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U.N.E Urban Network Entertainment show

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get the hottest underground hip-hop, r&b, neo-soul and more... Exclusve interviews, comedy and sports.

podOmaticMall™ podcast show

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Customer-driven, podOmaticMallâ„¢, is known for adding considerable product value--above and beyond its competitors--to establish a MAGASTORE for podcaster's and podcasting. As an industry pioneer, podOmaticMallâ„¢ is recognized for the role it plays in early product development and commercial product introduction of new CD's, Oddities, Posters and specialty services. podOmaticMallâ„¢ leadership role is especially apparent in the evolution of Graphic Design Music Recording, Marketing and personalized gear. Join the podOmaticMallâ„¢ Mailing List - and receive our free newsletter by e-mail, get updates on additions to the site, information on new reissues of classic R&B/soul music and participate in our CD giveaway contests! Link: podOmaticMallâ„¢ uses Johnnie Gee's Mailing service. www.gecomgroup.net/subscribetojohnniegeemailinglist.html

By General Manager

Erbin Ubsessions Radio  show

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Nothing But Good Independent Music,Show airs Mondays 6p.m. eastern time on wwww.ceepeso.com````submit all music to newlitter26@aol.com

By Paul Ma$$on

Groove Sessions with DJ Diva Dee show

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DJ Diva Dee's Groove Sessions *Mature and Sophisticated Soiree* – An exclusive mix of old and new school R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Funk, Soul, Disco and Dirty South: *Neo Soul Sanctuary –Neo/Nu Soul: Passages*- An amazing collection of Neo-Nu soul from mainstream and independent artist alike. *Rhum Punch Beach Party - Bashes*- A spicey blend of Soca, Dancehall, Reggae, Calypso and Reggaeton *Romance Remix - Acts* - A sweet mix of Slow n Sexy music mixxed and served up to everyone and anyone who is in the mood or wants to set the mood for love, romance and intimacy

By DJ Diva Dee

Da' Hitman show

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Let me provide a better picture of the format of our show and why we believe we offer a unique spin to current radio programming. We embrace both independent and major artists in both Rap and R&B. Each of our shows features interviews with various artists and spotlights on the artists and music we endorse. This varies from independent artists such as Champain Era from DC to Jay Rock from California. Thanks to Kevin Black and his position within WBR we have unprecedented access to WBR artists which includes new music, exclusive interviews, and a special insight into the majors industry. Kittie does a terrific job of interviewing artists of all calibers with an even and unbiased approach which levels the playing field for all artists in the mix. Kevin Black brings a highly sought after presence and knowledge that is unparalleled. Da' Hitman has a knack of finding the best talent from across the globe and mixes them in evenly with well established artists to keep the listeners tuned in and engaged. Not only is the on-air staff incredibly talented, but we are all backed by a heavily respected group of companies that have shown a tremendous support for the show. We have Warner Brother Records endorsing the show. We have ToonzWorld Entertainment and Unique Styles Magazine and Lord Gang Worldwide providing complete support, along with Steve Pina and Omni Entertainment. This has all been a tremendous help with the promotion and marketing of our show. Along with those we have strong relationships built across the industry with numerous industry heavyweights along with strategic partnerships that align us with distribution companies, e-marketing companies, etc.

By Da' Hitman Certified LG DJ

Side Road USA show

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Blues music and more.. indie artist with your host "dA cAt" / Blues Cat

By Blues Cat

Patrick Adams Podcast show

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Patrick Adams interviews Ms Computer Chip the featured artist on the Cloud One - Club/Dance recording, "Masterbate Me." Includes several minutes of the song in the background.

By patrick adams

Frankie & Johnny show

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The Frankie & Johnny Music Hour is a music show hosted by two drummers, Frankie Picasso and Johnny Collin. The F &J Music hour is a variety show of epic proportions dedicated to the art of music. Our goal is to introduce you to one new artist/band weekly, as well as to music industry professionals. If you are a professional musician/band who wants to get your music out there, if you are looking for band mates or you want to tell us about a great band, we want to hear from you, on AIR!!! This show is the place for those who love playing and those who love listening to music can come together. If you are just breaking into the music biz or been around for a long time, we want folks to have a more intimate insiders glimpse into the world of professional music. All in all, its an hour dedicated to the pursuit of music.

By Frankie & Johnny

My Aaliyah Haughton Story show

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My Aaliyah Haughton Story Copyright © 2006 By Gail Nobles. This is a song and story for all Aaliyah's fans, friends, and family.

Dutch Brown Mixtape show

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Dutch brown is one of the hottest new entertainer to walk the harlem streets! HIs first mixtape features people like Usher and Mariah Carey, listen to him first before the radio stations run his music in the hole