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Chairborne Commandos - Military News, Technology, And Special Operations

Summary: Fasten your seat belt, this is a military talk radio show hosted by veterans. If it goes fast, highly explosive, or dangerous, we talk about it on our show. Our foolproof recipe includes guest interviews mixed with political incorrectness and peppered with sports highlights and strange news stories. Step up and subscribe now!

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 Kyle Doyle – #14 Driver For BigFoot Motorsports | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:47:48

On today's show: Special Guest Kyle Doyle, driver #14 for the Big Foot monster truck is here to talk about the impact military technology has made on monster trucks. Get more BigFoot here: The Official BIGFOOT Website The Official BIGFOOT Facebook Page Also on the show: X-47B make its first historic carrier landing Army is actively seeking designs for next-gen helicopters. Update on NSA defector Ed Snowden Listener Q&A Strange news Post your comments below.

 Joe Teti – Spec Ops Veteran And Co-Star Of Dual Survival | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:06:49

Joseph Teti is a veteran of both US military and US government special operations units. He is a former Force Recon Marine, Army Special Forces “Green Beret”, and a former operator in a highly classified government counter-terrorist unit. Joe is a combat veteran of both OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) in Iraq, and OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) in Afghanistan. He planned and conducted a broad range of special operations missions covering the entire operational continuum. These missions gave the President of the United States an option when overt military and/or diplomatic actions were not viable or politically feasible. Operations of this nature required rapid response with surgical application of a wide variety of unique skills, while maintaining the lowest possible profile of U.S. involvement. He participated in numerous classified direct action missions with several Tier 1 SMU’s (Special Mission Units). Joseph has performed high-risk PSD (Personal Security Detail) operations in Afghanistan and Iraq for U.S. government and civilian clients. He was also a member of a U.S. State Department close protection team assigned to several high profile government officials and visiting diplomats in Israel. Working out of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, and the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem, he operated in high risk areas throughout the country to include Ramallah, Abu Dis, Jericho, The Gaza Strip and the West Bank. He has extensive experience and training in fully armored vehicle operations, advance team operations, motorcade operations, CAT (Counter Assault Team) operations and surveillance/counter surveillance operations. A graduate of over 30 formal schools in regards to special operations, his skill sets and experiences are highly diverse. He has attended several survival schools over his career and is one of a few individuals in the world that hold an instructor certification in tactical tracking operations from legendary tracker and former Rhodesian SAS (Special Air Service) and Selous Scout,
David Scott-Donelan. He has held a TOP SECRET-SCI with polygraph security clearance, the highest security clearance awarded by the U.S. government. Connect with Joe: Facebook

 US Army Cuts A Dozen Brigades | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:09:16

On today's show: Pick up Dale Comstock's new book! Defense spending up by 35% for Asia Pacific countries.  At this rate defense trade between countries will double by 2020. US Army will cut twelve brigades bringing numbers down to a pre 9/11 era. The manhunt continues for Edward Snowden.  Where's his next stop and will foreign governments cooperate with US requests for his extradition? Strange news Listener Q&A This show's sponsors: Blind Barber - Check out their website for awesome men's grooming supplies. Shavemac - Get the finest handmade shaving brushes on the planet. Buy Dale Comstock's Book!                

 US Army M4 Replacement Goes Bust | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:39:50

On today's show: US Army favors aging M4 over H&K and many other top manufactures. Breitling builds a second generation emergency watch. Taliban offer to free Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal in exchange for five senior operatives imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay. Obama asks Russia to participate in nuclear cuts. 3D printer technology now being used to manufacture aviation parts. South Korea buys bunker-busting missiles from Germany. Listener questions. Strange news. This show's sponsors: Blind Barber - Check out their website for awesome men's grooming supplies. Shavemac - Get the finest handmade shaving brushes on the planet. Bonus Item: Chef From North Korea - (Right click and save as to download)

 The NSA – America’s Favorite Spy Factory | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:27:19

On today's show: Prism and the NSA spy games. There's so much more than meets the eye… just wait America, it's about to get ugly. Mobile optical detection system now lets US forces know if they are being watched. The software contains advanced algorithms that can quickly detect optical devices on the battle field. New legislation has been introduced that would require all DOD to settle on a common camouflage pattern. Is this the right call for our Military? China hacks into more US weapon programs after Obama reported giving them a stern warning. Looks like China, along with the rest of the world, don't take this administration seriously. Russia makes a big announcement by taking a new attack submarine to sea trials and also launching a spy satellite. Trained honeybees now being used to detect land mines in the Balkans. Strange News!! ShaveMac giveaway winner is "Tikiman"… better claim your prize ASAP! This show's sponsors:               Blind Barber - Check out their website for awesome men's grooming supplies. Shavemac - Get the finest handmade shaving brushes on the planet.   Resources: Free Stuff: Download the CD: Claim your Chairborne Stickers by sending me an email request. Write an iTunes review and win Blind Barber grooming products!  Any entry made after June 12th is eligible!  

 Dale Comstock – Special Forces Operator And Author Of The Book American BadAss. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:27:40

On today's show we have JT, he's an active duty Air Force SERE and the newest contributing editor for the program. JT will share some details on his background and past experiences, he will also give you a sneak peek of what you can expect from future articles. Next up, it's Dale Comstock. Dale is a US ARMY Special Operations Veteran with over 20 years experience under his belt. Since his last visit, Dale's been involved with Hollywood movie production working as both an actor and consultant, he's written a new book, and he's in the process of launching a clothing line called One More Round. Wow, does this guy ever sleep? Check out Dale's book called American Badass, due out July 4th! Click here to make the purchase! Want more Dale Comstock? Website: Twitter: @dalecomstock Facebook: President for Zulu-7 Productions LLC.   Picture courtesy of

 The CIA Fails To Buy Afgan Cooperation | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:33:29

On Today's Show: US Navy makes an historic drone launch from an aircraft carrier. In today's broadcast I explain why this event is bigger than it appears on the surface to most people. Afgan President Karzai will continue to receive payments from the CIA. It's a classic example of much needed stop loss and our government continuing to waste tax payer dollars. Navy SEAL Team Six knife used in the UBL raid is auctioned off for $35,400 dollars. Marines are looking to lighten the load for ground units by improving body armor. The new technology consists of carbon atom tubes rolled into single sheets. In theory this process creates a barrier 100 times stronger than steel. A rogue UAV infiltrates Israeli airspace and gets shot down by the air force. US Marines may be getting back to their old roots as the maritime strategy is beginning to focus on the Pacific. Australia announces their biggest plans yet as they begin to move forward with a new submarine program. Apple products and hand held devices may finally make their way into Military networks. Finally something to replace the Blackberry. Marine One Squadron gets a VF22 Osprey facelift. Don't fret…the president won't be on board. This new edition is reserved for White House staff and press only. Strange News iTunes Reviews Support our sponsors! If you shave like a man... you need a great shave brush.  Shavemac can help! Buy one today! Visit Presonus Friends of the show: Check out this sweet review written by a Marine regarding our program!  We think it's great but of course we are bias... Visit the website, make a comment, and let them know we sent you!

 Boston Bombing And Social Media | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:19:07

On today's show I'll discuss the Boston bombing and how social media played a key role in apprehending the suspects. Navy adds high-speed catamaran to shallow water fleet Pentagon elects to trash Distinguished Warfare Medal in favor of pin or device that could be added to existing medals for cyber warriors. Israel will purchase Osprey despite its lackluster reputation. Air Force testing advanced precision guided weapon system for A-10 and F-16 Drug cartels are now smuggling illegal narcotics in toxic waste forcing Boarder Patrol to use hazmat teams. Shavemac brush giveaway update. Listener Q&A Check out our sponsors: Shavemac Presonus Resources:  

 North Korea’s Dirty Little Secret | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:03:52

On Today's Show I announce the winner for the Gerber CFB Knife giveaway. Operation Shave Like A Man…it's underway and I'm proud to announce Shavemac as our latest sponsor. Shavemac is a legendary company in the world of wet shaving.  I'm proud to say, we have a small stash of handmade silver tip badger hair brushes ready to give away. Navy makes major progress in the world of anti submarine warfare. Major news media has dropped the ball with it's reporting on N. Korea. Lucky for you…I've picked up the slack. Get the scoop on the sequester budget numbers and find out which branches will receive the most funding for 2014 Germany makes an inquiry with Israel to purchase armed drones. Strange news. Listener updates and state of the union address for the Chairborne community. Check out or sponsors: Shavemac Presonus Resources mentioned on the show: North Korea's forced labor camps Visit Our Friends: Peter Nealen Reconnaissance Marine Pete's also got a book - you should buy it like all the rest of the cool kids. Nick Cat Mace Ward Free CD Link: Download Girl Talk CD - Right Click "Save Target As"

 Ranger Michael Behenna Sentenced To Prison For Killing Terrorist | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:13:07

Today I am going to share with you the story of Army Ranger 1st Lt. Michael Behenna, Michael was sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing Ali Monsour, a known Al Qaeda operative while serving in Iraq. Despite the forensic evidence and the expert witness that support Michael's case, Michael sits behind bars in Leavenworth making the best of a bad situation. This story also brings forth the question… does a soldier have a right to defend himself in a war zone? And while the answer may seem obvious, there are people out there that disagree. I ask that everyone hearing this story step up and take action. We can't leave a brother behind and Michael deserves his freedom. One team one fight. Michael can also receive money into his prison account for personal items and telephone calls. the prison charges 40 cents per minute for telephone calls, which makes keeping in touch difficult. Only Money Orders can be sent to the prison and they must have “Michael Behenna  87503″ on the payee line. Send books, money orders and your letters of support to: Michael Behenna #87503 1300 N. Warehouse Road Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-2304 To make a donation to the legal defense fund visit: Hit up the website:

 US Army Developing New Tank Munition | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:18:42

On Today's Show: US Army is developing a new tank munition that combines six different capabilities. India successfully tested a submarine missile launch. B52 get a new weapons system upgrade Update on the Navy's UCLASS drone race Recent tests show American citizens are becoming a growing number in Mexican drug cartel mules. Massive robotic jellyfish… iTunes reviews… Strange news stories

 The Liberator Book Review And More | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:31:07

On today's show - Taiwan finally gets their $1.4 Billion dollar early warning radar system. Congratulations to Arizona. It's the most pro gun state in the union. In the show, I review the best and worst. Sequester big picture issues. The Liberator Book review. Get your copy below! Listener Q&A

 US Soldiers Test Self Cleaning Garments (1 of 2) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:17

On today's show: South Korea and Indonesia are partnering up to build a 4.5 generation fighter aircraft called the F-33 Brazil is set the join the very exclusive "nuclear sub club." The US gets ready to install an early warning radar system near Kyoto, Japan to boost defense against N. Korea. F-35… the complete update. Don't hold your breath on this one. Printable gun magazines. Friend or foe? Strange news.

 US Soldiers Test Self Cleaning Garments (2 of 2) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:12:26

On today's show: South Korea and Indonesia are partnering up to build a 4.5 generation fighter aircraft called the F-33 Brazil is set the join the very exclusive "nuclear sub club." The US gets ready to install an early warning radar system near Kyoto, Japan to boost defense against N. Korea. F-35… the complete update. Don't hold your breath on this one. Printable gun magazines. Friend or foe? Strange news.

 MIT Developing Smart Clothes For US Army Soldiers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:25:39

On today's show: China has a few words in defense of their latest cyber hacking schemes. US and UK reveal their latest strategy to combat cyber attacks. Unfortunately the US plan fails miserably and I will tell you why. Israel reports that Iran is very close to finalizing their nuclear bomb. Budget cuts loom on the horizon. March 1st is the deadline and I will break down what this could mean for each of the armed forces branches. Soldiers be sure to check out your tuition assistance status for school. Operation Shave Like A Man… it's in full effect. Tongue sensor device could unlock new treatment for traumatic brain injuries. Strange news! Post your comments below!


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