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twoidiotstalking show

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Radio talk show format. Two average guys discuyssing a wide variety of topics, Religion, Politics, Technology, Relationships, Star Wars, Video Games, Current Events, business, Dating, Fair Tax, and listener requested topics and feedback.

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The Phil Naessens Show show

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The Phil Naessens Show is a weekly sports related program dedicated primarily to the New York Mets but discusses other sports related material as well as a variety of other topics.

Headshot Radio show

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Headshot Radio is a comedy and improv podcast featuring two life-long friends riffing on pop culture, movies, tv shows, tech, and each other. Featuring guests and crazy goofballs segments for nutty goofy guys who like things that are nuts, Headshot Radio is the most specialest podcast you shalt ever subscribe to.

JustThis Podcast show

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The funniest podcast on the face of the earth, JustThis is hosted by Digit, the mysterious digital voice, and features Zach, Rose, and cast in a delicious variety of audio segments. Generally hilarious, sometimes dark and twisted, always entertaining. Go on. Make it happen in a big way.

Tax Talk with Jeff Pickering CPA, Patrick Dougher and Rex Hogue show

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Tax Talk is about getting your answers to Tax Questions.  Your Tax questions.  In fact here is the audio and the transcript of our first show Jan 31 2010.  Visit Jeff site at or Rex Hogue at    Enjoy the show.

Music To Swear By show

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Tony invites people from his neighborhood to come over & listen to music containing profanity. They do, and it kicks ass.

Skurvy Monkeys show

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Flinging crap at the unsuspecting masses. The two simians who brought you TheQ pod, The Penny Press and Blended Monkeys brings you their "talk show". The Skurvy Monkeys talk about all things related to their lives with out limitations. Always funny and sometimes crude but rarely off color. They talk about Music, Movies, Disney, food, drinks and all other topics you can imagine. You can also find them at

The I Don't Give A F*** Show show

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Unfiltered commentary and opinions from a 24-year old in Brooklyn, NY. This is a podcast that will cover everything from sports, social network, entertainment, technology, all the way to politics. If you are a tired of censorship this is the podcast for you. If you are tired of big media controlling the political debate then this podcast is for you. If you want to opinions that aren't always popular then this podcast is for you. You never know what will be covered in an episode of "I Don't Give A F***" Tune in to find out!

SUMAN show

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***** TheSumanShow is on iTunes! iTunes Search: TheSumanShow ***** Welcome to Suman! Take part with what’s happening and join Cizco, Bobby Floyd, Joe, Salvatorre, Gaston, Nicodemus, and Buster Fairfield as they discuss current issues in sports, news, style, etc… If you have 12 to 15 minutes, burn it with us, and enjoy the show. Enjoy new segments from Nicodemus’ (Social Scene), Cizco’s Counsel (Life Coach), Bobby Floyd’s Hit List (New Music/Artist Review), Joe’s Sports Corner, Salvatorre’s Swing (Golf Tips), Gaston’s Review (The G-Spot), Buster’s Tech Bytes (Tech/Internet), SumanLinks (Connect to Myspace & YouTube), and much more… Check out for more episodes!

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Southern York County Podcast show

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This is a podcast local to southern York County Pennsylvania but a variety of topics are discussed including Pennsylvania high school sports. Pennsylvania state political issues, hunting, fishing and outdoors. Also arts culture and entertainment,history. We do a large variety of topics so this is not just a local podcast. It is one of the most professionally done non-media affiliated podcast with real and quality guests. We have topics on that not only benefit our local audience but the U.S. audience as well. We even have a few loyal listeners from other parts of the world.