Summary: While the UK will always be considered the home of DNB first and foremost, the success of artists from outside of the great United Kingdom over the past few years speaks in resonating volume that some of the most talent-rich markets can survive undetected, deep within the perils of overlooked obscurity for many years. It is our firm belief that Canada is one of the most passionate, earnest and talent-rich countries in the world when it comes to this soulful music that we all know and love. We are not content to simply sit by and nod our heads as literally hundreds of quality tunes by outstanding, top notch producers go completely unnoticed and fall off the radar never to be heard again. The sheer volume of music coming out of this country as a whole that does not recieve its much deserved credit is criminal in itself. We take a lot of pride in this beautiful country we live in. One of the finest things about living in Canada is the underlying diversity within each community, from province to province, from city to city, from mind to mind. Open-mindedness and rich, diverse musical roots and heritage is part of the drive which makes Canadian music so special and unique and that sentiment holds very true on all levels of music coming out of Canada. From jump up to techstep, liquid to ragga, we vow to leave no stone unturned in searching out and exposing the underrated talent in our country on a medium in which people the world over can discover and enjoy it...the podcast!! After many months of studying hours upon hours of different podcasts from around the globe, developing this concept and carefully selecting beats, CCDNB has now arrived. The podcast itself will feature an unbiased look at the music which is molding our scene and our country on a monthly basis. It will feature artist interviews in nearly every episode, showcases to shed light on various producers and upcoming labels, as well as feature guest hosts from around Toronto and the rest of the country. Above all, what truly separates CCDNB from any other podcast you've heard is it is comprised of 100% Canadian Content...Period! From Vancouver to Halifax, from Winnipeg to Montreal, Toronto to Edmonton, we will be reviewing and showcasing material from what we feel is this country's strongest, finest and most promising talent.


 CCDNB 018 V-Day Mix | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

An all Vocal mix that tells a love story. CCDNB 018 V-Day Mix Tracklisting: Override feat Melina - If Im On Your Mind (Stride Recordings) Lisa Shaw - Cherry (Schematic DnB Remix) (Stride Bootleg) Mario Winans - Just Want 2 (Brizzy DnB Remix) (Bootleg) ??? - So Hot (Schematic DnB Remix) (Stride Bootleg) Tamia - So into U (Pacific and Dabbler DnB Remix) (Bootleg) Peyo & Grimm - One For Me (Nusense One For The Road Remix)(Dub) Mutt - Feelings For You (Inside Recordings) Rhianna - Run This Town (Locked and Erbalist DnB Remix) (Bootleg) D-Region Feat Jenna G - Gentleman (DIA Recordings) Keisha Chante - Bad Boy (R Cola DnB Remix)(JungleXpeditions) 3 Days Grace - Wake Up (Justin Todd DnB Remix) Ben Sage - All About You VIP (Gain Recordings) Vice Feat. Sean Goes Pop! - Apart (Stride Recordings Dub) Dawn Penn - No, No, No (Benny Page & Visionary Remix)(Digital Soundboy) Mutt & Visionary - Go On & Cry (Inside Recordings) Override feat Melina - Without You (In Da Jungle Recordings) Hope - Who am i to say (Krinjah VIP) (???) Mutt & Visionary feat. Kevin King - Things have changed (Soundtrax) Mutt Feat. Kevin King - Conversations (Deep Cut) Spread The Word

 CCDNB 017 With Stickbubbly | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

Back again with a huge extended show to kick off the new year! Kapulet unleashes some of the biggest releases, overlooked classics, and fresh new talent as well as a few forthcoming releases to look out for. Jocelyn Dee is back with the news and Kapulet has a chat with the winner of 2009's best breakthrough producer award, Stickbubbly. Tracklisting: MC JD (CCDNB Soca Intro) NC 17 & Legion - Philadelphia Experiment (Sine Language) Cage the Elephant - Aint no Rest for the Wicked (Schematic Remix)(Bootleg) Skaylz - Reaktor (Dub) Override - 211 (Forthcoming Stride Recordings) Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Sixteenarmedjack VIP)(Dub) Grizzy and Decisive - Jah 2012 (???) HEAVY BASS HITTER Poldek H - E-Drive (Dub) Vast - Lust 2 Kill (Dub) Mischief and Mayhem - Ez Does IT (Forthcoming Dreadnought) CCDNB NEWS WITH JOCELYN DEE General Dis A Ray feat. StickBubbly - Afraid Of (Dub) Stickbubbly - Tek Nine (Dub) INTERVEIW WITH STICKBUBBLY Stickbubbly - Arnolds Tune (Dub) Shannon Swain - Let Me Down (Ben Sage Remix) (Disturbed) So Hot (Spinlock Remix) (Free Download Schematic - Mercedes (Forthcoming Stride) PsiDream - Solar Waves (Breakbeat Science) Twisted Individual - Gussest Gravey (Poldek H Remix)(dub) Eleventh Sun - Written in Red (Altosync) Dubcomm - Faker (Dub) Ruthless - Confermned DOA (???) CANADIAN CLASSIC Sniper - Dub Plate Pressure (Remix) Spread The Word

 CCDNB 016 Christmas Special with Vice Lavice | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

in this special 80min Christmas Podcast, Santa Kapulet brings a holiday bag of treats featuring a festive 30min mix of his holiday selections followed by some huge new releases. friend of the show, Kasia, Sits in as a new co-host, Winnipeg's Dj Sw@t Fills in for Jocelyn Dee with the news and we interview upcoming stride recordings Artist Vice Lavice. Playlist: Sconeboy - Jazz Music (Dub) Vice Lavice - Being Here (Stride) Lisa Shaw - Cherry (Schematic Remix) Paul Saint Jack - Convergence (Golden Orb Dub) Mutt - Hot Lick Squeeze (Creative Source) Mutt - Blackrock (Inside) Schematic - My Way (Stride Dub) Dj K - Ali Baba (Kingdom) Dj SS - Black (SixteenArmedJack VIP) (Dub) Filtersweeper - Dubrockers Delight (Dub) CCDNB NEWS WITH SW@T Override - Sunshine and Rain (Stride Dub) Emma Lee - Until We Meet Again (Vice Lavice Remix) (Dub) INTERVIEW WITH VICE LAVICE Vice Lavice Feat. Keir Edward's - Save Me (Stride) INTERVIEW WITH VICE LAVICE Sean Goes Pop! - Apart (Vice Remix) INTERVIEW WITH VICE LAVICE Gremlinz & Stranjah - Blues VIP (Metalheadz Exclusive) NC 17 & Nusence - Just Heros (Viper) Ben Sage - Bring Me Down (Subsonik) Spinlock - Where (Stride Dub) Icicle - Time To Remember (Dj Ramza Remix) CANADIAN CLASSIC Freaky Flow & Pj - Mist (1999) Don't Stop (Vice Electro Remix) Spread The Word

 CCDNB 015 Drum and Bass Terminology | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

Kapulet asks local Junglist's about Drum and Bass terminology as he delver's some of the hottest new Canadian releases as well as the usual exclusives and forthcoming goods plus free giveaways courtesy of FFWD Design Co. and Playlist: Schematic - This World (Stride Recordings Dub) Grimm - Puttin it Down (Influenza Media) Mutt Feat Kevin King - Conversations (C.I.A: Deep Cut) Paul Saint Jack - Timeless (Influenza Media) Drum and Bass Terminology Override - Bring it Back (Stride Recordings Dub) Sick Bubbly & Everest - Movin On (Padded Cell) Schematic - So Hot Remix (Stride Recordings Free Download) Nusence - Resonator (Dub) Drum and Bass Terminology Vice LaVice - Photograph (Stride Recordings Dub) Visionary - Run For Your Life VIP (On Point Music) Vast - Super Soul (Concept Records Dub) Locked & Erbalist - Run This Town VIP (Dub) Filtersweeper - When Levy Breaks (Dubplate) Drum and Bass Terminology CANADIAN CLASSIC Capital J - New and Improved (Phobic) (1996) Giveaways Courtesy of & FFWD Design Co. Spread The Word

 CCDNB 014 Producer Showcase mix featuring CATACOMB | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

Back for the fourth installment of the Canadian producer showcase mix series, Kapulet Features a hard selection from the dark gritty tombs of the one they call Catacomb. Making his mark internationally with dark anger driven drum and bass, Catacomb's intricate work is not for the faint of heart! Playlist: Catacomb - Rise From Ruin (Cyanide) Catacomb - Euro Balls (Disturbed) Catacomb - Immortal (Spun) Catacomb - Strange Planet (Shadybrain) Catacomb - The Zodiac (Syndrome) Catacomb - Rootvein (Cyanide) Catacomb - Bloodmuscle (Smptm) Catacomb - Between The Bars (Syndrome) Catacomb - Gut Wrench (Prspct) Catacomb - Arms In Reach (Citrus) Catacomb - Filthy Fu*king Faces VIP (Prospect) Catacomb - Desert Storm (Cyanide) Catacomb - Foul Matter (Syndrome) Catacomb - Deadlights (Prspct) Catacomb - Trashmouth (Prspct) Catacomb - Farewell (Syndrome) Mixed by Kapulet Spread The Word

 CCDNB 013 The Halloween Special With Division By Zero and Catacomb | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

Furious Records artist Division By Zero guest hosts the very first CCDNB halloween special. featuring an interview with one of Canada's Heaviest producers, Catacomb, as well as free Giveaways courtesy of TDSK, Stride Recordings and FFWD Design company. If your in the mood for some of the darkest and grimiest Canadian drum and bass on the block, the Crypt Kapulet has a bag of treats that will do the trick. Playlist: Nusense - Marked (Dub) Spinlock - Inside the mind of a mad man (Stride Download) NC 17 - Survival of the fittest (Mac II) Grmlinz & Stranjah - Banshee (Mindrush Recordings) Schematic - Thief (UnderGround Soundz Special Edition) CCDNB NEWS WITH JOCELYN DEE Cage the Elephant - No rest for the wicked (Ashes Remix) Jayline & Vast - The Mummy (Dub Damage Recordings) Vast - The Clone (Forthcoming Dreadnought Recordings) GP WU - The Devil (Forthcoming Dreadnought Recordings) Division by Zero - Serial Killer VIP (Dub) NC 17 - Slug Path (DSCI4) HEAVY BASS HITTER Subtone and Stalker - Goblin (Disturbed recordings) Catacomb - Arms In Reach (Citrus) INTERVIEW WITH CATACOMB Catacomb - Immortal (Spun) Jeph - Ghost of Sparta (Dub) Pacific and Psidream - Without a Trace (Nightfall Recordings) CANADIAN CLASSIC Illfingas - Executioner (Vinyl Syndicate) Spread The Word

 CCDNB 012 Producer showcase mix featuring GREMLINZ | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

Canadian Heavyweight Gremlinz goes into the mix with an onslaught of his own dub heavy breakbeat sound. featuring collaborations with Stranjah, Renegade Hardware's Loxy and remix duties for Atlantic Connection. Tracklisting: Gremlinz and Stranjah - De Sollel (Dub) Gremlinz and Loxy - The Grouch (Dub) Gremlinz and Stranjah - Ruins VIP (Vampire) Gremlinz - Her (Vampire) Gremlinz and Loxy - Silver Steez (Cylon) Gremlinz and Stranjah - Voices (Xtinction Agenda) Gremlinz - Kilo VIP (Renegade Hardware) Gremlinz - Sometimes I Get Depressed (Outsider) Gremlinz - Weird (Dub) Gremlinz - Klash VIP (Dub) Atlanic Connection - Soul Musiq (Gremlinz Remix) (West Bay) Gremlinz and Stranjah - 5/4 tune (Dub) Spread The Word

 CCDNB 011 With Gremlinz | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

Lets get ready to rumble! Canadian heavyweight Gremlinz joins us in the studio for another bass heavy podcast! We feature some brand new artists as well as some forthcoming tracks on stride recordings. Listen carefully for details on how to get free tickets to Dirtyphonics live at The Music Hall as well as the highly anticipated Stride Launch Party on October 3rd at the blue moon. Playlist: Schema - Between us (Stride Recordings Dub) Vice - Jolly Boatman (Stride Recordings Dub) Slip and Slide - Ya No Fi Roc (Crunk Recordings) RinceOne - War Machines (Dub) Statistic - TBA (FullCodeMedia) Nusence - Carpet Licker (Dub) CCDNB NEWS WITH JOCELYN DEE Spinlock feat. Krono - Sand Devil (Busy Waiting EP) KGBkid - Junglist Saga (???) Awaking State - Love, Fuck (Locus Remix) (Furious Records) Collie Buddz - Come Around (Ashes Remix)(Dub) Redeyes Feat Grimm - Out of my Head (Spearhead Records) Outlook and Mutt - One Night (CCDNB Free Download) HEAVY BASS HITTER Gremlinz - Annexation (Dub) INTERVIEW WITH GREMLINZ Gremlinz and Stranjah - Tingz (Metalheadz) INTERVIEW WITH GREMLINZ Gremlinz & Blackstar - Cutlass (Def Ltd Dub) Stranjah - One Note (Dub) Catacomb - Desert Storm (Cyanide Recordings) Dubcomm and Grimm - Fight Song (Unfinished Dub) CANADIAN CLASSIC Capital J - Throwdown (Wikkid Rec) Spread The Word

 CCDNB 010 The Jump Up and Ragga Jungle Special V2 feat. Chili Banks | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

Back by popular demand, we bring you the second installment of the jump up and ragga jungle special featuring an announcement regarding stride recordings, a ticket giveaway contest for passes to the Konkrete Jungle/GME party at Wild Water Kingdom and an interview and mix with Chili Banks of Junglist Manifesto Recordings. Playlist: Barrington Levy & RCola - Lost And Found (Royal Crown) Collie Buddz - Tomorrow's Another Day (Dabbler Rmx) (???) Visonary - Change (Free Download at DJ Marky feat. Stamina MC - LK (Rhygin Remix) Locked and Erbalist - Hunt and Seek VIP (Babylon Recordings Dub) Krinjah - Anthum (King Kong Sound) Vast - Roboslut (Dub) Marcus Visonary - Kill Sound (Rocksteady) CCDNB NEWS WITH JOCELYN DEE Debaser feat. Johnny Osbourne - Salute the Don (Junlge Royal) KGBkid and DJ K- Step into a jungle (???) Broackout and GPWU - The Best Part of You (Dub) DJ K & Capleton - On A Mission (Big Cat Records) Chili Banks - The Jungle (Junglist Manifesto) Collie Buddz - Blind 2 U (Brizzy remix)(Dub) SixteenArmedJack - Who Dem 2006 Remix (Dub) Dj Ramza - Crazy soundboys (Dub) INTERVEIW WITH CHILI BANKS Chili Banks Showcase Mix Chili Banks ft. Trench - Torture (Dub) Chili Banks - Jason Kills (Junglist Manifesto) Chili Banks - All Those Drums (Junglist Manifesto) Chili Banks - My Mom Says Your a Badmon (Junglist Manifesto) Chili Banks - The Magic Box (Junglist Manifesto) Chili Banks - Right Now (Dub) Chili Banks - Rise Above Nature (Dub) CANADIAN CLASSIC Dj Slip - Nail Gun (Vinyl Syndicate) Spread the word


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