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The KnR show is a weekly Houston-Based program featuring, news, entertainment, and comedy, as well as the personal drama of two of the most colorful personalities you could ever wish to meet. Enjoy the podcast, and come by and be a friend of the show by visiting . After checking it out, drop us a line to let us know what you think. Who knows, maybe you could be the next "Fan of the Week!"

By Kendall and Ryan

The Directors Cut Radio Program show

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Welcome to The Directors Cut radio program website. Yes we are the self acclaimed "worst radio show." Somehow we get paid to do it though. We've been referred to as a cross between Howard Stern and Ebert and Roeper. The radio program is live Sunday nights between 9-11pm out of Albuquerque, NM. It can be heard as north as Taos and Southern parts of Colorado. You can find us on 106.3 Talk FM or 94.7 Talk FM north. You can be a part of the show by calling in at 314-Talk (314-8255) at any time. Plus, we give out prizes constantly, so you can get your hands on some of those! But, if you live outside of our broadcasting area you can download the podcast or any of our mp3's under the podcast link. Please send any questions comments or hate mail to

GetYourFix show

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Get Your Fix is now podcasting. You can hear Leash review the hottest films out in the cinemas every Thursday, and every Sunday you will hear the hottest, juiciest, trashiest gossip from the week. Goss too hot to print!!

All Things Dork show

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Not all dorks can program in C. This show is to talk about all the other hobbies that dorks enjoy. Dungeons and Dragons, MMORPGs, Comics, Movies, Video Games, Manga etc.

CultureDogs show

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A weekly film discussion radio program - splitting its focus between irreverent news updates (regarding new theatrical releases and video releases) and oftentimes reverent reviews of current films. Whether arty, trashy, independent or codependent, we try to give everything a fair shot. Unless it's a film such as Closer or Gods and Generals, in which case we shoot it into space for the good of mankind.

Nowhere In Mulberry show

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Welcome to Mulberry! The show where we talk Movies, Tv shows and Pop-culture and everything in between! We cover Movies-TVshows-Tivo-Dvds-Entertainment-current events Tune in! Movie Synopsis Podcast show Movie Synopsis PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Listen to audio synopsis of new and upcoming movies

Movie Reviews To Go show

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The Daily Audio Edition of The Movie Blog. New, Reviews and opinions on the latest movies and movie news.

By John Campea Audition Notices show Audition NoticesJoin Now to Follow

Auditions & Casting Notices for Actors, Models, Singers, Dancers & all types of Talent. With Star Search Casting, get Casting Calls & Breakdowns with your FREE Online Portfolio! Reviews show ReviewsJoin Now to Follow is dedicated to the admiration of the are of the montage, that music video in the movie that not only entertains but actually conveys important narrative that would take far too long to convey normally. Our podcasts play the actual music from a montage and takes an in-depth look at how it is used in the movie.