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The Justin Wayne Show | Music's Independent Spirit

Summary: Radio and downloading unite! Join Justin Wayne and his colleagues as they uncover the underground and independent music scene, showcasing independent punk, rock, and pop. Joined by voice and musical talent spanning the globe, you'll have to tune in each week to see what they've got up their sleeves. Check out the podcast blog where you'll find more information about the podcast as well as complete playlists, links to artists and more!

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 TJWS 318: Goodbye 2015 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:00:00

Flying solo today, I'll play some great new submissions we received over the holidays and get into some of my favorite older tunes from this year and year's past. The Playlist Title Album Artist Honey Pie Honey Pie Charlie and the Rays Blue Skies Green Eyes Blue Skies Green Eyes Doc Yates Owl Song Owl Song – single Firewoodisland Japanese Cars Japanese Cars Roaming Herds of Buffalo Time Colours EP Navina Reticence Cliff Reticence Cliff – single Ladyboy Mvmt IV, “Every Bell on Earth Will Ring” The Oh Hellos‘ Family Christmas Album – EP The Oh Hellos Walking Away 4th of July The Rain King Orla J*E*S*P*A E.P. Pepper And Shepherd Down The Prologue EP Ruby May Spencer Deadlock Boom Photo Electric Sonny Boy The Red Phone The Red Phone A London Reminition What Are You Waiting For? The Robbie Boyd Band Small Potatoes (on a late night radio show) South of the River Robert Batley The Salt Mine The Salt Mine – single Adam Cleaver Bang on the Money Rabble Rock Radio Stone Pony Bricks Not Sticks or Straw Bricks Not Sticks or Straw (single) Van Susans Leave Me Alone (live) Live session at Blunderbuss, Bozeman, MT Kyle M. Helm Shoelace (live) Live session at The Workshop, Walla Walla WA Whisky Barrel Rocker The Other End Live in Studio C at Main Street Studios

 TJWS 317: Holistravaganza 2015 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:52:43

Real independent holiday music! Claire and I dust off some of the library songs, some of our artists sent a few new ones in, and Deann Snyder from drops by and brings a few as well. Join us and bring your holiday cheer! There are a few sleepers that don't show up in the playlist, so listen close! The Playlist Song Album Artist Another Christmas Song Another Christmas Song The Lucky Face Frosty The Snowman Frosty The Snowman Bekah Kelso The Worst Christmas Ever The Worst Christmas Ever Men With Ven Silent Night December Big Tree Lost on Christmas Lost on Christmas The Last Hope Road Show Santa’s Coming Round This Time Next Week Santa’s Coming Round This Time Next Week Glenn Hodge Banned Believe My, How You’ve Grown Big Tree I Broke My Radio on Christmas Eve I Broke My Radio on Christmas Eve Paddy Flowers Take Me Home for Christmas Take Me Home for Christmas – Single Delta Deep Waltz With Me Waltz With Me Something Someone Every Sock Gets a Hole B-sides Tom Rosenthal The Christmas Song The Christmas Song PHOX Last Christmas Last Christmas The Oh Hellos‘ Family Christmas Album – EP Little Jack Frost Get Lost Little Jack Frost Get Lost Temporary Hero An Idiot for Christmas Hot Christmas! Hot Breakfast! Knees Up Christmas Knees Up Christmas Stone Pony   See you next time! ~JW, CR and DS

 TJWS 316: Brian Ripple, Bozeman Magazine, and Learning to Kiss… | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:05:00

Brian Ripple from Bozeman Magazine joins us in the studio to day to talk about how he's integrated himself into the growing Bozeman music scene and about Bozeman Magazine's role in it and in the wider community. His magazine has been doing great things for this community since 2007 and we're glad to present this interview with him. You'll also hear some great tracks, including a new single from show favs Dancing Years - it's about kissing. The Playlist Title Album Artist Skyscrapers (held together) Skyscrapers – single Schedules Dark Clouds Dark Clouds EP Late Hala Wet Weekend In Wales Slow Train EP The Loving Idiot Learn to Kiss Learn – single Dancing Years Zero Winter The East End Session Planes On Paper Prison Song Dear Lucy Soundtrack Sam King Strange West Six Pack (Advance) The Alpine Camp Watch Out Radio Watch Out Radio – single Healthy Junkies We Had It All Images of Youth Presley Johnson Ignis Fatuus The Inner Wastelands Maud the moth Winter Dolour Winter Dolour Louise Aubrie Share My Bed Patchy Patchy Vines Vines Polar States All I Got Here Tomorrow Gone Today Prince Perry Interview with Brian Ripple of Bozeman Magazine Midnight in Austin Moon Raccoon Modern Sons White Dove Inspire Public Symphony Smoking Manhole Smoking Manhole MOTH Danger Danger Squawk! The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse   See you next week! ~JW, CR and BR

 TJWS 315: Fancy shaves and fancy tunes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:50:00

After Movember, my face is clean shaven and so we're bringing you fancy tunes and mostly healthy chat from my fancy face (and Claire's too.) You'll hear new music from Ranges and nearly new from Fjokra... it's a great episode packed with music. The Playlist Title Album Artist Miles Away Fair Weather Friends Fair Weather Friends Heaven is a Ghost Town Let the Storm Go Ash and Bloom Alone Alone Joshua Hayden If I Were The Devil If I Were The Devil Ranges Django Django The Chains Running my Mouth The Best Damn Ride Charlie Leavy Cinders Julie Hawk EP Julie Hawk Get Amongst It Get Amongst It Fjokra Pretend Knites Knites One Stone One Stone The Buzzard Orchestral The Game (Radio Edit) Single Will and the People Relapse Relapse Natasha North Gravity in Motion Gravity in Motion Nix Excited Eyes Excited Eyes The Notionaries Victims Echoes (EP) Ocean Jet Silicon Pleasure Blast Onions Those Wide Eyes Pleasure Blast Onions White Chair Patchy Patchy Nothing Major Your heart is ready for home Pareto Walking Sideways Folklore,

 TJWS 314: End of Movember | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:10:00

That's right, the day we recorded the live show is the last day of Movember. You can still donate to our good cause - the awareness for Men's Mental Health. Why did I grow a mustache for this? As this is my 6th year of Movember and we've been talking about men's cancer for the last five, I thought we'd focus on what we've been talking about on the show for the last two years and raise awareness for mental health. You can donate here if you like: And, of course, you'll hear some great new independent music on the show, we wrap up the last Top 10 of the year (December's is all the #1s from the year battling it out) and we talk a bit about Claire's anxiety about reading the gig guide... well, sort of... The Playlist Title Album Artist The Ultimate Tool The Ultimate Tool (Single) The Danes You Say Chasing Ghosts Morning Fuzz Say The June EP Runabay Invincible Invincible – single The Undivided Love Internationale Love Internationale / The Cashier The Clear The Way Life Is The Best Damn Ride Charlie Leavy The Salt Mine The Salt Mine – single Adam Cleaver Ten Years TheAudioJournalist TheAudioJournalist Waitin’ for You Waitin’ for You – single Billy Bibby Beating Drums White Room The Marquee Love Song Love Song – single Mr Woolf and his Music White Snow Pharmacy Moontalk Lavender Lavender Mutant Vinyl Empty Out Your Mind Empty Out Your Mind Myloe Mothership Mothership EP The Moving Seeing Red (Radio Edit) Shamanaid My Baby Floating My Fellow Sponges

 Top 10 + 1 of December 2015 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:48

In December we do something special with our regular Top 10 of the month. Instead of coming up with 10 new songs, we decided to pin all the top songs of the year against each other. Every number 1 from every month go head to head to see which will win as song of the year! You have until the last day of December to let us know... Links to the Artists: Strange Waves The Floodgates Something Someone The Great Secret Stump Whoopt Chitlins Nakisha Esnard Maud the moth Alexander Michelle Ruby May Spencer Angus Powell  The Buzzard Orchestral

 TJWS 313: Unquiet Nights and a Discovery 2 Preview | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:12:38

Luke Mathers from Belfast's Unquiet Nights joins us a live for a chat about his new album released on December 11th, Postcards in Real Time. We even did a live preview for the upcoming Discovery 2 gig night on December 26th at the 229 Venue in London, featuring Knites, The Undivided, Adam Cleaver, Shelly Ravid, and Helene Greenwood. The Playlist Title Album Artist The Hammer Love to Hate You EP Elle Exxe Little Black Books Auto Pilot The Vast Alps Still Life Eyedom We Came As Strangers Dodged A Bullet Almanac The Nadas The Cashier Love Internationale / The Cashier The Clear No Runner No Runner Joshua Sargeant Loved Not Understood Head’s Up Annique Still Trying Falling Faster Than You Can Run Nathaniel Rateliff Giggle Natasha Davies Natasha Davies Died for a Night Died for a Night Matt Blake How Do You Sleep? Don’t Make Me Wait Nick Tann Interview with Luke Mathers of Unquiet Nights George Best City Postcards in Real Time Unquiet Nights More Than These Eyes Postcards in Real Time Unquiet Nights Hell Isn’t My Home Hell Isn’t My Home (UK Release) October Sky Dear Job Center Dear Job Center Shelly Ravid Prayer Prayer Helene Greenwood The Salt Mine Man or Beast – EP Adam Cleaver Invincible Invincible The Undivided Could Have Lied Knites EP 2015 Knites   More about Discovery 2's upcoming gig on November 26th When: Thursday, November 26th Time: Doors at 7:30pm Where:  229 The Venue, 229 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5PN Tube: Great Portland Street

 TJWS 312: Matt Kline and Cleanis Soap | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:58:02

Matt Kline from Cleanis Soap joins us to bring his soapy and musical expertise to the show. Claire has some strange issues with glassware and her internet, but still brings great music submissions to the show. Matt plays a few tracks and we'll even get a few on the air from our friend at, Deann Snyder. The Playlist Title Album Artist Motorcycle Drive By Nothin Left To Lose Meghann Wright You Make Me Sweat FALK The Raunchies Let It Be Let It Be Sunnen Shade Great Summer Wonky SingLadies Blue Eyes Ghosts Cassidy Dickens God Knows God Knows EP The Floodgates More More NOVA Exodus Exodus Thieves In The Palace The Ultimate Tool The Ultimate Tool (Single) The Danes My Girl Everything You Wanted to Know about the Sea Lions… Sealions A Million Things The Lucy Show The Lucy Show Hey Luis Don’t Bite Me 2014 Tom Rosenthal YOLO B-sides Tom Rosenthal The Meaninglessness of Numbers Bolu Tom Rosenthal Don’t Turn Around (Single) Don’t Turn Around (Single) Vinten Laguna Laguna The Van Ts Heavy As A Brick Above Club We Are The City Baby Don’t Go Bleaksploitation Katie Von Schleicher   See you next week! ~JW, CR, MK and DS.

 TJWS 311: Close to Nowhere on TV? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:00:00

I reconnected with Peter Renzullo this week who's taking his independent music podcast in Perth, Western Australia onto video and building a TV show around it. You'll hear all about the project as well as a few of the live performances he's done already, as well as the link to the crowdfunding campaign where they're raising $5,000 Australian dollars to finish the pilot episode. Clarie's also got some great music from the submission box and I've even been in there a bit. You'll hear some great tunes on this show. You'll also hear me blubber on about Movember - it's my 6th year and this year we're raising money for men's mental health... by growing mustaches. And don't worry, I'll put Peter's chicken playing music at the bottom of this post. You'll thank me. Find out more and donate to the Close to Nowhere TV effort Check out Justin's mo (mustache) and donate to his Movember collection tackling men's mental health The Playlist Title Album Artist One Stone  One Stone – single The Buzzard Orchestral Image Image – single Strange Waves Regrets of a Cosmic Mountaineer Adventure The Alpine Camp Broken Kite Broken Kite – single The Floodgates Fighter Hard Times Straight Lines Aaron Stephens Do You Know Who You Are Do You Know Who You Are Ashbury Keys The Good Life Points of Light Sentinel Smile Smile Heidi Louise Lama Lama – single Ummagma Deep Dark Blue Surrender my soul Marie Lala Where Are You Going The Murder Project Bethony Kay The Monster The Monster – single FaceMore Stay Right Here Ont’ Sofa Anna Pancaldi Sons And Daughters (Feat. Liz Lawrence) Sons And Daugthers Allman Brown Interview with Peter Renzullo of Close to Nowhere In the Middle Close to Nowhere Live Recordings Morgan Bain Wayfaring Stranger Close to Nowhere Live Recordings

 TJWS 310: The Buzzard Orchestral and a reunited presenting staff | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:50:00

Claire and I are reunited just in time to get the boys from The Buzzard Orchestral on the line for a live interview, direct from their home/studio/gig venue. You'll also hear some new stuff from Belfast's Runabay and other great realindie music tunes. The Playlist Title Album Artist Unlighted Shadow An Ocean in the Air LoveLikeFire Moon Turns Blue The June EP Runabay Cool Girl Madi Anne Davis Madi Davis Drank In The Mornin Drank In The Mornin Magnastic Miss Nothing Blindsider The Manic Shine Without You Without You Marie Lala Gone Green Gone Green (free single) Tom Rosenthal Eggs Viceroy Mark David Ashworth Image Image – single Strange Waves Interview with The Buzzard Orchestral In the Hospital In the Hospital – single The Buzzard Orchestral One Stone One Stone – single The Buzzard Orchestral Tide Tide Lucy Kitchen Rusty Slow Blues The Madisons The Madisons   See you next week! ~JW and CR

 TJWS 309: Danny Newcomb and Halloween | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:00:00

We're quite fond of Halloween here at The Justin Wayne Show, so we break out a few of our favorite independent songs for the holiday on this show, as well as an interview with Danny Newcomb who's just locally released his debut solo album, Masterwish. The Playlist Title Album Artist Million Thoughts Little Love Story Lee La Loa Trusty Branch Whole Heart Lee Koch When You Were a Waitress Real Snow Kye Alfred Hillig Don’t Giggle At The Corpse Martini Eyes Lorraine Leckie Halloween Halloween Kotki Dwa Night of the Creeps Platinum LoveSix Jericho Jericho Kelly Oliver Ain’t Nobody Quite Like Me Molded Chrome EP The Nature of Ghosts Head on Fire Head on Fire The Little Philistines Robert Robert (single) Vincent Awuku The River Concrete Class The Lonely H We All Know The Words Live In Studio C at Main Street Studios 2014 Jeff Crosby Together In the End Secret Wonder Secret Wonder Overexposure Overexposure – Single Linda Harrison Who Pulled the Trigger? Who Pulled the Trigger? The Lightwings Interview with Danny Newcomb One Wish Masterwish Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers Sundays Masterwish Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers Gentlemens Club Gentlemens Club Little Switzerland Can’t Wait Can’t Wait Captain Samurai Caesar Dear Wormwood

 Discovery 2 Preview: The Buzzard Orchestral, Apollo Junction, Billy Bibby, Last Charade and Tommy & Mary | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:00

The next London independent music showcase of Discovery 2 features the indie rhythm sounds of Last Charade, alternative indie/punk The Buzzard Orchestral, Leeds electro-indie band Apollo Junction, Billy Bibby (ex Catfish & The Bottlemen), and busking garage rock duo Tommy & Mary. In this podcast, you'll hear a song from each band, and we'll give you the lowdown on them and what the night will entail. Discovery 2 Gig Information When: Thursday 29th October, 2015 Doors: 7.30pm  Show starts: 8.00pm Place: 229 The Venue, 229 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5PN Tube: Great Portland Street Tickets: Advance Tickets £7, Door £10 Join the Facebook Event More about the artists appearing this month LAST CHARADE Last Charade are a London-based rhythm/indie band with energetic sounds and catchy choruses. Consisting of 4 members and fronted by EMI's recently crowned "Most Promising Artist" Danny Pape. Their songs are quirky, without being twee and unconventional, without being contrived! - Head of Music, HMV Last Charade on Facebook THE BUZZARD ORCHESTRAL The debut single from The Buzzard Orchestral 'One Stone' has been picked as a 'fresh fave' from Tom Robinson's Fresh On The Net, and picking up regional radio play across the UK. They're supporting Funeral for a Friend. This band have a lot to say about current day issues facing young people and politics. Influences for their unique sound are drawn from The Dirty Pretty Things to Led Zeppelin – helping to forge the often haunting, stabbing, melodic, grooving alternative early Radiohead influenced sounds. The Buzzard Orchestral are one of a kind. Profound and powerful. With genius lyrics they intrigue me like no unsigned band ever have''Lovely stuff, it's all rhythmically and musically interesting, the guitars sound great! - Rhodri Marsden - The Independent Every time I listened, it made me feel like turning up the volume and dancing around the room. - Fresh On The Net One of a kind. Profound and powerful. With genius lyrics they intrigue me like no unsigned band ever have. - Show Me Something Different The Buzzard Orchestral on Facebook APOLLO JUNCTION Apollo Junction formed in 2012, 5 former band rivals with the intention of forming a supegroup to write and perform electro indie guitar inspired songs infused with tuneful melodies that everyone can dance to. Wherever they play they are causing a stir. They have a new single 'Born For Now' out which is receiving National Press and regular radio play from Janice Long, Radio 2. Magnificent. - The Sun It’s always a good sign when you feel you know the chorus after hearing a song for the first time. -BBC6 music Melodic, Piano-led soul-bearers from the Leeds-London Indie outfit - The Times These guys are tremendous - Graham Norton BBC Radio 2 The track compositions are ready to get bums off arena seats - Cult Noise When the first track you hear by a band is a huge anthem, you know they’re something special! - Chris Hawkins BBC6 music Apollo Junction's website BILLY BIBBY (Acoustic) (EX-Catfish & the Bottlemen) Made in Lancashire and raised in the Welsh seaside resort of Llandudno. Billy Bibby's voice has all the traditions of a Lancashire hotpot churned together with the excitement of a trip to the beach. Possessing powerful melodic pipes and a set of songs to match. Bibby prides himself on making those records that everyday people will understand and resonate with.

 TJWS 308: More Music on Monday | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:59:50

Just Claire and a whole load of independent music gracing the airwaves today. Tune in for a selection of music, some new, some old - but all good (at least in our opinion). The Playlist: Title Artist Album Under the Sky Michael V. Doane Rock Family Let’s Get Intimate (ft. T1) Elektric (ft. T1) Sorry I’m Late burning-thunder Lazer Lloyd The Diver & The Girl MyKey Never Say Never Thieves In The Palace Stay DoYouLoveMeYet Luke Potter The Tiger’s Grin (single) Analog Birds That Girl Kevin Jaxon Absolute Don’t Brake Liv Don’t Brake – Single Regrets of a Cosmic Mountaineer The Alpine Camp Adventure To Get By Aspen Songs For Oxjam Loose Ends Euriah Do The Math Asthmaboy Later Days Wake In Fright Desert Planes Desert Planes moon turns blue Runabay the june e.p. The Castle Keston Cobblers Club A Scene of Plenty What’s Mine What’s Yours We Have Band Not In My Name Mark Hole Around the World Blake Noble Underdog The Devil, My Friend MP3 Cara Mitchell Afraid of The Dark EP Runnings Fun Cry Baby Aeroplanes Demo E.P Hurricanes Jazz Morley Trying to Make Sense The Life and Death of an Oak Tree Hunter Dumped Us Here   See you next week! ~CR

 TJWS 307: A new studio, a new outlook… | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:00:00

Packing this show with new music and some great stuff from the archives - you'll hear a few brand new bands to the show and some of our favorites from days gone by. It's also our first broadcast from the new studio at Blunderbuss. I'm calling it "Blue Door Studio" at it has a blue door (very genius, I know.) The Playlist Title Album Artist Miles To Tralee Miles To Tralee Kelly Oliver Smart What I Know Madi Davis SD SD Kory Bard The Tiger’s Grin (single) The Tiger’s Grin (single) Analog Birds Rebirth Rebirth Seventy Eight Feels Like Home The June EP Runabay Stone Cold Stone Cold EP Bella Farinas Out Ahead Out Ahead Anna Pancaldi King’s Ransom King’s Ransom Sam Way Image Image – single Strange Waves Positively State of the Art Built By Angels Jon Byrne Fade Away Fade Away – single Jessie Lee Burn Jericho Jericho – single Kelly Oliver Memories of Victory (live) JW Lounge Sessions 10 Oct 2011 Juey Asleep With the Devil Stories Jordan Velez Most People Are Better Than You Payin’ 4 Yesterday JoeJoeKeys Go To Me Repentance Jordan Klassen Ohio Dirty Birds (Special Edition) Kat Flint Our Trips to the Hills Coins – EP Kate Gratson What Gives (Explicit) What Gives – single Counting Coins   See you next week! ~JW and CR

 TJWS 306: Whilst Justin’s playing doctor, Claire’s playing host. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:01:10

You've got Claire taking through tonnes of great music, some new and some old but all worth a listen. Tune in for all the other good stuff also: our free music feature,the gig guide, and the first play from the October Top 10! The Playlist: Title Album Artist Half Life Half Life Blair Jollands Sweet Nothings Jonjoswann Sleep The World Away Animal Farm Master High Horses Home With You Home With You Elle Exxe Undo Miccoli One Stone The Buzzard Orchestral Seven Miles Adventure The Alpine Camp Sign Runabay Carry On Some Build Castles Rebecca Cullen Monsters Angus Powell Weightless (Single Version) The Manic Shine Castro Do You Want To Rule The World Kolo Lipstick Teeth Van Susans Tear Down The Circus Kimmo Olavi Colours of the sky Old Bohemia Human aka Man’s Lot Human aka Man’s Lot – Single The 150 Friends Club The Beat Sparkleton Grown Up Avenger Stuff Black Satin Ethereal Foxy & The Hares 01 Somersaults MP3 Seasons master 1 Esperi If I Stay Stone Cold EP Bella Farinas Shadows In The Night Painted Faces Jess McAllister Native Man JD Weaver See you next time! ~CR


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