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GetYourFix show

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Get Your Fix is now podcasting. You can hear Leash review the hottest films out in the cinemas every Thursday, and every Sunday you will hear the hottest, juiciest, trashiest gossip from the week. Goss too hot to print!!

Drunken Zombie Podcast show

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Drunken Zombie is a podcast dedicated to all things horror. Got something you want us to talk about? Drop us a line and let us know what it is.

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DecidereRadio_Controevento show

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Analisi critica di eventi teatrali e cinematografici

CultureDogs show

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A weekly film discussion radio program - splitting its focus between irreverent news updates (regarding new theatrical releases and video releases) and oftentimes reverent reviews of current films. Whether arty, trashy, independent or codependent, we try to give everything a fair shot. Unless it's a film such as Closer or Gods and Generals, in which case we shoot it into space for the good of mankind.

Film Courage show

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Film Courage is a program about the pursuit of filmmaking. Film Courage interviews writers, directors, actors, and producers at all stages of their journey, from beginner to seasoned professional. On Film Courage we focus on self-empowerment and perseverance while pursuing a career in entertainment. Although we expand on criticism and battling the odds, we end each show with an encouraging quote from some of the world's greatest thinkers. We invite you to join us...

The Giggaheim show

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The Podcast highlights the week’s worth of news, rumors, and reviews for comics books, video games, tech and dating advice for geeks.

Show Me Your Titles film podcast show

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Each week Cathy and Erin review movies and discuss current film events and trends. Movie Synopsis Podcast show Movie Synopsis PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Listen to audio synopsis of new and upcoming movies

Mass Moviecide show

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The epic journey of 3 men recorded in a weekly podcast! We begin with the elimination of AFI’s “100 Years, 100 Movies” list! It will end once our heroes have seen every movie…ever.

Midnight with Robert Shaw Podcast show

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Midnight with Robert Shaw is a weekly podcast hosted by Richard and Kyle in the confines of the lush and upscale Studio City Palace. Each week we look at upcoming releases, give a review of a recent film, go through current film news, and discuss a wide range of topics from best of, worst so far and reboots to films that deserve sequels and Liam Neeson's filmography. If you love film then you'll at least, quite possibly like this podcast. Listen, learn and enjoy as we talk about films good, bad and even worse.

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