Summary: While the UK will always be considered the home of DNB first and foremost, the success of artists from outside of the great United Kingdom over the past few years speaks in resonating volume that some of the most talent-rich markets can survive undetected, deep within the perils of overlooked obscurity for many years. It is our firm belief that Canada is one of the most passionate, earnest and talent-rich countries in the world when it comes to this soulful music that we all know and love. We are not content to simply sit by and nod our heads as literally hundreds of quality tunes by outstanding, top notch producers go completely unnoticed and fall off the radar never to be heard again. The sheer volume of music coming out of this country as a whole that does not recieve its much deserved credit is criminal in itself. We take a lot of pride in this beautiful country we live in. One of the finest things about living in Canada is the underlying diversity within each community, from province to province, from city to city, from mind to mind. Open-mindedness and rich, diverse musical roots and heritage is part of the drive which makes Canadian music so special and unique and that sentiment holds very true on all levels of music coming out of Canada. From jump up to techstep, liquid to ragga, we vow to leave no stone unturned in searching out and exposing the underrated talent in our country on a medium in which people the world over can discover and enjoy it...the podcast!! After many months of studying hours upon hours of different podcasts from around the globe, developing this concept and carefully selecting beats, CCDNB has now arrived. The podcast itself will feature an unbiased look at the music which is molding our scene and our country on a monthly basis. It will feature artist interviews in nearly every episode, showcases to shed light on various producers and upcoming labels, as well as feature guest hosts from around Toronto and the rest of the country. Above all, what truly separates CCDNB from any other podcast you've heard is it is comprised of 100% Canadian Content...Period! From Vancouver to Halifax, from Winnipeg to Montreal, Toronto to Edmonton, we will be reviewing and showcasing material from what we feel is this country's strongest, finest and most promising talent.


 CCDNB 033 - The Return with The Best Of CCDNB | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

WE ARE BACK!!! CCDnB Returns with Episode 33, featuring the best tunes to ever be featured in the past of the show! Send Your Canadian Produced Drum & Bass to: Music@ccdnb.netCCDNB 033 The Return of CCDNBRene LaVice - HeadlockNC-17 - Attitude EraArtifice - Ain't A Game VIPCatacomb - FarewellStickbubbly - Love MeBen Sage - Sleepless VIPJohn Rolodex - Behind The MirrorPaul Saint Jack - Timeless V2Soul Music - Atlantic Connection (Gremlinz Remix)Override - Night NightKrinjah - AnthemGrimm & Stranjah - Reign Supreme v 6.1Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Sixteen Armed Jack Remix)Chase The Devil - Max Romeo (Sixteen Armed Jack Remix)Grimm - FireMarcus Visionary - HumbleMystical Influence - Dubplate pressure (Sniper Remix)Mutt - ConversationDub Trauma - MovementSpinlock - Nerve DamageSchematic - My FriendPsidream, Hadley - Inner Strength

 CCDNB 032 Producer Showcase Mix Featuring John Rolodex | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

As one of our country's most internationally recognized artists, John Rolodex, drops a showcase mix dealing out nothing but his very own classics, remixes and dubs including music from his brand new imprint 'Machinist Music'. A true Canadian veteran with big plans for the future. CCDNB 032 Producer Showcase Mix Featuring John Rolodex John Rolodex - The Road - Machinist Music 002 forthcoming Twisted Anger - Feel The Vibe (John Rolodex remix) - NGTBR John Rolodex - Sliver of Truth - 2004 unreleased Amenizm - Oh God - 2005 unreleased John Rolodex - Connector - Machinist Music 001 OUT NOW John Rolodex & Sureshock - Outlanders - dub Equilibrium - Cold Blooded (John Rolodex remix) - OG Recordings 2006 Prodigal Son - Zing Sing - (John Rolodex remix) - Dub Chamber OUT NOW Ray Keith F. Navigator & Alexandra - No No (John Rolodex remix) - Dread 2003 John Rolodex - Satellite - dub John Rolodex - Folding Space - 2005 unreleased John Rolodex & Cartridge - Telepathy - Dread Recordings 2003 John Rolodex & Synoflex - Novocaine - Metalheadz 2004 John Rolodex - Can't See Me - Tech Itch 2004 Visionary F. Peter Ranking - Jungle Rock (John Rolodex remix) - NGTBR John Rolodex - Clutch - Machinist Music 002 forthcoming John Rolodex - The Dragon (2006 VIP) John Rolodex - Sick & Twisted - Machinist Music 002 forthcoming John Rolodex - Box of Snakes - Machinist Music 001 OUT NOW Amenizm - Behind the Mirror - Machinist Music 001 OUT NOW Typhoon - Redline (John Rolodex remix) Yard Recordings 2004 John Rolodex - Keep on Truckin' - Machinist Music 001 OUT NOW Amenizm F. John Rolodex - Conviction - Order in Kaos Digital 001 OUT NOW Special thanks going out to DJ Spinz @ for lending CCDNB his server while we address some technical issues

 CCDNB 031 With John Rolodex and Rene Lavice | File Type: text/html | Duration: Unknown

The CCDNB podcast is back again. Kapulet and Rene lavice Take you through a spectrum of homegrown DnB and we have a talk with one of the most internationally recognized artists to come out of Canada, John Rolodex, about his new Machinist Music imprint. CCDNB 031 With John Rolodex and Rene Lavice Playlist: Drake - Best I've Ever Had (Mutt Remix) (Love Holland) Schematic - Drama (Dub) Grimm and Stranjah - Reign Supreme (Dub) Stickbubbly - Key Mon (Back to the Dance Floor Records) Mischief and Mayhem feat NME - Philly Fresh (Cyntax Error) Spinlock - Tigerblood (Stride Recordings) Heavy Bass Hitter Unknown - Scary Monsters and Sprites (Bootleg Remix) Interveiw with John Rolodex John Rolodex - Box of Snakes (Machinist Music) Interveiw with John Rolodex Rene Lavice - Headlock (Mashinist Music) Heavy Bass Hitter Poldek H- Missing (Dub) Telekinesis & NC-17 feat. KC - Micronaps (State of Mind) Canadian Classic John Rolodex - Badman Soundboy (Dread Recordings) Dragon EP 2002

 CCDNB 030 With Rene LaVice | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We're back baby! After a brief hiatus, the CCDNB podcast Returns just in time to ring in the new year with some fresh Canadian dubs. Guest Rene Lavice (Stride, Future Thinkin, DNA) sits in as co-host, Jocelyn Dee returns with the news, and Kapulet rolls out a selection of dub's from his neglected and overflowing inbox. CCDNB 030 with Rene LaVice Playlist: Rene LaVice - Maintain (Future Thinkin Dub) Mutt - Trying Measures (Focuz Recordings) DubTrauma - Movement (Dub) Schematic -Something Out There (Dub) 2 Pac feat. Snoop Dog - Dead Or Alive (Poldek H Remix) CCDNB News With Jocelyn Dee Rico and Scoop - Fortress (Rene LaVice Remix) (Dangerous New Age Recordings) Peter Jackson Feat Sizla - Miss Right (D Region Remix)(Furious Records) Heavy Bass Hitter Locked and Erbalist - Tough Guy (Dub) DistructO - The Other Kind (Dub) Mishief and Mayhem - Replay (Dub) Gremlinz - Ras Stomp (Wrekanise Recordings) Grimm and Nusance - Anxeiety (Future Thinkin) Canadian Classic Mutt - Hot Lick Squeeze (Creative Source) CCDNB TV

 CCDNB 029 Kapulet Live in Vancouver | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

A Live Recording of Kapulet @ the Backstage Lounge in Vancouver, BC for a special event courtesy of the ShahDJs. Recorded August 14th 2010. CCDNB 029 Kapulet Live in Vancouver 08/14/2010 Playlist Aphrodite feat. Beverly Knight – Sometimes (Annex Bootleg) Capital J - The Throwdown Remix (Re-Cut) Awaking State - Love Fuck (Locus Remix) (Furious Records) Rene LaVice - Photograph VIP (Stride Recordings) Spinlock - Nerve Damage (Stride Recordings) Rene LaVice - This Is Our (Dub) Rene LaVice - Genesis (Stride Recordings) Amenizm feat John Rolodex - Amenizm Part 2 (Dub) Rene LaVice- Jolly Boatman VIP (Stride Recordings) Grimm - Fire! (Future Thinkin) Stranjah - Stomper (Dub) Stranjah - G Riddim (Soothsayer) Rene LaVice - Untitled (Dub) Rene LaVice - Untitled (Dub) Schematic - Untitled (Dub) Rene LaVice & Schematic - Group Sex (Stride Recordings) Aspect - Gremlinz - Upset (Crack Wife) (Sound Artillery) NC 17 & Nusense - Just Heroes (Viper Recordings) Marcus Visionary - Blackboard (LionDub International) Mutt feat. Mensah - Just Met (Inside Music) Ben Sage - Drop in the Ocean (Subsonik Records) Schematic - So Hot (Spinlock Remix) Ben Sage - Sleepless VIP (Evol Intent) Rene LaVice - Eliphat (Stride Recordings) Awaking State - Out There (Jeph Remix) (Furious Records) Scartat - Scan For Pain (Dub) Subtone & Stalker - Goblin (Disturbed Recordings) NC 17 - Altitude Era (Renegade Hardware) Nusense - Back At It (Dub) Marcus Visionary - Long Long Time (LionDub International) Psidream - Shapeshift Rene Lavice - Angel (Stride Recordings) Rene Lavice Feat. Keir Edwards - Save Me (4/4 Remix) (Stride Dub) Override - Wanted (Stride Recordings) Rene Lavice feat. Sean Goes Pop - Apart (Stride Recordings) Spinlock - Where (Stride Recordings) Cage the Eliphant - Aint No Rest For The Wicked (Schematic Remix) (Bootleg) Marcus Visionary - One Foot Skankin Remix (Lion Dub) KGB Kid - Hot stepper Remix (Tuff Gang Records) DJ K - On A Mission (Big Cat Records) Krinjah - Anthem (Dub) SixteenArmedJack - Renegade Snares Remix (Dub) Gremlinz - Blues VIP (Metalheadz) Marcus Visionary - Musical Murderation (LionDub International) Spread the word

 CCDNB 028 Summercast 2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

A special mix of homegrown talent and summer selections from across the great white north Playlist: DJ K - Brighter Dayz (Killa Records) Krinjah - Lovers Rock (Dub) Paul Saint Jack - Monument (Fokuz Recordings Dub) Mutt Feat Kevin King - Thinking(SoundTrax) Schematic - Curves (Dub) Scoundrill - Eras (Dub) Digitalism - Pogo (Override Remix)(Dub) Override - Wanted (Stride Recordings) Stickbubbly - On and on (Dub) Vast - Area 51 (Dub Damage) Rene LaVice - Jolly boatman VIP (Stride Recordings) Amenizm feat. John Rolodex - Amenizim pt. 2 (Dub) HEAVY BASS HITTER Rene LaVice - Genesis (Stride Recordings) Eleventh Sun feat. M.Noble - So High (Altosync) Rene Lavice & Schematic - Group Sex (Stride Dub) Catacomb - Battle Axe (Disturbed) Spinlock - Nerve Damage (Stride Recordings) CANADIAN CLASSIC PsiDream - Secret Life (Golden Oldies Selection) Spread the word

 CCDNB 027 Producer Showcase Mix Featuring Stranjah | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

One of Toronto's leading producers deals out an exclusive all dubplate mix featuring a hand full of brand new cuts that have never been heard before CCDNB 027 Producer Showcase Mix Featuring Stranjah Playlist: Stranjah - Shootemup (dub) Stranjah - Hurtlocker (dub) Stranjah + Nuphlo - Treasurez (dub) Stranjah - Krypwok (dub) Stranjah - Roll Deep (dub) Stranjah - Killa Instinct (dub) Stranjah - Fukk You (dub) Stranjah - Amen Assault (dub) Stranjah - Stomper (dub) Stranjah - Too Late (25 to life remix) (dub) Stranjah - Tremorz (dub) Stranjah - Tears Fade Away (dub) Stranjah - Cry4u ft. Swervez (dub) Stranjah - No More Resentful (dub) Stranjah - Sick Bhass (dub) Stranjah - Dribbler (dub) Stranjah - G-Money (dub) Spread The Word

 CCDNB 026 With Stranjah | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This episode proves that the dawn of Summer has not distracted our Canadian production talent as we bring you another dub packed show, featuring an interview with Toronto veteran Stranjah. Playlist: Override - Chasing Daylight (Stride Recordings) Jayline and Brockout - With Me (Brockout VIP) (Dub) Schematic - Mercedes (Stride Recordings) CCDNB NEWS WITH JOCELYN DEE Stickbubbly - Burn Dem Up (Dub) Vast - Roboslut (???) Aconit and Saejma - One More Day (Spinlock Remix) (Abstract Logic Recordings) INTERVIEW WITH STRANJAH Stranjah - Light (Dub) INTERVIEW WITH STRANJAH Stranjah - G Riddim (Soothsayer) INTERVIEW WITH STRANJAH Stranjah - No More Resentful (Dub) Locked - Somethin's Fuckie (Dub) Statistic - Whiteout (Dub) Jedison - New Life (Dub) NC 17 and KC - Cannibal Holocaust (Proximia Free Download) HEAVY BASS HITTER Grimm - On The Run (Digi Lab Records) CANADIAN CLASSIC Stranjah - Deep Inside (Flex Limited Press) (2001) Spread The Word

 CCDNB 025 Firestorm Mix Sessions Vol.4 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Kapulet delivers a full hour of rough and rugged amen's for a recent installment of the Firestorm mix series. CCDNB 025 Firestorm Mix Sessions Vol 4 Canadian Rugged Amen Mix Playlist: Atlantic Connection - Soul music (Gremlinz Remix) (Dub) Mutt - Rumors (Inside) Jedi - Robber Barron (Gremlinz and Rene Lavice Remix)(Bad Concept) John Rolodex - Post Consumer (Dub) Digital and Outrage - Red Letter (Rene Lavice Remix)(Dub) Stranjah - One Note (Dub) Stranjah - One Note VIP (Wreckanise) Grimm - On The Run (Digi-Lab Records) Stranjah Diwa and Rumbleton - Guillotine (Dub) Grimm - Fire (Future Thinkin) Gremlinz and Stranjah - Clap Back (Crisis) Gremlinz - Annexation (Dub) Rene Lavice - In Limbo (DNA) Gremlinz and Stranjah - Blues VIP (Metalheadz) Stranjah - G Riddim (Soothsayer) John Rolodex - Forget Me Now (Dread) Gremlinz - Frankie Gunns (Hardware) John Rolodex - Rinse It (Amen Mix) (Dread) Universal Project - Outrun (Aspect and Gremlinz Remix) (Universal Project) John Rolodex - Behind the Mirror (Dub) Stranjah - Trance Out VIP (Dub) Ben Sage feat. Savvy - Sleepless VIP (Evol Intent) Gremlinz - Sometimes I Get Depressed (Outsider) Slip - Aftermath (Vinyl Syndicate) Psidream - Shapeshift (Nightfall) Cartridge feat. John Rolodex - Light Cycles (Freak Rec) Raw Mix --> Spread The Word

 CCDNB 024 Producer Showcase Mix Featuring Marcus Visionary | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Marcus Visionary Delivers an exclusive mix full of ragga dubs and remix bootlegs. Not only is he one of the founding pioneers of Toronto's Jungle scene, he is also Canada's number one Drum and Bass talent. CCDNB 024 Producer Showcase Mix Featuring Marcus Visionary Playlist: Top Cat - The Sweetest Ting (Marcus Visionary & Benny Page Remix)(Street life) Top Cat - Smoke the Sensi (Marcus Visionary & Benny Page Remix)(Street Life) Marcus Visionary - Sleng Teng Special Feat. Johnny Osbourne (Dub) Marcus Visionary - Roll Up Feat. Roundhead (Dub) Marcus Visionary - Long Time Feat. Johnny Osbourne (Liondub) Marcus Visionary - Blackboard Remix (Dub) Marcus Visionary - Bounce Feat. Jah Dan (Dub) Marcus Visionary - We Do the Killing Feat. Cocoa Tea (Dub) Marcus Visionary - Zion Train (Rocksteady) Marcus Visionary & Satori - Ghetto Man Skank (Rocksteady) Marcus Visionary - Must Come a Road Refix (Rocksteady) Marcus Visionary - Kingston Town Refix (Rocksteady) Beres Hammond - Fire (Marcus Visionary Refix)(Rocksteady) Visionary - Gimme Your Love (Digital Soundboy) Sean Paul - ??? (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Dub) Dizzy Rascal - ??? (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Dub) Rihanna - Rudeboy (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Dub) Buju Banton - Champion (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Dub) Marcus Visionary - Youth Today (Rocksteady) Nas - Surviving the Times (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Black Pearl) Sexy Love (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Dub) Mario Winans - Let Me Love you (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Rocksteady) Erykah Badu - Honey (Marcus Visionary Refix) (Dub) Spread The Word

 CCDNB 023 With Marcus Visionary Part Two | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Back with a fresh batch of home grown dubs. We read out emails from our loyal listeners, give away tickets to see Simon Bassline Smith and Ewun in Vancouver and continue where we left off with part two of our interview with our very own Marcus Visionary! Playlist: Schematic - Lollipop (Stride Recordings Dub) Polaris - Coming Home (Dub) Schematic - My Friend (Funk Star Dub) Mutt - Strangers (Nu Directions) Mutt and Grimm - The Beat Goes On (Dub) DNB TERMINOLOGY DubTrauma - The Beginning (Dub) Brockout and Peckers - Hostile Action (Dub) Capital J - Diss Da Program (Locked and Erbalist VIP) (Dub) Marcus Visionary and Benny Page - Sweetest Ting (Street Life) INTERVIEW WITH MARCUS VISIONARY Marcus Visionary - Blackboard (Liondub International) INTERVIEW WITH MARCUS VISIONARY Marcus Visionary Feat. Jah Dan - Bounce (Liondub International Dub) Spinlock - Make You Love Me (Stride Recordings) HEAVY BASS HITTER Poldek H - KTR 2010 (Dub) CANADIAN CLASSIC Visionary Feat. Jenna Anderson - Rush (Hustlin Beats) 2004 Spread The Word

 CCDNB 022 With Marcus Visionary Part One | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Back with our biggest show yet! Kapulet scores an interview with Canada's #1 Dj, Toronto's own MARCUS VISIONARY! In this podcast, we go across the DnB spectrum with the hottest liquid rollers, feel good ragga dance floor movers, mind blasting heavy bass hitters and a Canadian Classic that is a must hear. Only one word can describe this one.. BIG!! Playlist: Fleetwood Mac - The Chain (Dj Payne and Bloody L DnB Remix)(Bootleg) Spinlock - Nerve Damage (Stride Recordings) Ashes - Silver Stream (96KHZ Productions Dub) DRUNK MC Jayline and Brockout - With Me (Dub) The Square and Blue Motion ft. MsdoS- You Don't Need Me (no0ne's remix)(Dub) Skepsis - Pristine Method (KrisisDnB) CCDNB NEWS WITH JOCELYN DEE Vast vs PLies Feat T-Pain - Shawty (Cronica Remix)(Bootleg) Vast - Enter The Ninja (Dub Damage Recordings) Target - Monkey Troubles (dub) Marcus Visionary Feat Messenger Selah and Jahdan - Humble (LionDub International) INTERVIEW WITH MARCUS VISIONARY Chopstick Crew - Enemies (Marcus Visionary Remix)(LionDub International) INTERVIEW WITH MARCUS VISIONARY Locked and Erbalist - The Inventory (Terror Bass Dub) Rene LaVice - Angel (Stride Recordings) Spinlock - Maenad (Stride Recordings Free Download) Schematic - Fiction (Dub) Eleventh Sun - Anix (Close 2 Death Recordings) Jedi - Robber Baron (Gremlinz & Rene LaVice Remix)(Bad Concept Dub) CANADIAN CLASSIC Boris Segal - Dont Take It Personal (AltoSync)(2006) Spread The Word

 CCDNB 021 On Point Recordings Showcase Mix Featuring Everfresh and Lucky General | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In our second installment of the Canadian label showcase mixes, On Point Recordings label boss and veteran DJ Everfresh lays down a tidy mix of his imprints catalog in chronological order alongside MC Lucky General. BIG! CCDNB 021 On Point Recordings Showcase Mix Featuring Everfresh and Lucky General Playlist: Johhny Osbourne - No Ice Cream Sound (everfresh special)(On Point dub) Division One - Sound Bizness (On Point - op001) Mega-Ton Project - Cold (On Point - op002) Mega-Ton Project - Bad Man (On Point - op001) Catchin' Wreck - Vibrations (On Point - op003) Everfresh - I like it (On Point - op003) Mega-Ton Project - Hold On (On Point - op004) Odyssey - Champagne (On Point - op006) Odyssey - Recognize (On Point - op005) Odyssey - Nasty (On Point - op005) Odyssey - Funk Odyssey (On Point - op006) Visionary - Global Emergency (On Point - op007) Visionary ft. Peter Ranking - In The Dancehall (On Point - op007) Visionary - Dead Man Walking (On Point - op008) Visionary ft. camp souljah - Run For Your Life (On Point - op008) Visionary - Whip Them (On Point - op010) Visionary ft. Spikey T - Whip Them Soundboy (On Point - op009) Isaac Maya ft. Bandulu Dub - Another Meditation (On Point - op009) Visionary ft. Camp Souljah - Run For Your Life VIP(On Point - op010) Visionary - Bad Man VIP (Aries Quick Remix) (On Point dub) Rub-A-Dub Soldiers - No Gun (Smokers001) Visionary - Cool & Deadly (On Point dub) Stalefish - Be Careful (smokers001) Visionary - Bad Man VIP (Serum Big On The Streets Remix) (On Point dub) Kandiman - Original On Point Sound (Everfresh Special) (On Point dub) Spread The Word

 CCDNB 020 with Everfresh | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

Kicking off the spring, Kapulet delivers over 80 mins of quality drum and bass from across Canada. featuring giveaways Courtesy of CCDNB, Innovation Canada & the Trilogy Sound Crew as well as an interview with label boss and veteran DJ Everfresh of On Point Music, arguably the biggest Canadian DnB label at the moment! Playlist: Ashes - The Duel (96 KHZ Productions) Override - Sooth your Soul (In Da Jungle) Ladyhawke - My Delirium (Dabbler Remix) (Bootleg) Psidream & Hadly - Inner Strength (Fokuz Limited Recordings) Spinlock feat. Kittie Kaos - Just Like Mist (Stride Recordings) Vice La Vice feat. Keir Edwards- Save Me VIP (Stride Recordings) Vice La Vice - In Limbo (Dangerous New Age Recordings) Aspect and Gremlinz - The Gavel (Soothsayer) Stranjah - One Note VIP (Wrekanise Recordings) Scehmatic - At Most (Stride Recordings) Override - Bring It Back (Stride Recordings) Nusence - Integra (Future Thinkin) Schematic - Everything's Colour (Stride Recordings) INTERVEIW WITH EVERFRESH Visonary - Bad Man (Serum Remix) (On Point) INTERVEIW WITH EVERFRESH Visionary - Cool And Deadly (On Point) INTERVEIW WITH EVERFRESH Spinlock - Data Center (Stride Recordings) Nusence - Obsessive Compulsive (Vampire Records) NC-17 - Altitude Era (Hardware) Psidream - Tech 9 (Onset Audio) CANADIAN CLASSIC Slip - Once Again (Jedi Records 1997) Giveaways (Listen To Win) Goodie bag : CCDNB Tickets : INNOVATION CANADA T Shirt : TRILOGY SOUND CREW Spread The Word

 CCDNB 019 The Jump Up & Ragga Jungle Special pt.3 with SixteenArmedJack | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

You asked for it! Here it is. The 3rd installment of our jump up and ragga jungle special! featuring our most requested guest, Canada's Jungle remix master, SixteenArmedJack! CCDNB 019 The Jump Up and Ragga Jungle Special 3 with SixteenArmedJack Playlist: MC Lucky General - Freestyle >Stickbubbly - Good Good Lovin Locked and Erbalist - Hunt and Seek VIP (Babylon Recordings) Vast - My Flow (Concept Recordings) Top Cat - Over U Body (Marcus Visionary Remix)(Streetlife) General Dis Array - Goin Back (Dub) Johnny Dangerously - Pocket Neh Fi Empty (Dub) Collie Buddz - Come Around (Dj Ramza Remix)(Dub) CCDNB NEWS WITH JOCELYN DEE Shy Fx and UK Apache - Original nuttah (Krinjah Remix) (Bootleg) Debaser Feat. Demolition Man- Fire (Foundation mix) (Dubplate) Prisoners Of Technology - Trick of Tek (Sixteenarmedjack Remix)(Bootleg) INTERVIEW WITH SIXTEENARMEDJACK Sixteenarmedjack - Thunda Dub (Dub) INTERVIEW WITH SIXTEENARMEDJACK Sixteenarmedjack - Real People feat. Sizzla (Bootleg) Rhygin - Kingz (Dub) KGB Kid - Bad Bwoy Dubplate (Celestial Conspiracy) StickBubbly - Destroy (Dub) Dub Trauma - Ready To Light (Dub) Top Cat - Smoke the Sensi (Marcus Visionary Remix)(Streetlife) Filtersweeper - Dubjah Dub (Stride Recordings) Dj Ramza - Good Times Roll (dub) CANADIAN CLASSIC The Prodigy - Out of Space (SixteenArmedJack Remix)(Bootleg) MC Lucky General - Freestyle Spread The Word


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