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The Justin Wayne Show | Music's Independent Spirit

Summary: Radio and downloading unite! Join Justin Wayne and his colleagues as they uncover the underground and independent music scene, showcasing independent punk, rock, and pop. Joined by voice and musical talent spanning the globe, you'll have to tune in each week to see what they've got up their sleeves. Check out the podcast blog where you'll find more information about the podcast as well as complete playlists, links to artists and more!

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 Gig Preview: Discovery 2 featuring The Swaps, Alex Blood and the Diggers, Charlotte Campbell and Nancy Langton | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:00

Thursday 28th November, 7.15pm at AAA Kensington we’ve got four great acts to present to you for your listening and viewing pleasure as always. Listen to this podcast to get a bit more information about each act and hear one of their tracks. Who’s gonna be there? Funked up folky blues from  The Swaps. Alex Blood and The Diggers who blend punk, rock, rap and reggae. Folky soul from Charlotte Campbell and her band Young northern songwriting sensation, Nancy Langton who has recently signed to Nottinghill Music. Check into the Facebook event page Coming up: Thursday 5th of December is our joint International Music Community and Discovery 2 Christmas Bash: 7.30pm at  The Islington. This year’s bash will showcase pop / beat-poetry from Ricky and the Hats, soulman Danny Toeman, rising Hull folk singer Emily Moulton plus DJs AKW and Delphi. Check into the Facebook event £5 Ticket Link Thanks to everyone who has supported Discovery this year.  We’ll be back at the AAA at the end of January.  

 JW Show 216: Movember Mustaches and CD Releases | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:59:21

As Movember rages on, we're nearing our first milestone of $100 which will force me to keep the mustache until January 1st. Each subsequent $100 will add another month, so get on donating over at We also featured music from Stoney, Singleton, Jess McAllister, Jennie Hunter, FlyByWire and more.   The Playlist Title Album Artist Blessed the Ocean FlyByWire FlyByWire A Girl Named Elizabeth James Tristan Redding James Tristan Redding Boat Boat Jennie Hunter We Belonged More Than Animals Stoney The Lost and the Found (ft. Scott Carruthers) Deviations Aurganic Something New Tomorrow To Your Heart Michelle Kasajian Take A Walk Painted Faces Jess McAllister This is England London Eye EP Frank Hamilton Who Should I Be Howl At the Moon – EP Campbell Davis Jaded Edges Jaded Edges The Savage Nomads Shadows (Radio Edit) Shadows (Single) Grand Cru Secrets untold Natasha North Natasha North Living a Lie H.M. Hammarin H.M. Hammarin Breathe In Breathe Out Uncovered Singleton The Hateful Mob Sebastopol Sebastopol Wonderizer Wonderizer Chris Kirby London Loves Signs Kaz Simmons Press or Say Three (Your Call is Important to Us) Something Fierce Marian Call Stranger These Days Charlotte Campbell Charlotte Campbell Crazy Gonna Get Better EP Amy Regan Moving On Moving On MootZoot Good Times What The Funk? Stevie Hawkins Tori Tour Always Follow Your Heart Mark Hole   See you next week with more great music - get yours to us for airplay over at ~JW and CR

 JW Show 215: The Movember Pledge | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:02:18

Aside from great new tunes from Hot Jam Factory, Wired, Standard Lamps, Greta Svabo Bech and Liam Williams and The Oddfellers, you’ll hear me pledge my mustache for money, including a haircut if we get to $500 in our Movember campaign. Want to support men’s cancer research? Pop over to my Movember page and you can find out a bit more about why we’re doing this and how to donate over at The Playlist Title Album Artist Past the Main Strip Introducing Hot Jam Factory Hot Jam Factory Hard Times Hard Times single Wired Living With Mum And Dad Living With Mum And Dad (Single) Standard Lamps Broken Bones Broken Bones Greta Svabo Bech Haul Haul Liam Williams and The Oddfellers Oh, My Desperate Soul Be Brave Auditorium Grey’s Not Easy Within the Shifting Shade Bekah Kelso Introverts Introverts The Mojo Fins Dress To Kill Waves EP Charly Coombes and the New Breed The Haunting The Haunting – Single BetaCivilian MIDNIGHT WALK MIDNIGHT WALK Kareña K Don’t Let Life Get You Down It’s Boring Being In Control Jon Byrne Send The Waves Free Music Feature The Winter Tradition Heaven and Hell Heaven and Hell single Jonus Preston Telepathy Secrets Nobody Keeps Jon Gomm Broken Mastering the Art of Self Preservation One Day Elliott The Poet and the Lullabye Blindsider The Manic Shine The Future Can You Hear The Silence? Cinemawave Served Cold Served Cold new single Van Susans Don’t Call Me Out Cortes Cortes House This Wicked Tongue This Wicked Tongue   See you next week with more great music. ~JW and CR


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