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Librivox: Grell Mystery, The by Froest, Frank show

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Mr Robert Grell, millionaire and socialite, is found murdered in his study on a stormy evening. It's up to Heldon Foyle, the detective, to unravel the mystery. (Summary by Christine Blachford - to be expanded)

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Librivox: Murder in the Gunroom by Piper, H. Beam show

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The Lane Fleming collection of early pistols and revolvers was one of the best in the country. When Fleming was found dead on the floor of his locked gunroom, a Confederate-made Colt-type percussion .36 revolver in his hand, the coroner's verdict was "death by accident." But Gladys Fleming had her doubts. Enough at any rate to engage Colonel Jefferson Davis Rand—better known just as Jeff—private detective and a pistol-collector himself, to catalogue, appraise, and negotiate the sale of her late husband's collection. There were a number of people who had wanted the collection. The question was: had anyone wanted it badly enough to kill Fleming? And if so, how had he done it? Here is a mystery, told against the fascinating background of old guns and gun-collecting, which is rapid-fire without being hysterical, exciting without losing its contact with reason, and which introduces a personable and intelligent new private detective. It is a story that will keep your nerves on a hair trigger even if you don't know the difference between a cased pair of Paterson .34's and a Texas .40 with a ramming-lever. (Summary from the text)

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Librivox: Dombey and Son by Dickens, Charles show

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Charles Dickens the author of Dombey and Son, originally wrote the book in installments which were published from October 1846 to April 1848 under the title Dealings with the Firm of Dombey and Son: Wholesale, Retail and for Exportation. The story centers around Paul Dombey, the stern owner of the Firm. He is totally immersed in having his newly born son continue the business, and entirely neglects his daughter Florence. Tragedy occurs, and Florence’s plight worsens. As the years go by, Mr. Dombey sees to it that the man she loves, his employee, is sent far away. Mr Dombey remarries, but his marriage is eventually destroyed, his fortune gone, he becomes destitute. Finally he accepts help from his daughter, and life changes for him. Many wonderful characters interweave the tale, as in all Dickens literary masterpieces. (Summary by Mil Nicholson)

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Librivox: Brieven van den nutteloozen toeschouwer by Couperus, Louis show

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Deze serie columns in de vorm van brieven schreef Couperus voor het dagblad Het Vaderland, vanuit Munchen en later vanuit Florence. Ze verschenen voor het eerst in druk in Het Vaderland van oktober tot december 1914. Vanaf 1912 bracht Louis Couperus de zomers door in een pension aan de Wittelsbacherplatz in Munchen. Daar was hij dan ook toen op 1 augustus 1914 Duitsland de oorlog verklaarde aan Rusland. In deze 'brieven' beschrijft hij zijn reactie op dit nieuws en het nieuws van de eerste dagen en weken van de Eerste Wereldoorlog. In het begin spreekt er uit de tekst bijna een fascinatie voor de oorlog. Voor het schrijven van zijn historische romans had Couperus zich vaak verdiept in de geschiedenis - nu krijgt hij het gevoel zelf deel uit te maken van de geschiedenis. Hij verslindt alle kranten die hij te pakken kan krijgen, leest alle openbare telegrammen met oorlogsnieuws en houdt de ontwikkelingen bij met vlaggetjes op een oorlogskaart. "Ik wil mijn eigen tijd kennen". Maar al snel komt de twijfel, het besef dat hij nooit een objectieve beschrijving, nooit de hele waarheid, te weten zal komen van de gebeurtenissen om hem heen. Zijn leven en denken raakt verlamd, hij komt nergens meer toe. Uiteindelijk probeert hij "de Wereldbrand" de rug toe te draaien. English: A series of newspaper columns in Dutch, written by well-known Dutch author Louis Couperus in 1914, during the first weeks of World War I. He describes his reflections on the current events.

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Librivox: Evening Star by Poe, Edgar Allan show

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LibriVox volunteers bring you 29 recordings of Evening Star by Edgar Allan Poe. This was the weekly poetry project in honor of Poe's 200th birthday, January 19th, 2009.

By LibriVox

Librivox: King's Daughter, The by Alden, Isabella show

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Dell Bronson has been reared in Boston by her refined uncle and aunt until, at age 18, she is called home by her father, a coarse tavern owner in Lewiston. As a daughter of the heavenly King, she strives to honor her heavenly Father by wooing her earthly father to Christ and away from rum. Set in the era of the temperance movement of the 1800's. Authored by Isabella M. Alden under the pen name "Pansy." Third in the Ester Ried series. (Summary by TriciaG)

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Librivox: Schuss, Der by Pushkin, Alexander show

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Die Geschichte einer spät gesühnten Beleidigung ... (Summary by Herr Klugbeisser)

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Librivox: Home by Brontë, Anne show

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LibriVox volunteers bring you 18 recordings of Home by Anne Bronte. This was the weekly poetry project for January 11th, 2009.

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The Bookcast show

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Interviews with authors of new, bestselling books.

By Bill Thompson