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Punto Liberal Radio show

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Primer podcast en español hecho desde un punto de vista liberal. Denuncia los acosos del desgobierno socialista de Zapatero en España, acompañado de buena música, humor, viajes, misterio y otras secciones.

Humor Healing Hour Comedy Podcast show

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Our weekly comedy podcast has real funny news, funny jokes, bad comedy improv and a humorous lighthearted view of the world. My Hyena believes in the healing power of humor and we hope you benefit from our comedy podcast comedy cure. So, call in, comment on our wierd wordly news, share a funny story about your life, or tell us a joke and help spread the healing power of humor.


Variety Reál show

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Variety Reál is on the vanguard of podcasting. It is a mix of public domain old time radio and original music created by me, the man. The final amalgamation is a funny, heartbreaking, irreverent, sample - infused, dance - able, trance - able, comedy and music exploration. Also, there's a misfit robot who tries to insert himself into the proceedings. His emo rants will have you crying, laughing or just blinking. Reminisce over old radio bits, commercials and public service announcements, all mixed up in time - bending gumbo of ideas and toe - tapping tunes! Also, interviews with personalities from the past....and future? It's all about Variety. Reálly.

Tax Talk Feb 14th with Jeff Pickering CPA, Patrick Dougher and Rex Hogue show

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The show is hosted by Patrick Dougher, Jeff Pickering CPA, and Rex Hogue and Attorney with Bolinger and Hogue. Valentine's Day Edition.

Star Trek: Lost Frontier show

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Audio Theater in a Darker Shade. Star Trek: The Lost Frontier is a look at a dark time in the future of Star Trek. It is the dawn of the 25th century and the galaxy is coming-out of a period of great war. The story of Lost Frontier focuses on the crew of the new Enterprise F as they go forth to unit the lost worlds of the Federation.

Planet of the Grapes show

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Don't you wish the world were a little stranger? Then tune in to Planet of the Grapes Radio, where the border between reality and the surreal disappears. Join the hosts of POTG Radio as they speak to their ludicrous, opinionated, and sexually ambiguous line of callers. Discover the grueling occupation of The Afterbirth Fairy, why harlequins and motorcycle gangs hate each other, and who owns real estate in the Sphinx's nostrils. Through their exclusive callers, POTG Radio makes the universe a much bigger and livelier place. It's absurd, sick, random humor at its finest. Haven't you heard?

By Planet of the Grapes

Autumn show

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Zombie Audio Theater: David Moody's vision of apocalyptic horror

Geek Love Radio - Advice for the Internet Generation show

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Geek Love Radio was started about 3 years ago. Since conception of the show, Geek Love Radio grew from a couple hundred listeners to about 500,000+ each month from around 50 different countries. Geek Love has been featured on MTV and TechTV(g4) and has been in countless newspapers and magazines around the country. In January Geek Love Network started the development of a TV show based off the radio show. Through private investors, Geek Love has started the production of Geek Love TV. As of September 2006, Geek Love Radio is now in its 3rd season of production and we just released the debut of season of Geek Love TV!!!!! Check em out!

Spilled Whine show

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Grab yourself a stiff drink, settle in on the worn leather couch next to the fireplace and tune in for a fun hour of light hearted, and sometimes hysterical discussions of Americana. Subjects we touch upon range from the latest gadgets, tech, travel, and gaming, to oddities, Fortean mysteries, and old world Florida, all while enjoying a bottle or two of fine wine.

Idias show

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Idias is the most random podcast on the web! Who knows what we'll talk about?! Made by your host, Kramer, Idias is published for kids. Why? We don't's just fun! Enjoy!