  The Awesome Bracket gets real with the Sweet Sixteen matchups (and after waxing the Oregon Ducks like Stanford, can Audiobooks become a true Cinderella by taking out all of College Football?)... Mikey has more musical crap... our favorite Wrestling Moments ever... and who knows who might stop by the studio... thats on The Deucecase Episode XCVI: No Pods Barred

 Episode XCIV: Zero Pod Thirty | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Welcome to The Deucecast ... Hurricane Rhett joins us again for another jaunt into the best of the podcast world... The show kicks off with a message from the old Mr. Microphone... then a great swig of the awesome Planet Pulp juice soda... Mikey discusses dinner at Mudtown in Cahaba Heights... Rhett talks about the Hot & Hot Fish Club... d$ just likes Krystal... Fandango's scheme to rook Mikey at Carmike... d$'s time working at The Summit... Rhett's love of  "Battleship"... James Spann's frenzied following... Tone Loc has more issues... The guys dive into a rare serious topic, while still cracking wise, on peanut butter allergies... hugging kids... not having best friends... and our country's decline into "Idiocracy". Mikey gives us some Timberlake for the Music Minute... while d$ throws out some Aly & AJ as a retort... our Big Three struggles through a weak topic of Spring Break themed films (yeesh)... and Downtown Disney morphs into Disney Springs We also dive into movies like Batista in a Marvel film... The Rise & Fall of WCW... d$'s first Madea movie.. Argo... Oz the Great & Powerful... a terrible Ghost Rider flick... The Artist... and on Dr. Earl's recommendation, Compliance... Finally, in our first ever Awesome Bracket, check back here in the next day or so to find out what's the most awesome Deuce Thing ever... YOU CAN VOTE! Next week... Round Two of the Deuce Awesome Bracket... Mikey has a SXSW recap... and leading to WrestleMania XXIX, we discuss our favorite Tag Teams of All Time... thats all on Episode XCV: Pod, the Great & Powerful

 Episode XCIII: Argo Pod Yourself | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Welcome back to the show! Mikey, d$ and Dr. Earl bumrush The Deucecast Studios for another episode of awesomeness... The guys jump into Mikey's zoo visit, and the trouble in rhino relationships... rhinoes that wear flannel and love the Indigo Girls... Dr. Earl makes a really loud monkey noise... Oscar news... d$ discusses his ten year tenure at work... and could he be pulling a Thornton Melon and go Back to School? Mickey Mouse gets a modern look in the new cartoonsAlso covered this week are... Star Wars disappointments with the loss of The Clone Wars and the delayed Detours... Godzilla casting... new Mickey Mouse cartoons... Trainspotting sequels (Planescanning?)... Kickstarter... trying Big Blue Soda... and in WWE News, CM Punk and The Undertaker, plus Ziggler and Ryback. Mikey throws out some alt-J and some even worse Sesame Street covers... then the original Sesame Street tune... then to cleanse the musical pallet, its some Grease fun! A Dying with Doctor Earl segment answers MSG questions... or maybe asks more questions than it answers... and we hit the idea of "can fat kids blame fast food for being fat?  or is it on their parent's shoulders?" Our Big Five takes on the topic of "Best Wrestler Performances in Movies (and not The Rock)", featuring films like Spider-Man... The Marine... Rocky III... They Live... and multiple Jesse "The Body" Ventura appearances!  ReFlicktions this week (movies we've seen) discusses "Jeff, Who Lives at Home"... "Think Like a Man"... "Rio"... and Mikey loves him some "Titanic II: A Good Day to Sink Hard" Join us next week with Hurricane Rhett joining our studio again... we'll have our Big Three... Mikey's Music Minute.. WWE and Disney news... Movie and TV updates... new beverages... and new Rhetts Rhants... thats all on The Deucecast Episode XCIV: Zero Pod Thirty

 Episode XCII: A Good Day to Pod Hard | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Its our first Post-Oscar show, as Mikey & d$ are joined in-studio again by Jacob "Pinky" Pinkerton, movie aficionado and all around pleasant young man. As always, the guys kick off the night with their weekly tasting of a new beverage... they try the drinks so you don't have to!  Mountain Dew Kickstart, the first real breakfast soda.  Yeah, that's right. Mikey dishes on his band going experience in Tuscaloosa... d$ discusses baby woes... and Pinky talks about his movie star older brother Matthew who is featured in a local independent gem. The guys also talk about important items like Star Wars rumored casting... "Planes" from Toon Disney... Marvel casting with Halle Berry, Chris Cooper and even some Chris Nolan's Justice League plans... Disney's Dapper Dans singing boy bands... The Cabin In The Woods... Pinky's lack of Evil Deadness... Side Effects... The Perks of Being a Wallflower... and Titanic 2, which Mikey hasn't seen--but will. A great game of Rotten Tomatoes commences, with Mikey trying to keep his streak going... he also brings some great great music with a band called Kopecky Family Bans... while d$ cleanses our pallet with something truly classic... then leads into a wonderful Buried Treasure featuring the most famous R&B singer to ever come out of Trinidad.  That's a true statement. There's an Oscar recap... Gary Busey returns... and leading into a new segment, The Big Three gives us Mikey & d$'s favorite wrestling superstars of all time... Sting!  Triple H!  JYD!  Piper!  DiBiase!  and many more! In the first segment of The Squared Circle, the guys talk about the WWE, and d$ gives a brief history of the 1990s Monday Night Wars between WCW and WWE. And... Demi Lovato's new milestone, and the Deuce guys help her celebrate it! Coming next week... The Good Doctor Earl makes his 2013 debut, with more music from Mikey... the best non-Rock motion pictures featuring wrestlers in the Big Three... the IMDb game... and Mikey's review of Titanic II, with d$'s review of The Artist.  That's next week on The Deucecast Episode XCIII: Argo Pod Yourself

 Episode Negative 1: Where It All Began | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Two years ago, a band of brothers made a decision to record their voices and post them on the internet for future generations to hear. As we approach our 100th Episode, we wanted to take a look back at where at it all began. Dr. Earl makes his first appearance as a guest, and Matt was third co-host in our satellite studio location. There are important topics discussed: Steven Seagal, Star Wars, and, of course, Disney. So sit back, relax, and enjoy Episode Negative 1! Here's some of the music & media Mike mentioned in this episode: You Are A TouristYoung BloodWhen My Time ComesMy BodyFringe: The Complete First SeasonFixin' To DieMine Smell Like Honey

 Episode XCI: Dpodcast Unchained | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Dave, Mike, and special guest Jacob, Pinky, Pinkerton talk Oscars. This is the big one. We make our picks in all the catagories and debate who is wrong and right. We also discuss our favorite Oscar winning Best Pictures of all time. Next Week: A re-post of the episode that started it all featuring Dr. Earl's first "Dying for/with Dr. Earl"

 Episode XC: Pod Amour | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We return after a brief hiatus from live recording with our 90th installment of The Deucecast, Pod Amour... and we welcome back Hurricane Rhett to the show to discuss a variety of topics... ...and those topics include... ...Mr Q Cumber Cucumber Soda... some Ethiopian-centric band called !!!... service at Sonic... Hurricane Rhett's fandom of Whataburger... and some great blood donation stories... d$ finishes up his list of Best Date Movie Chick Flicks with Enchanted!  While You Were Sleeping!  and Titanic!!!... Marvel news and their movies... Wreck It Ralph 2... Taco Bell's incredible announcement... Star Wars one off movie possibilities... and a rousing game of Rotten Tomatoes... The Big Three takes on our favorite Academy Award winning directors... Coens!  Spielberg!  and Rhett's favorite Bob Fosse classic... Of course... Demi and Busey make their appearance. Next week, its our 2nd annual Oscar Preview Show, previewing the Oscars for the 2nd annual year in a row!  We'll be making our picks for the winners... we'll be picking our favorite Best Picture winners... and we'll have more crappy music from Mikey... and more fun that you'll get out of any podcast called The Deucecast!  That's on The Deucecast Episode XCI: Dpodcast Unchained (the D is silent)

 Episode LXXXIX: Its a Small Pod After All | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

As you can see from the photo above Dave is a Disney fanatic. In fact he and his family are there right now. We at The Deucecast wanted to celebrate this fact with a very special Disney Q&A Session with Mike asking the questions and Dave answering. You'll hear just how much Dave knows about Disney. It will surely make you want to use Dave for all your Disney World Trip Planning needs. So email him directly at if you're planning your Disney trip. 

 Episode LXXXVIII: Les Pod Misérables | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Its another host-filled episode with Mikey and d$, as they dive right into such various topics as... How much is a chick's hotness diminished by buying cigerettes at a gas station?Watching bluegrass bands, courtest of Dr. EarlA comic book collector's tale, both of the experienced (d$) and the novice (Mikey), and our favorite comic shop, Kingdom ComicsThe Wonderful Whites of West VirginiaA tasting of Big Red Soda and much, much movie talk... Other things discussed on this conversation full show... Paul Giamatti in The Amazing Spider Man 2?... Source Code... The Devil Makes Three... X-Men: Days of Future Past... Jamie Foxx... and The Gary Busey Zone. Mikey's music minute actually entertains (for once in his wretched, poor life)with some Duquette Johnston... d$ kicks off another series as he counts down the 25 Best Chick Flick Date Films Ever, or at least, according to his list of his favorite 500 films... movies like Strictly Ballroom!  My Life in Ruins!  Lucas!  and, this little beauty... Our Big Three takes us to our favorite Best Actor and Best Actress winners, including Natalie Portman... Denzel... Julie Andrews and even more... Mikey also gushes about his love for Katie Heigl and "One for the Money ".  He loved it. And of course... Next week... Mikey and d$ take a break from the norm, with an all Disney Filled Episode... get some questions answer, listen to some great music and just enjoy the magic of The Deucecast Episode LXXXIX: Its a Small Pod After All

 Episode LXXXVI: Silver Linings Podcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Its another week, its another show, its another revolving co-host... Hurricane Rhett back in-studio for the first time since November, and we hit the ground running with everything from movies to Demi Lovato... We kick off the episode by jumping into our weeks in review... we discuss Love at AOL... and the Inauguration We give Jordana Brewster more attention in 10 minutes than Hollywood has given her in the last four years Mikey brings out some horrendous Welsh crap called The Joy Formidable. d$ brings back some amazing Dan Seals, including his duet with Marie Osmond (that's Dan Seal's duet, not d$, by the way) Reel or Unreal is spooled out for Hurricane Rhett and Mikey to go one on one, while The Big Three takes on Best Screenplay Academy Award winners... discussing movies like The Usual Suspects... Pulp Fiction... Little Miss Sunshine... and Sidney Poiter movies.  Plus, some listener feedback! Disney News discusses Congress' letter to Walt Disney World concerning rights and privacy (?) and an in-depth discussion of Jordana Brewster's career... and Forest Whitaker too! Manti Te'o theories abound... and why its irritating to d$ that Megan Fox is (might be?) a Christ Follower and Hugh Jackman isn't.  In our assigned movies, d$ discusses his viewing of Blue Valentine, while Michael talks about seeing Ahnold in The Last Stand. Demi Lovato makes a tweet appearance. And Gary Busey comes back to make another appearance. Next week... Mikey brings in some musical crap--what's different?  Nothing... d$ starts a two part Valentine's series on the Buried Treasure... Mikey talks about his assigned movie, "One for the Money", and will be excited about it... the Big Three becomes a Big Six, with favorite Oscar Winning Actors and Actresses... that's upcoming on The Deucecast Episode LXXXVII: Pod Miserables

 Episode LXXXV: Podcasts of the Southern Wild | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Its a very special episode of The Deucecast... no, there are no life lessons to be taught--unless you want to learn how apartheid and Keyser Soze go together--nay, its a special episode because for the first time ever, former co-host Matt joins The Deucecast not from The Noog... but in studio, live! He left our show as a permanent host waaaaaay back in The Deucecast Episode XXXII: The Podcast for Spock, and has joined us via phone/Skype every now and again, but today, is actually live and in the flesh for a thrilling episode that is so good, it will be possibly one of the few Deucecast episodes worthy of submission to the Daytime Emmys! Congrats guys!  Not sure why Bud Light didn't do a "Real American Hero" spot on Mr. Drummond.The guys kick off a fun little tasting with some Bug Juice, or as Mikey puts it, "melted down Otter Pops"... Matt discusses his time away, his move to Missouri, MLK, Jr. Day, celebrating MLK, Jr. with Django Unchained... and becoming a hunter (or an extra from the original Red Dawn)... Mikey dishes on his sick kid... Justin Timberlake new music in Mike's Surprisingly Passable Music Minute... and d$ brings up his Redbox weeklong extravaganza... We lost a great American hero this week, and The Deucecast pays tribute to one of our own, Conrad Bain, in a deeply moving and personal obituary in The Buried Treasure... and because of Matt's return, we dig up an oldie but a goody, Faux or Show for our game time.  Greg Evigan would be proud.  As would Dack Rambo. The Big Three was a little more difficult than the guys thought it would be, as the topic of Best Supporting Actress and Actor Oscar winners are brought up and ranked, including classics from Kim Basinger in L.A. Confidential... Cate Blanchett in The Aviator [Blu-ray]... Joe Pesci in GoodFellas... some Inglourious Basterds... and we answer the question--"Who is Keyser Soze?"  A question that is answered many times.... many times... over the podcast. Matt's back.  Thankfully, he's on our side. Incidentally, he dropped this outfit in his back yard and hasn't seen it in two weeks.Other topics discussed include a bevy of release dates for upcoming Disney films... Machete Kills... a TV premiere date for Under the Dome... Mumblecore films... a thrilling Gary Busey Moment (perhaps the first of many)... Star Wars director chaos... we discuss the Golden Globes and Jodie Foster's ramble... and... The Return of The Seagal Watch.  (cue drums) Mikey dishes on his assigned movie, "Juice", and what a sad loss it was when Tupac left us... and we review many other films seen, including "Dredd"... "Zero Dark Thirty"... "The Company Men"... "Looper"... "Beasts of the Southern Wild"... "Moonrise Kingdom"... "The Watch"... and d$'s assigned film, "Hugo".   And... Demi.  Next week, d$ reviews his assigned movie, "Blue Valentine", while The Big Three takes on favorite Oscar winning screenplays, both adapted and original... Mikey has more crap for us to suck up and take... and more Disney news, TV news, movie reviews and perhaps... more Busey?   That's all on The Deucecast Episode LXXXVI: Silver Linings Podcast


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