The NSA – America’s Favorite Spy Factory

Chairborne Commandos - Military News, Technology, And Special Operations show

Summary: On today's show: Prism and the NSA spy games. There's so much more than meets the eye… just wait America, it's about to get ugly. Mobile optical detection system now lets US forces know if they are being watched. The software contains advanced algorithms that can quickly detect optical devices on the battle field. New legislation has been introduced that would require all DOD to settle on a common camouflage pattern. Is this the right call for our Military? China hacks into more US weapon programs after Obama reported giving them a stern warning. Looks like China, along with the rest of the world, don't take this administration seriously. Russia makes a big announcement by taking a new attack submarine to sea trials and also launching a spy satellite. Trained honeybees now being used to detect land mines in the Balkans. Strange News!! ShaveMac giveaway winner is "Tikiman"… better claim your prize ASAP! This show's sponsors:               Blind Barber - Check out their website for awesome men's grooming supplies. Shavemac - Get the finest handmade shaving brushes on the planet.   Resources: Free Stuff: Download the CD: Claim your Chairborne Stickers by sending me an email request. Write an iTunes review and win Blind Barber grooming products!  Any entry made after June 12th is eligible!